Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oregon's own traitor to America

Diaz friends rally at Capitol to change immigration laws
Diaz family supporters took their case for immigration reform to Salem last week and returned with a sense of hope.
(I sure am anxious to crush that hope)

Luis Diaz Sr. and his 12-year-old daughter Jennifer met Friday afternoon with state Sens. Avel Gordly and Ryan Deckert and Rep. Suzanne Bonamici to discuss possible legislation that could reunite families like theirs, torn apart by broken immigration laws.

Gordly is sponsoring Senate Joint Memorial 4 that urges Congress to make family reunification a priority in federal immigration reform.
Sen Gordley is pictured here in front a Mexican flag and a picture of Marxist revolutionary and mass murderer Che Guevera. (photo taken by me)

I for one am very worried about families torn apart by pretty much any of our laws. Millions of "otherwise law abiding"* husbands are in prison just because they wanted a better life for themselves and sold drugs, robbed a bank or killed a person or two. Think of the children. Don't they deserve to have their "hardworking" fathers freed from the oppression of living in a society where there are rules?

I for one wish the Diaz family the best of luck... in Guatemala! Good riddance.

*when I, or the media, say "otherwise law abiding" we mean "they break tons of laws"


BEAR said...

Apparently our legislators prefer to spend my income on illegal aliens, instead of more State Police.

Daniel said...

Oh yeah, because those pesky "laws" get in the way of "families." We can't have police arresting people.

Anonymous said...

So far ALL comments on that papers site want the ILLEGALS to go home, even a Latina...hmmmm. Does anybody at these Media outlets EVER read what their customers are saying? ever?
Will they EVER print the other side of the story, you know how Americans and LEGAL immigrants "feel" about this? Ever?

Scott said...



Anonymous said...

Stand by your xenophobia, Daniel Miglavs, but spare us the performance about how "worried" you are about breaking up families. Anyone who believes that crap needs to have his head examined.

Anonymous said...

10/14/2006 Oregonian...

Deportation right move

I have no sympathy for the Diaz family of Beaverton, some of whose members were here in the United States illegally and were deported to Guatemala on Tuesday ("Deportation, to a life unknown," Oct. 12).

Breaking the family apart from the legal citizens and the illegal immigrants is one of the most severe consequences if caught here illegally in the United States.

I praise our government authorities for doing the right thing to deport illegal immigrants. The only justifiable way that this family could have avoided break-up was to immigrate to the United States legally and go through the proper immigration process.

Let the Diaz family example also become a lesson of consequences to the millions of other illegal immigrants residing in the United States. Amnesty and "guest worker" programs would not be acceptable either.

BRYAN J. DORR, Milwaukie

Anonymous said...

10/14/2006 Oregonian...

Show Diaz family compassion

What kind of a country breaks up families? The Diaz family fled Guatemala more than 10 years ago in search of a better life in America. They became established here. How can the government break up a family, especially separating an 11-year-old girl from her mother?

I speak as the 20-year-old daughter of a Mexican father and Caucasian mother, both American-born. I am the same age as Monica Diaz, and I also can't read or write in Spanish. I would be just as much of a foreigner in Guatemala.

I don't understand all the issues involved, but I do know this is an issue of compassion, not just law. This country is supposed to be the land of the free, and we encourage everyone to live their dreams.


an inconvenient question said...

Say Daniel, do you happen to know whether Che Guevera killed more or less people than George W. Bush has killed in Iraq?

Bruce said...

Good Riddance to bad rubbish for the Diaz family....may they ALL get sent back....I have no pity for the "criminal illegals"!!!.

Sniper #1 said...

The anti-immigrant hole belches. Jeez...funny how Daniel "meth pusher" Miglavs throws around "criminal" so freely. I am sure the Diaz family has contributed more to the Oregon economy than most of the backwoods nativist scum that attends the OFIR rallies in Salem.

Robin said...

while it is sad that the families are "broken up", nobody can deny that they did not UNDERSTAND that that was a chance that they took by crossing our border illegally.

Why should we have any more sympathy for these type of criminals being separated from their families over any other type of criminal such as a burglar. They both knowingly break the law for their own reasons, and they both know the consequences if they got caught.

Rooster said...

an inconvenient question said...

Say Daniel, do you happen to know whether Che Guevera killed more or less people than George W. Bush has killed in Iraq?

Hey, inconvenient, I don't remember ever seeing President Bush carrying a gun on any of his trips to Iraq so I am guessing that Che killed many more people than our President.

Daniel said...

From Wiki:
Subsequent analysts have also shed light on aspects of cruelty in Guevara’s methods, and analysed what Fidel Castro described as Guevara’s “excessively aggressive quality”.

Studies addressing problematic characteristics of Guevara's life have cited his principal role in setting up Cuba's first post-revolutionary labor camps, his unsympathetic treatment of captured fighters during various guerrilla campaigns, and his frequent humiliations of those deemed his intellectual inferiors.

It's great that the left can idolize someone who set up concentration camps and would summarily execute prisoners with no hearing or trial.

MaxRedline said...

Luis Diaz Sr. and his 12-year-old daughter Jennifer met Friday afternoon with state Sens. Avel Gordly and Ryan Deckert and Rep. Suzanne Bonamici to discuss possible legislation that could reunite families like theirs, torn apart by broken immigration laws.

I don't really see anything that keeps them from being reunited in their home country. In any case, Salem is the wrong place to go a'crying. They need to go to D.C., where I'm sure they'd be warmly welcomed by Senators Ron Whinin' and "El Gordo del Smitho".

inconvenient question said...

Where to begin? Daniel's response and Rooster's missive are representative of what passes for an "argument" by the host of this blog: Evasive, disingenuous, non-responsive and hypocritical.

Let us count the ways:

1) Rooster, get off it. You know what I mean. A man does not have to personally pull the trigger to be directly responsible for someone's death. More than half a million people have died in Iraq since the illegal invasion of that country. By your logic, Saddam Hussein did not kill thousands of his own people. I suppose he was soaking up rays by the palace pool as the gassed Kurds were writhing on the ground, and so he obviously had nothing to do with it.

2) Daniel, you use Wikipedia for historical research? A step up, I suppose, from Ann Coulter.

3) I'm impressed, though, by your interest in "studies." John Hopkins put one out last year about deaths in Iraq that can be attributed to the American invasion of Iraq. The press virtually ignored it. Have you read it? There was another one, totally blacked out, that looked at the corrosive influence that Israel has on U.S. foreign policy. If you are interested in reading more studies, let me know. I'll post a list for you that will have you reading until August.

4) Daniel, I'm shocked. You're distressed by the practice of throwing people into camps? The lack of hearings and trials? For sheer hypocrisy, gall, and willingness to make a fool of yourself, I've got to hand it to you; you really are breaking new ground. Not something to be proud of, but still.

5) You assign to me a position I did not take, and do not hold. I do not "idolize" Che Guevera, not at all. To take that line of argument is pure evasion. If you don't have anything to say, then try not saying anything.

bjdorr said...

I though I'd like to pass this onto you, Daniel. Based on a story in 01 March 2007 USA Today, "Mexican park gives visitors a border run for their money," about a park that gives its "illegal" visitors the sense of what it is like being an illegal immigrant.

Forget terrorist camps. Now there are "illegal immigration" training parks. The park's adventure fee is $18. Ridiculous? You bet, and scary too.

Rooster said...

inconvenient question said...

"Rooster, get off it. You know what I mean."

Get off what? Perhaps I do not know what you mean. You compared the President to Che Guevara and posed a straightforward question. Who has killed more people. The obvious answer is Che.

If you are asking the question "have more people died in the war in Iraq than were killed by Che then the answer would be Yes, there have been more people killed in the war in Iraq.

Now, assuming (forgive me for assuming) you are one of those folks who refer to the war in Iraq as "George Bush's war" then I must say that Congress voted to support the war (and, by the way, continue to vote for support for the war).

My argument was not "Evasive, disingenuous, non-responsive and hypocritical". You asked a simple question. I supplied you with a simple, truthful, straightforward, factual, non-judgemental answer. Sorry you did not like the answer (NOT).

Speaking of the "more than half a million people" who have died in Iraq, did you know that most of them are Iraquis killing Iraquis? That is not much different from the way it has been in that area for the last 5 thousand years.

"By your logic, Saddam Hussein did not kill thousands of his own people."

Well, I guess you are making some type of assumption here. I made no mention of what I thought about Hussein or the things he had done. I simply answered your question about who killed more people. Sounds to me like you are being "Evasive, disingenuous, non-responsive and hypocritical".

Bye now.

Scottiebill said...

Next time Avel Gordly comes up for reelection, her aiding and abetting the cause of the illegal aliens here must be remembered by the voters in her district. Maybe, just maybe, she will find her butt out of a job.

Or not. Especially if guys like "question" are in her district.

Daniel said...


You dispute the (sourced) facts from Wiki? Perhaps you have some other ones?

Deaths in Iraq? I'm glad every time a terrorist dies. I'm also a big fan of Israel, the only coutry in that region that isn't filled with bloodthirsty savages who would cut yoru pretty little head off if given half a chance.

You're shocked that I'm opposed to labor camps? I also opposed the gulags established by the USSR and Hilter's camps. Maybe you are comparing Gitmo to these? I hope that I don't have to point out the differences there.

I don't care who you idolize, not even a little. And I'm still not sure what your point is. Should the members of the Diaz family who came here illegaly be allowed to "reunite" or not?

inconvenient said...


Wikipedia has a spotty and embarrassing track record for accuracy. Have you read the report that "Wiki" cites, or are you just citing the citation?

Yes, I do have some "other ones," but the relevant one in this case is the John Hopkins report on war-related deaths in Iraq. I've read it. Have you?

You're glad every time a terrorist dies. Okay, fine. The United States government's military intervention in Iraq, however, is EASILY responsible -- directly responsible, in fact -- for the deaths of many more thousands of innocent civilians than died in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11. They can't all be terrorists, Daniel. Does this even occur to you? Do you care? Do you understand? If another country threw the might of its military forces into your own city and your own children were ripped into pieces by "liberator" with a trigger finger, would you roll over and accept the formal apology by the invading army, or might you be inclined to pick up your weapon and become "a terrorist" yourself? I think we both know the answer to that question.

I'm not even going to deal with the final two issues. A "big fan of Israel" is a lost cause, intellectually and morally speaking. I've had arguments with "big fans" before. They don't know what they don't know, and they don't care that they don't know even though they insist that they know all they need to know. I'm not going there.

But finally, the issue that started it all: As someone who grew up on a farm in a red Oregon county, played baseball, enjoys apple pie, celebrates the Fourth of July and goes to church, I don't give a flying fuck where the Diaz family lives, and anyone who thinks they shouldn't be able to reunite where they like has pretty crappy "family values," in my opinion. If they can afford the apartments across from my place or the house next door, more power to them. I'd be happy to have them as neighbors, and have them over for dinner, and if I did, I would make a serious effort to convince them that not all Americans are racist assholes like yourself. The fact that they don't have a card in their pocket that's green is so far beyond irrelevancy to me that it doesn't even register in my brain. It doesn't MATTER. Period. A hundred years from now, people are going to marvel that there were once those like yourself who thought that it did.

Anonymous said...

TO an inconvenient question
Wow, full of so much hatred and yet so loving! To all the ones that answered this sorry person here is the only quote from this guy that you need: "It doesn't MATTER. Period" So why does he make such a big deal out of 'correcting' all of you/us "...all Americans are racist assholes like yourself..."? Of course he is SO intellectually above us he doesn't need to give clear and concise answers. Why, golly gee Daniel, if you were as enlightened as myself you would see the light. He likes to have have people chase him around through the rabbit holes ;) It is so satisfying.

bjdorr said...

I have no sympathy for the Diaz family getting booted out of the U.S. for being here illegally. If anyone comes here to the United States illegally, then wants to drop anchor babies out of the womb, be ready for the consequences of deportation. I praise the government for doing the right thing: enforcing the law. The enforcement just needs to happen more often.

What happened to the Diaz family should be a lesson to other illegal aliens here in the U.S. If the illegals don't want their family broken apart like this, migrate to the U.S. LEGALLY.

I don't support guest worker programs and amnesty for illegals either. No way. If there is too much compassion, then were on the brink of anarchy and just say screw the laws.

Daniel said...

They don't know what they don't know, and they don't care that they don't know even though they insist that they know all they need to know.

You must have been on your high school debate team because that statement just can't be argued with... *rolls eyes*

inconvenient said...

Another non-response from Daniel Miglavs. Evasion and cowardice. Typical.

bjdorr said...

Daniel, that sounds like a Donald Rumsfield quote to me.

Amy the Razor said...

inconvenient question ,

#1) You are the one that brought up Bush. What does he have to do with your original question? Bush is on your side on this remember?
It is hard for me to imagine you not likeing Bush for all he has done in the name of amnesty or a guest worker program. Wouldnt that make you both on the same page?

#2). Why compare evils? They are both bad actors..Now what?

#3) That still does not solve the issue you want resolved, now does it?

#4) If you are unhappy with the situation YOU can go to Salem and express your views (just like an ilegal can).

Just some thoughts...