Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Update on our "friends" from Mexico

Another suspect arrested in bust
The number of defendants charged in the “Ice Breaker” drug-distribution investigation rose to 17 on Tuesday, as a 29-year-old man turned himself in to Benton County jail and was arraigned on a single count of racketeering.

According to jail records, five of the defendants in the case are have ICE holds, which means that there is some question about their immigration status. Jesus Ortiz, Raul Becerra-Cardenas, Constancio Munoz-Hernandez, Isidro Linares and Pablo Desantiago-Puente all have ICE holds, according to the jail. ICE would not comment on the status of the defendants.

See original post and story here. (I'll have to check the comments section to see if anyone took me up on my bet that at least three of these guys were illegal aliens)


Anonymous said...

What gets me about democrats position on amnesty is that they are supposed to be for the "little guy". And who do you suppose is affected the most due to mass illegal immigration? Well, it is not the CEO or career politician thats for sure.

Another gripe of mine lately is PBS. It is "gay this" and "minority that" constantly. Today they had a "World Have Your Say" segment where the discussion was gentrification in Harlem. Most of the locals were bellyaching about being discriminated against since being pulled from their "Motherland", etc.

And to top it all of some guilty liberal emailed from Portland wondering what they could do to help remedy the situation. So typical of liberals. Instead of telling the career victims to get over it and to help themselves for once, they were they ready to "help".

Anonymous said...

Daniel: On the names, GEE, not a Smith or Jones among them...WELL duh!

BEAR said...

let's see.....ortiz, cardenas, hernandez......those all sound, wait....Chinese, to me.

Anonymous said...

You know what bothers me with the names on this list? When I was in food service, I worked with 3 of them. At the time I coudn't afford to lose my job, so I kept my mouth shut. But eventualy these guys stole so much from the restaurant, it failed and had to close. Each of these guys had several ID's and bragged about how they got away with crimes. Today, I would beat the crap out of them and call the police. Ringleader of this little "crew" was Orlando. I will have to see if I can find an old schedule to find his last name and phone number for you.

Anonymous said...

I dated one of them like 5 or more years ago
{Raul Becerra Cardenas} and he was not legal. I recognized the pic, but not the name. He used to live in Salem. and his Family lives is in Mt Angel, Salem, and Hubbard. He is from Michoacan. He was nice at first, then he got hooked on drugs and tried to choke me out a couple times, so I had to let that go. I have had no contact with him since then. His family was all successful hardworking people, he found a new Friend in Chrystal.....Weird to see he finally got caught and is going to be deported.