Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So you want to make a difference, something like, say, stop the carousel of information. We could never, as lowly citizens, get something like that accomplished... oh wait, we did.

We did it by... calling Jeff Merkley and politely asking him to... scratch that, we COMPLETELY BYPASSED the politicians. We ignored them like they ignore us and took our message to the crime-infested, taxpayer funded, illegal alien love-fest until the media showed up and citizens who may not pay as much attention as you or I took note.

I spoke of "innovative ways" to get a bill passed in the Oregon legislature. You could call up Speaker Jeff Merkley [503-986-1200] and politely ask him to give a hearing to HB 2682 (repeal ORS 181.850) or any of the other 10 sensible immigration bills and see what that gets you. I actually do recommend doing that.

But more effective, write a letter to the editor asking Jeff Merkley to give the bill a hearing. Call him out in public like that.

Maybe two folks who are retired or have a weekday off would print up a banner saying "Jeff Merkley: why won't you give HB 2682 a hearing? Why do you support illegal aliens? 503-986-1200" and go hold the banner on an overpass. (I guarantee that if you are out there a second day the media will show up for you)

How about we all email and ask FOX12 reporter David Wilson to do a story on the Oregon Legislature ignoring the Thatcher/Flores immigration bills and maybe he will stick a microphone in Merkley's face and ask a tough question or two. The media will (sometimes) do the story that viewers want them to cover.

Take the five mintues to send an email or take the few hours of your day to wave a sign explaining just how Merkley refuses to do anything about illegal aliens. You can make a difference.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas!

There are lots of things we can do so lets get going as the tide has turned and even the news people are changing their spin.

The shield has started to fall!!

We have the Gusto!!

no illegal aliens said... "Man in I-84 high-speed chase arrested after fight with trooper." reports, "Ruiz was born in California and is not a deported felon, state police said."

Born in California, how does the police know this? The California counterpart, maybe.

Archie said...

My comment from now on is:


There can be NO compromise with those who are attacking our homeland and security. They have NO standing.


Snail Mail, EMAIL THE STINKY URINAL (statesman journal) in Salem to express your disgust with their pandering to illegals.

It is past time to campaign against those who intend to take over our country.

I challenge all to at least watch and observe the antics of the 'hispos' who are attacking our country. Watch and think. The threat has never been greater.

Thank you, Daniel, for your work.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Daniel, I thought you might want to run with this:

A friend of mine (whose wife wants him to not make a big deal about this, so I'm doing it for him) found out that Legacy hospital in Portland is offering FREE child birth classes for Spanish-speaking folks. If you speak English? You gotta fork over $85 bucks.

First of all, they're discriminating against a class of citizens based on native language, but secondly, they're making a broad-brush assumption that people who speak Spanish need a handout.

Your thoughts on what we can do about this?

SLC said...

Well gee............What about all the welfare recipients? Free heating, foodstamps, housing, and FREE healthcare. Why treat them better than the illegal immigrants? They're just as responsible for the draining of this country financially. Hey welfare recipients...GET A JOB!

Anonymous said...

You're a bunch of complete wankers, aren't you? Typical Yanks.