Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Real Americans don't hide in "the shadows"

The illegal alien, I mean "undocumented immigrant", I mean "hardworking immigrant, is now an "undocumented American" according to Harry Reid. By the end of the week the criminal aliens will be called "super Americans."

Here are your "undocumented Americans" Traitor Reid.


Anthony DeLucca said...

"Un-Documented Americans"??? Are you shitting me?? A majority of these folks will NEVER be Americans...even if they get amnesty simply because they don't WANT to be Americans. They want America's money, welfare, education, health care, food stamps, etc..

I've had the pleasure of having talked to a large number these so-called "Un-Documented Americans" while serving as a police officer in Salinas Ca.....a vast majority of them simply want to work so that they can send money home. Nothing wrong with that, but don't expect that they desire anything other than that. They will not's not what they came here for.

Veneta Mark said...

I am astounded at the rapid rise of the illegal aliens on the social food chain. By Thursday evening they will have risen to "Esteemed Americans" and an amendment will be proposed to waive all fines and fees, and pay each one a bounty of $5,000 just so they will stay. If that isn't enough, an amendment to assign a citizen to each illegal alien to serve as his/her "groom of the stool" will be passed.

Anonymous said...

What if 20 million Americans put their taxes in escrow?

R Huse said...

Good one Anon 4:12

Ted Kennedy I am sure would immediately rush to those taxpayers aid. "We cannot make criminals of 20 million undocumented taxpayers, it is simply absurd to say this is the governments money."

In other news the national group La Moolah issued the following statement "This is the money of our people. For our people our money, for those who are not our people, you pay"

Blogs everywhere urge working with, rather than against, those who for cultural reasons choose not to pay taxes. "This is ridiculous, these are good hard working honest people. They haven't done anything illegal, they simply choose to let other Americans pay taxes. Its important to them to have their money to provide for their families. How nativist and racist do you have to be to oppose that?"

John Smith, an undocumented filer summed it up this way "Look, Im just trying to keep more money for my family. I can provide for my family better when I can keep all my money and let others pay for the government services we use. Im not a criminal, I just don't like to obey the law. Some bigots seem to have a problem with that"

Anthony DeLucca said...

VERY well put R Huse....very well put.

Bobkatt said...

Please sign Tom Tancredo's "No Amnesty" citizen petition.
He needs your help, we need his help.

Anonymous said...

Bill FAILS to get cloture in the Senate (meaning that it is basically dead for now) 34-61 (60 yes votes were required).

NW Senators:



Anonymous said...

anon 4:12

escrow...not a bad idea.

BEAR said...

hey, r huse, you are a beautiful human being. (and funny)

Anonymous said...

AOL Keyword: My Government

R Huse said...

Wow - thanks bear and anthony, thats pretty nice of you.

I invented the mullet said...

Now, now, folks...these are Geraldo Rivera's (Jerry Rivers) "Honored Guests"!