Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's for the kids

The City of Portland was awarded a federal grant to develop a comprehensive signing system for Portland's bikeways.

By "awarded a federal grant" they mean "given your tax dollars."

By the beginning of April 2005, PDOT had installed close to 400 of more than 800 planned signs before we ran out of money.

Now there is some good budgeting. Wonder what would happen if citizens only payed half of their taxes before "running out of money."

Using some additional funding from the Office of Transportation's Community and School Traffic Safety Program, we will be installing more signs, primarily in Northwest Portland.

The filthy rat liberals are taking money from a school safety program (liberal motto: "It's for the kids") and using it to provide "bike destination signs."

You can see the rest of this nonsense at the Portland Transportion website (including an exciting idea for a bike "kiosk").


BEAR said...

The liberal, anti-American agenda has never been about kids, regardless of how much they use that phony excuse. If it was, they would be demanding that our public schools actually hold accountable the teachers they hire. Since bikes obviously rank higher than schools on the socialist agenda, we may assume that ordinary taxpayers aren't even on the radar screen.

Bobkatt said...

Portland's Vision for the Future from the Portland Office of Trans. Strategic Plan website:
"Individuals will have a broad range of safe and convenient transportation options by which to frequently walk, bicycle, carpool, or ride public transit. Streets are a resource that will also serve other public uses and gatherings."
Not much mention about cars is there?

BEAR said...

Social engineering at its best, and most expensive, bobkatt. No point in serving the will of the people when the lefties can dictate it for us.

bjdorr said...

Why waste the money on the ridiculously elaborate bike signs? How about bicyclists invest $6 for a Metro bike route map instead.

Oh wait, the left-winger socialists believe everything must be provided by the government and taxpayers so they cannot willingly pay for $6 map. Instead the socailists believeing the signage is essential (and later vandalized). Paying $6 for a map also promotes capitalism, which the socialists stand well against.