Saturday, March 10, 2007

SEIU protest

For pictures/narrative of today's illegal alien protest at the SEIU building go see my friend Allen of Salem's blog. I can't make every one of these events but am very heartened to see that many went out today to hold the folks at SEIU accountable for screwing the American worker.


Michael T said...

I was looking forward to seeing you there Daniel, and look forward to seeing you at the capitol March 22. What a great group of Americans were at the protest as usual. Thanks to all who braved the cold, wind and rain, a special thanks to Mike Forrest, the rest of the Minutemen, Rick Hickey and OFIR's members there. Special thanks to all the hundreds of passerbys who honked, waved and gave thumbs up; even you very few who waved with only one finger, especially you (5) vato's in the Chevy who saluted and yelled to us in Spanish, unfortunetly I only understood the salute...No Muy Macho, Si Se Pueda

bjdorr said...

Not only illegal aliens from Mexico, but all illegal aliens in the United States regardless of nation of origin.

Makes no sense that the many nations hate the United States but then want to come here to "live for a better life." Like some left-wing Wal-Mart hater but then she or he shops at Wal-Mart for a better price.

Rick Hickey said...

Thank you also to Daniel & Allen for posting photos for those that could not be there.

Mike drove all the way from Coos Bay and Deb & Joe from N. Portland.

We had a great day!