Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Government schools are a miserable failure

This is the "now hiring" list for the Hillsboro school district. There is one position that they are hiring a "teacher" for and the job is Teacher ESL/Spanish Literacy. I am saddened to hear that the poor part time worker (summer off, two weeks at Christmas, week in Spring and every holiday known to man) can make $68,891/year.

Some of the other jobs:
Hispanic Community Outreach Worker
REA2/Teen Mom
Licensed Practical Nurse Substitute
Bilingual Assistant Substitute

and various administrators.

The Hillsboro school district should be shut down and parents given the option to send their children elsewhere. If you are a teacher and you worry about "class size" then why don't you harp on your school board to hire less Hispanic Community Outreach Worker's and more teachers?


BEAR said...

More illegal aliens, means job security for the OEA.

Anonymous said...

You would think the teachers would force the Union to protect them. But then, that would require the unions to be pro-American and care about its members. Reality? Unions can control the illegals easier than the legal Americans and immigrants. Teachers aren't smart enough to see this and do something about it. If we ever want to reclaim our schools, we have to educate our teachers in common business, economics, the constitution and the Bill of Rights. We then need to have them all join the military for at least 2 years to learn about pride of our country. Maybe thats the answer: Join the military for 2 years and you will get your teaching certificate for free. A national certificate accepted by all states. And NO unions! you don't do your job? You get fired! English only!

Anonymous said...

But isn't that $68,891 a year plus benefits?

But isn't that $7,654. a month w/o benefits?

But doesn't that give them 3 months a year off to tutor for hire, paint their student's parents homes, build decks for their student's parents, commercial fish, work on a cruise ship, or lobby and campaign for more school funding or just travel and have fun?

Anonymous said...

If you're a typical product of public schools, Daniel Miglavs, then I'll guess I have to give you that one: Government schools ARE a miserable failure. You'll excuse me if I don't take your advice on how to fix them.

ValkRaider said...

Teachers don't get all that time off. Many holidays and much of those "vacations" you speak of actually have the teachers at the schools doing work.

Additionally, every teacher I know spends hours every night working, grading papers, reading essays, and preparing lesson plans.

And they lose weekends too. Many schools require teachers to take on a "club" or "program" which means many extra hours watching over the dance team or the debate team.

Plus, they get the added benefits of having to provide their OWN supplies to do their teaching. Every week the teachers I know are buying poster board, books, and art supplies with their OWN money because the schools won't pay for them.

Teachers also get the "benefit" of dealing with asshole parents who suck at raising kids but when it comes to dealing with the schools they seem to think they are "parent of the year". And they are constantly squeezed between the asinine administration, the unreasonable parents, and the poor students who just need a mentor.

The $69k you speak of is not for a starting teacher straight out of college - but rather for one who has experience and references. In the Portland metro area, $69k for someone with years of experience, and 4 to 8 years of college with one or more degrees - is not all that high.

But I guess it is your Kids, so might as well lo-ball them. Lets just hire the cheapest crap person we can find for minimum wage to teach. THAT will improve the school.

Stop attacking the teachers. Fix the system. Teachers work damn hard. You try dealing with 100 kids a day, all day, every day - and their parents.

Anonymous said...

$69k? Unreal.

Anonymous said...


Do you even have children in public schools? I live in Washington State let me give you a reality check....

Start with salaries I will agree that they don't start out at $69k they start out at $50K.

They have the following time off: Labor Day, 2 days for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas (yes I typed the C word), 1 week for mid-winter break, 1 week for spring break, memorial day, and a few other holidays I have not encluded. They only have to work one week after the kids get out and they start one week before school begins, if they teach summer school they get paid extra.

The elementary teachers have a maximum of 25 students in their class and they have 2 hours each day that they don't have students in their class, they do not take work home with them since the union has decided it's not good for them.

The high school teachers no longer asign homework so they have less paperwork to grade.

The teachers do not spend their own money on school supplies they harass the parents to bring items in. Maybe the schools would have more money for supplies if they would stop hiring and supporting the illegal alien population the dollar amounts on those alone are insane.

And finally if our children are bratty it's because liberals took away our rights to raise them and they want the village to raise them to be spoiled brats that think society owes them something.

And finally if the teachers don't like working with kids I would suggest they get a different job, I do not want my kids to be taught by teachers who can't deal with children.

Just so you do not think I don't know what I am talking about my daughter is a 6th grade teacher as well as having one child in elementary and two children in high school.


Anonymous said...


Did you graduate from high school? If so, perhaps you would have learned about run-on sentences as well as the correct way to spell "encluded" (should be included). That is all.

the bullshit police said...

" ... if our children are bratty it's because liberals took away our rights to raise them ..."

Oh come off it, Deb. That's the biggest load of cop-out crap I've ever heard. If your children are bratty, it's because YOU are doing something wrong. Take some of that "individual responsibility" conservatives put such a high premium on and exercise some.

Scott McLean said...
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Scott McLean said...

I agree with you. In recent years when applying for jobs, I found many government and nonprofit employers only wanted to hire someone fluent in Spanish. They say bi-lingual is what they're looking for, however many people doing these jobs are not great English speakers.

daniel's calendar said...

Monday: Bash immigrants.
Tuesday: Bash gays.
Wednesday: Bash [insert any state agency here, 'xcept cops, cause they're cool!]
Thursday: Bash schools
Friday: Slow news day ... bash liberals.
Saturday: Bash immigrants some more.
Sunday: Bash labor unions.
Monday: Repeat


BEAR said...

According to my sister-in-law, who teaches, in-service days are planned as "snack and visit" days. Little or no work is planned, done, or expected. Barbara Streisand on how abused our part-time public employees are.

james of salem said...

Look for Teddy the K to follow her lead. Super.