Sunday, March 11, 2007


Guiliani wants your tax dollars to pay for baby killing.


bjdorr said...

Vote Tom Tancredo instead.

Daniel said...

How Rudy could even claim to be a fiscal conservative after making comments like that is beyond me.

Ditto the vote for Tancredo.

Amy the Razor said...


You are awesome! Thanks for staying on top of things. Oh yeah, and thanks for being one of the very few conservative blogs.

eddie said...

Sorry, I'm waiting til 2008 to start deciding. Rudy has come out of the insane Hell that is New York politics, it only stands to reason that his record is going to have some nasty scars. On the other hand we know he's really good with law enforcement, and has never wavered on the war. I'm going to give him a chance on the national stage, out from under the need to pander to the screeching special interests in NYC, and see what he'll do.

I'm making a personal list of issues and positions, ranked by order of which ones are most likely to destroy the nation if they go in the wrong direction. Eventually I'll use it to choose my primary candidate.

So far:

1) War on Terror - anyone who doesn't understand that this is a 20-50 year war against terrorists and their sponsors world-wide won't do.

2) Military - China is ramping up, and pointing to us as the threat. We are engaged in a war which could last for decades. Yet. we've got an armed service that constitutes less than 1% of our population. They need more funds, more research into enhancement tech, better care and compensation across the board.

3) Borders - Immigration is happening too large and too fast now for acculturation and assimilation to take place. The border needs to be managed, and the legal immigration quotas reduced to reasonable numbers.

4) Judicial - Strict constitutional judges across the board. If a judge wants to be an activist, let 'em run for Congress. There should never again be a judge who is a career advocate for political action groups.

5) Education - It's time for sense in education. If you wanted a craftsman to handcarve wooden sculptures into your entryway molding, or purchase a custom set of furniture, or just about anything where quality was an issue you would NOT call up the local union. You call them when the law and permit office tells you that you have to... So WHY in God's name do we hand over the bulk of education in this nation to unions? Is the importance of an education part and parcel of the teachers getting enough flex-time for vacations and stress leave?

6) Economics - Whittle away at entitlements, stupid aid packages, useless public works, grants for bike lane signage, light rail, farm subsidies and every other pointless waste, then look for ways to enable and inspire manufacturing and production again. We're fast becoming a nation of middle management and hair dressers with no actual work being done. That's not how we got here, and a good way to lose it all.

7) Religion - I recognize that the "separation of church and state" is not part of the constitution, and was part of a letter reassuring Baptists that the federal government was not going to take over the job of religion in the new nation. Even as a Catholic, I recognize that the ideals of our nation sprung forth from the congregationalist protestant churches of New England, and the importance of that sort of rational, logical forethought in our governement going forwards. Freedom to practice your religion does not equate to freedom from ever seeing signs of another.

8) Marriage - Keep it as is... what proponents of gay marriage aren't admitting, even to themselves, is that complete acceptance would ruin the lifestyle. They'd be unhappy without disapproval, then they'd have to go get piercings and tattoos like teens.

9) Abortion - Roe v. Wade should be overturned and referred to the legislature... the way it should have been years ago. Judges aren't supposed to make up new "rights" that's for the lawmakers. On the other hand, socially, I do not believe our society is willing to give it up at this point, it's like arguing against slavery in the 18th century, you might be morally right, but too many people have too great a personal stake in the issue. Outlaw the most aggregious abuses, and remove tax money from the equation, too many folks have too great an ethical stand against it to be forced into paying for them through taxation. Outlawing it completely is going to have to wait for a society that leans that way naturally. Ours doesn't right now.

10) Drugs - I'm torn here... On one hand, drugs and youths don't mix well, and one can prevent the other from actually maturing to an adult mentality (just watch the DNC next year and you'll see what I mean). On the other hand, I have a suspicion that if marijuana were legalized we might never again have an election like 2006... since a good portion of the population might be too baked to vote.

So those are what I see as important... well, except for the last one, that was just for amusement. If I could find the first 6 in a candidate I'd be ecstatic. I'm hoping for the first 4, but if it comes down to it and I have to sacrifice every other position, I'll settle for the first 2 over any other.

do the math said...

Eddie, how many Muslims do you think we'll need to kill over the next 50 years?

For each one killed, including all the innocent civilian bystanders, how many more new terrorists will be created?

Just give me a rough estimate, rounded to the nearest 10,000 or so.

BEAR said...

Thanx, again, Mr. Daniel. Tancredo, Huckaby, Thompson, Mr. Newt, and (maybe) Brownback, plus the recently unelected rep. from Arizona would be good alternatives.
Hey, eddie, well constructed and presented....except for that drug nonsense. A great list of proper criteria.
And, as for 'do the math,' too bad you can't add things up. The answer to your silly, leftist goad is: AS MANY AS IT TAKES!!! What part of "we will kill you and destroy your (non-muslim) country" don't you anti-American libs get?......sheesh.

BEAR said...

Whoops, forgot Duncan Hunter!

Anonymous said...

"Anti-American libs" aren't the only ones who think Bush is presiding over a train wreck, Bear. There are plenty of Republicans, independents, patriotic-as-hell VETERANS who are still carrying shrapnel around, sworn military, Libertarians and others who think the EXACT same thing; you don't get approval ratings in the 30 percent range by just pissing off "anti-American libs," so GET OFF IT!

BEAR said...

Why anon 5:40, I didn't know you cared! Your premises are wrong, but the salient fact is that you don't (and can't) deny that anti-American libs are vested in the defeat of our civilization. You simply desire to spread your shameful philosophy among a broader demographic, in the usual lefty tactic of changing the subject. Patriots want victory, national security, and freedom. Too bad you libs share the goals of the islamo-fascists......sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was the year 2007 not 1989.

Kaelri said...

You may have missed Anon's point, Bear. According to your standards, whatever they may be, an enormous number of good conservative Americans stand opposed to victory, national security and freedom. An enormous number of the soldiers, whom you frequently demand that we all support, share the goals of Islamofascists. It's a long time ago now that opposing the Bush administration and favoring military withdrawal from Iraq were far-left positions.

Anonymous said...


You are the master of argumentative fallacies. When provided with a sound argument, you offer straw men and red herrings to counter. When attempting to emphasize your posts, you employ the use of distracting canards. You are a good hypocrit inthat you bitch when others "change the subject" (which I've learned is "bear code" for "I can't refute") and in the same post create even larger digressions.

Unfortunately for you, your arguments are both shallow and generally invalid outside of this blog. Even though your friends say otherwise, you are a right-wing extremist. You are more damaging to this country than any "Islamo-Facist lefty," or any Islamic extremist is for that matter.

I am an American. I am a Liberal. I am damn proud of my country.

I don't hate America. I hate your ideal America.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:57,

Very nicely said, but it's all garbage. I consider myself a moderate, and I'll take a right-wing extremist over a Islamo-Facist Lefty any day of the year, and yes you do hate America.

CPO Dan Jezeski, USCG (Ret.)

WoolyBully said...

No mention of Ron Paul? Has he been completely dismissed as a conservative incarnation of Dennis Kucinich in this circle or is it simply a case of unfamiliarity?

I'd take Paul over any of the other candidates mentioned so far, but it's early yet and I'll be more pragmatic come election day.

BEAR said...

Ron Paul is no conservative.

Kaelri said...

"I consider myself a moderate, and I'll take a right-wing extremist over a Islamo-Facist Lefty any day of the year, and yes you do hate America."

The fascism charge aside, just how do you propose to argue with someone about what's in his own head?

Anonymous said...


The state is a mess: SEE EMAIL TO LARS LARSON,

My call today to you about what to do with the states "problems!" was cut off.

My question to you, and will continue to be a question(you ask one, I ask one) .


Your answer that a recall would not work, leads me to think you just wanna "Talk" about it, not fix it!

If you think all of the state is toast, perhaps a quick poll to ask the state if they have the guts for a fight? Then announce to us the results and let us decide!

Loved you like a brother at one time...But, I hate getting my ample rear kicked without at least kicking back. If no stomach for it, or "PAUL" would have a stroke, at least give the state a forum to decide if you will not lead one. Hell, you might be a write-in candidate and win it all!

eddie said...

How many muslims? See, the goal is to get a nation of muslims operating on the same principles of self-interest that the West operates under... thereby undercutting the attraction of working and training and studying to become an 23 year old flesh smear on the pavement. All the players in the game know the score... that's why it's getting ugly.

By the way, looks like our favorite terrorists had plans to kill both Clinton and Carter on recent international trips. Mesh that in with your "it's all the right wing nutjobs' faults! Terrorists love us!" attitude, will you?

And Anonymous... about the recall thing: Seriously, where do you think you're living? The governor is not elected (or recalled) by the Oregon Electoral College. All the red counties in the state can band together and make posters, but the sheer numbers of very active, very left, and very angry about anything they can think of to get angry about leftists in the Willamette Valley will make any recall attempt fail miserably...

No, now is the time to work with your senators and representatives, and maybe work on reforming and redirecting the Oregon Republican party into something more rational than the bizarre old boys club it has become.

Now is also the time to reevaluate inflexible stands on specific issues... prioritize... and pick your fights. I hear so many on the right getting all "progressive" sounding on issues that are near and dear to them. Witness the lovely Constitutionalist fiasco in the last election.

Ah well...