Monday, March 12, 2007

And machines don't sell drugs or rape young girls

Problem as identified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture:

It is estimated that 50 percent to 70 percent of the workers may be undocumented for legal residence in the US. However, because growers must accept any documentation presented to them that appears legal or face discrimination lawsuits, the workers are employed. Even with the ability to check Social Security numbers, it is difficult to determine legal status.
(I am assuming that they consider crime to be a problem)

As noted in the Capital Press photo of the cucumber picker, mechanization is being accelerated due to labor costs and availability concerns. Similar machinery is available or being developed for asparagus, caneberries, wine grapes, and other crops. While fresh market produce—which brings a higher premium than products destined for processing—may retain more hand labor, much of the production will shift to mechanization in coming years as global forces continue to grind away at agriculture’s ability to remain profitable.

And there you have it. We will replace illegal aliens (in the fields) with machines. So where does that leave our illegal aliens that are picking berries? They are unskilled, uneducated and are criminals... I know, let's give them amnesty because I'm sure they have a lot to contribute to our society.


the racist subtext said...

... but Latino immigrants do.

BEAR said...

This (according to Ricky Ricardo)es-plains why illegals are trying to supplant the construction workers, the SEIU workers, and all of the other high-skill jobs that Americans won't do.

Daniel said...

RE: the racist subtext

According to our DEA the majority of all drugs are coming from Mexico. How do you suppose they are getting here? Carrier pigeons?

And according to the (now ex) Mexican consul a great number of illegal aliens are in jail for rape here in Oregon. And I quote: "We have many in jail for that." -Fernando Sanchez

These two subjects have been documented repeated here on this blog. Keep reading, you will learn something.

lance said...

Those two assertions, and it's not even necessary to dispute them, do not translate into what you are clearly insinuating Daniel, and you know it. The "subtext" is obvious. Machines don't sell drugs or rape young girls; illegal immigrants DO sell drugs and rape young girls. You do not even attempt to deal with the obvious and utterly ludicrous implication that EVERY, or even most, illegal immigrants are transporting drugs into this country; you just imply it. Not only is this racist bullshit, it also flows from the un-American conception that one is guilty until proven innocent. It also reveals an amazing ignorance of history and capitalism: If you think the "war on drugs" is winnable by the exercise of sheer brute force by this point, then you're pretty goddamned naive.

Also, to say that "many" illegal aliens, or "a great number" of them, have been jailed for rape implies that ALL illegal immigrants are predisposed to rape women. Interesting logic. But then, it's not really logic, is it Daniel?

I saw one of your earlier posts, where you said you were no longer going to respond to charges of racism. You should have taken your own advice. It's obvious why you typically choose to not respond, and it's clear why you shouldn't even try.

It's because you CAN'T.

Anonymous said...


Its common for Mexicans who are wanting to enter the US illegally to carry drugs across the border as a way to pay for the transport and protection needed.

If you knew what the average Mexican thinks about government and law you might better understand as they see little difference between organized crime and the Police which often are one and the same.

To them its no worse than you throwing a candy wrapper out a car window. No big deal!

Anonymous said...

So the moral fiber of "the average Mexican" is inferior to the robust righteousness and wholesome decency of the average American? In fact, from what you're saying, it's not too much of a leap in logic to infer that, "to them," raping women no worse than throwing a candy wrapper out a car window.

It's unnecessary to point out the racism that saturates this blog ... Daniel and his groupies pretty much put it out there all by themselves. What purpose is served by pointing at an elephant in an antique shop? Everyone can see that it's there.

It's difficult to say what is more pathetic -- the racisim itself, or their own ignorance of it.

Anonymous said...

You Liberal nits!

Its not a question of morality, its a point of reality.

Its cultural for them to ignore law as its cultural for us to not cut off a persons hand for stealing.

I admit for those with small minds its easier to scream Racism than try to understand the cause.

Sorry if we tax your capacity to think.

lance said...

The "culture" of Mexico -- everyone there, men, women, children, old people, young people, infants, etc. -- is "to ignore the law." That's the way they are, the way they've always been, and will always be. Lawbreaking is part of their "culture." It's built in.

The only thing you're taxing is our ability to take you seriously.

Bruce said...

RIGHT ON LANCE....couldn't have said it better myself. This is how they will always be (illegals, that is).

lance said...

Bruce, thanks for a good laugh. I gather that you did not understand that the brief rant above was not intended to express MY opinion. I was indicating my understanding of the plainly racist view expressed by Anon 9:16 by summarizing his own conception of Mexico. It's a view that is no doubt held by Daniel, and obviously, by YOU. Because after all, you "couldn't have said it better" yourself.

Tell me guys: What DOES a white American have to do or say to justify the accusation that he or she is racist? You must draw a line somewhere. I'd like to know where it is.

Rooster said...

Lance said:

"Tell me guys: What DOES a white American have to do or say to justify the accusation that he or she is racist? You must draw a line somewhere. I'd like to know where it is."

To justify the accusation that someone is "racist" someone would have to show that the person in question felt that people of other races are, in some way, inferior to their own race.

I have not seen that on this site , with very few exceptions. Mostly "white" people putting down their own race. It does not look to me like Daniel has said anything about race. His grievance is with people coming into this country illegally. He does not differentiate between, brown/bronze, black, yellow, or white. His question is, Are you in this country illegally? If the answer is yes, get out.

Now, Lance, my question to you....What does a person who is other than white have to say or do to be branded a racist? We know that Reverend Al, and Jesse certainly can't be called racist, because they are black.

Anonymous said...

The Libs need to paint everything with a Race color as that is the limit of the small minds.

What they don't know is there is more than one race in Mexico and the hostility between them is greater than anything seen here in the US.

They could visit Mexico to see for themselves, but that is a far piece to travel when riding a bicycle.

BEAR said...

We note with interest that anytime a liberal can't answer a question, the next word out of their mouth(s) is "racist" or "extremist." How boring, and typical. When you can muster enough courage or i.q. to answer as to which part of illegal you don't get, feel free......(crickets)......thought so.
BTW, anon 09:58, your last sentence was LOL!

lance said...

I've answered the question, idiot. Whether you pay attention to the answer and think about it is a choice I have nothing to do with. Obviously, you've made your choice. And clearly, you will continue to entertain the fantasy that "libs" are the only ones who recognize racism when they see it.

Anonymous said...

Bear, your last sentence was a disgrace to the English language. Ironically, you want it to be the national languageg.