Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'll support the guy who didn't vote to sell out our country

Poll: DeFazio 42, Smith 38
If the November 4th, 2008 general election for U.S. Senate were held today and the candidates were: Peter DeFazio, Democrat or Gordon Smith, Republican, for whom would you vote or are you undecided?

DeFazio [D] 42

Smith [R] 38

The big difference between these two candidates? Their stance on illegal (and increasing legal) immigration.

Scorecard of El Gordo D-

Scorecard of DeFazio B+

If you need a reminder of what Gordon Smith voted for when he said "aye" to S. 2611 here is a partial list:

Grants amnesty to millions (nobody really knows how many millions) of illegal aliens living in the U.S.

Allows illegal aliens to claim Social Security benefits for work performed illegally.

Requires consultation with the Mexican government before construction of fencing along the border.

Grants amnesty to family members of illegal aliens who live outside the country.

Admits hundreds of thousands unskilled “guest workers” through a new guest worker program and gives them a direct path to legal permanent residence and citizenship.

El Gordo sold out our sovereignty, sold out the rule of law, sold out his constituents and sold out every American citizen and legal immigrant. He deserves to be replaced.


RINO WATCH said...

In the 2008 primary election, RW and countless others will not contribute $$$ or support Gordo in any way....

An opponent who opposes the illegal alien invasion will clean up against Gordo.

In the general election, we will undervote rather than vote for Gordo. If this is to be considered a vote for the Democrat, Tough S___!

Gordo is a RINO and does not deserve Republican support.

BEAR said...

I will go further....no money to any rino, and a vote for any opponent of el gordo, including a democrat challenger. El gordo, along with every rino, must learn this lesson.

RINO WATCH said...


I really like your attitude - right on!


No illegal aliens said...

Replace Sen. Gordon Smith with someone like Rep. Tom Tancredo.

eddie said...

Alright... so Smith is all for the great Mexican migration to Oregon.

He's also (as I heard on national news) been consistent (lately) with his votes on Iraq, 100% down the Democrat Party line at all times.

So... can someone tell me what stance on anything he's with the Republicans on?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Ronnie has offered to cut Gordy in for a piece of the pie?

Anonymous said...


You are very naive when you rate DeFazio a B + on the illegal immigration issue. He supported the Sensenbrenner bill because he knew it would never pass. It is called playing politics, catch a clue.

Daniel said...

That B+ rating is not mine, click the link. His votes are tallied and that is how Americans for Better Immigration arrived at that score.

Anonymous said...

It is definitely time for el gordo to go. Any politician unwilling to defend our nations sovereignty and borders is a treasonous pig. We don't need Mexico's permission or input to buiid a fence on our own soil.

I am willing to vote for any democrat over el gordo. It is time to hold this guy accountable for his actions. I am tired of voting for republicans that aren't any better then their democrat opponent. I am tired of el gordo's inaction on the border and flagrant pandering to the degenerate homosexual lobby.

no illegal aliens said...

Can we put Senator Smith's face on a Mexico Matricula card?

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a recent op-ed piece from Defazio on immigration.


Anonymous said...

No way I am voting for Smith. He can go back to playing with his chicken. ;) I can't stand the thought of voting for DeFazio, but if it helps ensure the chicken's (el pollo's) ouster, than I am all for it. As you folks have said above, he can't be rewarded for his misdeeds. Never thought I'd vote for an Oregon Democrat. Someone please check the temperature in hell. It's gotta be below 32 degrees. :)

Bobkatt said...

Thanks for recognizing that Rep. Defazio is very important in this fight against the illegal invasion. While I don't agree with him on a lot of issues, his record on immigration is pretty good. He also is the Chair of the House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit that is overseeing the ignorant implementation of thousands of Mexican truck drivers being allowed to drive on our highways. He was very outspoken about his concerns for the safety of these ticking time bombs. Please email him and tell him of your concerns. He has replied to every email I have sent him.
And lastly, Gordon who?

Anonymous said...

As an ardent Democrat, I have to say, thank you. With your help, we'll get Smith's seat in the Senate.

If you think someone like B.S. has a chance in the general election, you need to go get those delusions checked out.

Anonymous said...

don't let DeFazio fool you on immigration -- with the change in power, he will surely change his tune.

DeFazio knew that the GOP led House would pass several immigration bills even if he voted no.

DeFazio knew that his opponent, Jim Feldkamp, had a very narrowly-focused campaign that played heavily into the hands of the immigration lobby.

When DeFazio voted the way he did, he had no effect on the legislation, but took one of the biggest issues away from his opponent.

He is politically savvy, and an opportunist.

Now that the House is led by democrats, expect him to suddenly see that we already have enough restrictions on immigration and vote the party line--especially if he is running against Smith and doesn't have to argue the issue against him.

OregonGuy said...

My thought is, why can't a Republican challenge the incumbent?

The incumbent has made a lot of bad decisions. The killer was the "secret" deal he made with Governor Kulongoski. He's such a simp. D's don't deal. They just play you like a sucker.

And, he walked away from the guys in the trenches who worked for him.

There is one name being bandied about. Is it a real possibility?

OregonianInDC said...

And what name might that be? Pardon my ignorance, but its hard to monitor home from this coast. :0)

lance sjogren said...

Regarding anonymous who claims Defazio doesn't have a true pro-borders record.

This commenter sounds to me like he's probably a Smith staffer.

Reminds me of the rino trolls that put out streams of political stink bombs on freerepublic.com

Defazio is genuinely pro-borders.

And there is nothing all that strange about it, after all, that is the pro-labor position.

What is strange is that most other liberal Democrats side with the sweatshop lobby on immigration policy.

If I recall correctly, I believe DeFazio was on the staff of Jim Weaver when he occupied that seat. Weaver was a strong pro-borders, pro-labor advocate.

DeFazio has carried on that tradition.

And although as far as I know, DeFazio is the only pro-labor liberal Democrat in the House of Representatives, there are a couple in the Senate. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota for example (he's from one of the Dakotas, North if I recall correctly). Debbie Stabenow appears to also have gone over to the pro-labor side. She voted against the Immigration Anarchy bill S2611.

DeFazio is for real.

I expect Smith's staff to try to blow a lot of smoke. I don't think it's going to work. We've seen the same BS from "Republicans" like John McCain and George Bush.

Ye Olde Immigration Song And Dance doesn't cut it anymore.

lance sjogren said...

I would also challenge anonymous to give ONE reason why anyone should support Gordon Smith.

I shouldn't butt in too much because I live in California. However, I grew up in Corvallis so I tend to follow Oregon politics a bit.

I am a Republican, and for me a contest between Smith and DeFazio is a slam dunk.

I wonder: Anyone know if Defazio is running?

I recall some time back DeFazio ran against Wyden for the nomination on the Senate seat that Wyden now holds. It was a tremendous tragedy that Wyden won it rather than DeFazio.

For DeFazio to get into the Senate next year would be a tremendous pro-borders victory.

There is a small but growing contingent of pro-borders Democrats in the Senate. Dorgan, Stabenow (hopefully her change of position is for good), Ben Nelson of Nebraska, Claire McCaskill of Missouri. And I believe the new guy in Virginia, Webb, has indicated he supports seeing that order is brought to the immigration system before there is any discussion of amnesty.

In the Senate, I believe the best hope is actually to win more converts among the Democrats.

The Republicans in the Senate are for the most part either pro-borders or hardcore erase-the-borders one-worlders.

And there are a bunch of them. Brownback, Graham, McCain, McConnell, Smith, Hagel, my god the list of these hideous creatures goes on and on.

We really need to get as many of those out of office in 2008. I don't care if you replace them with Republicans or Democrats but get these ninnies out of there.

Defeating Smith would be a tremendous victory. If you have a strong Republican candidate to run against him, great. Although, I would think it would be hard to knock him out in the primary.

If he does win the primary, for God's sake get the guy out in November 2008.

lance sjogren said...

By the way:

I started a website flushthesenate.org

devoted primarily to getting the anarchists out of the Senate.

Unfortunately I haven't edited it in a while because there's some sort of problem- I think it has to do with popup blocker or something.

Hopefully I'll get that figured out soon.

lance sjogren said...

Saw the "dead fish wrap watch" thing.

Reminds me of Joe Guzzardi's effort to persuade the media to cover immigration issues in a manner consistent with the ethical standards that the journalism field is supposed to adhere to.

It didn't take long and he gave up.

Unfortunately, most mainstream journalists have no concept of performing their job according to any sort of ethical standards.