Monday, June 18, 2007

Be heard

OFIR Members and supporters:


When: 9:30 am-Wednesday June 20th

Where: Portland City Hall-1221 SW 4th Ave. (Jefferson & 4th Ave).

Why: Mayor supports Illegal Del Monte workers & Day Labor Center via Taxpayers

What: City Council will have their meeting starting @ 9:30am

But how, you ask, do we know that day laborers are illegaly in this country? Because I ask!

UPDATE: The charming boys over at Indymedia have posted about our protest along with a great picture indicating that we are the illegal aliens.


dchamil said...

Daniel, you can remove my Borderline Insanity blog from your blogroll, since I have deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Potter of Portland wants to build a "special" place for these people? Drunk, Urinating in public, TWO Arrests per week! Why spend our money to increase and accept lawless activity?
Wednesday June 20th @ 9:30am @ City Hall, Portland, We will let them know we disagree. Rick H.

June 18, 2007
D.C. Day Laborer Crisis Out Of Control
Months after half a million taxpayer dollars were earmarked for a District of Columbia day laborer center, frustrated residents complain that the unruly illegal immigrants continue littering their neighborhoods, urinating on walls and sleeping under their porches.
The day laborer situation spiraled out of control last year in the northeast Washington D.C. neighborhood when an increasing number of illegal immigrant men began loitering in a shopping center parking lot as they searched for work. Area residents complained and so did customers of the retail outlets who got harassed by the illegal immigrants.
D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas decided to form a partnership between the retailers that attracted the illegal workers and the city. Thomas, who represents the working class community in Ward 5, actually persuaded his fellow lawmakers to earmark $500,000 of public funds for an official day laborer center.
Not only have residents been asked to finance the training facility for illegal immigrants, they must still deal with the public safety threats created daily by the hundreds of illegal aliens that litter their neighborhoods. One resident, who said the illegal immigrants often bang on house doors asking for food, said neighbors are on the edge.
A police officer hired by a home improvement store during his off hours, said he arrests about two day laborers a week for things like drinking and urinating in public. One day laborer from Peru admitted that many of his fellow illegal immigrants come to work, but many also come to drink, sleep and make noise.

Anonymous said...

Saturday night a Marion County Sheriff Deputy was killed in a vehicle accident by a car operated by an illegal alien. All indications are the illegal alien was at fault. I’ve had it and all my friends and family have had it! This illegal alien BS is totally out of hand. How many more Americans need to be killed, robbed, raped and murdered until we make it impossible to survive in this country without being a citizen or here legally? We all decided yesterday we are going to call and write our elected officials and demand no amnesty for illegal criminals. If you aren’t here legally, get out of my country!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:34: The deputy's death, the whole incident, the injuries to the passengers, is obviously a terrible tragedy. But please enlighten us: What specific "indications" about illegal immigrants being at fault were you referring to? None of Portland's four TV stations, or KXL, or The Oregonian, have any mention of their legal status one way or the other. Are you privy to some information known only to the investigators or doctors?

Roy in PDX said...

Like many folks I am very tired about all the immigration news of late.
Since there is no majority solution at hand I suggest something new.

Often I hear complaints from Oregonians that because we don’t have a sales tax we are not capturing income from tourists. States such as Nevada and Florida generate millions from visitors paying sales tax. Now consider we as a nation replace our federal income tax system with a national sales tax. Anyone here regardless of employment would be paying their fair share of taxes because they would be taxed on what they spend rather than what they earn. Immigrants will be paying taxes into the system eliminating the number one complaint that they are using social services without paying a fair share of taxes. Also eliminated is the threat of our system being overwhelmed since more people actually will expand our tax base. Thee will be decreased incentive for those to come here without employment due to the higher cost of products with a new sales tax. Conversely, those who have employment will find their take home pay go up since there would be no income tax. This new tax system would prove superior to any multi billion dollar border fence.

Bring drivers licenses into the 21st century! So often we hear those say we must fight to keep illegal from obtaining a drivers license.
Lets first replace state drivers licenses with a federal drivers license.
These days people don’t restrict their driving to just one state. The public would be better served if the rules of the road were standardized for every state. This would keep illegal from "shopping" states to find the one with the lowest requirements. When applying for this national drivers license it would not be required to show proof of citizenship. HOWEVER without proof of citizenship the license would be stamped "not for identification". I believe the only requirement to obtain a drivers license is to prove ability to drive safely. Period.

Anonymous said...

Here is an article that everyone should read especially those of you who insist that illegal aliens don't break any laws and are only here for a better life.

Bobkatt said...

I think this is the article you are referring to.
While the Sierra Club and other enviromental agencies are busy trying to stop the building of the border fence because of enviromental concerns, they don't seem too concerned about the impact of the millions of less enviromentally sensitive illegals that are destroying our southern border areas.
Cleanup crews from various agencies, volunteer groups and the Tohono
O'odham Nation hauled about 250,000 pounds of trash from thousands of
acres of federal, state and private land across Southern Arizona in
2002 to 2005, says the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.
But that's only a fraction of the nearly 25 million pounds of trash
thought to be out there.
The trash includes water bottles, sweaters, jeans, razors, soap,
medications, food, ropes, batteries, cell phones, radios, homemade
weapons and human waste.

Anonymous said...


No the article had to do with illegals setting the forest on fire to distract the border patrols so they can get across the border. These outstanding individuals also throw gas soaked towels wrapped around rocks at border patrol agents. We are paying a fortune to put put out these fires.

It's a pretty disturbing article.


Anonymous said...

Once again, a Miglavian (Anon 2:34) refuses to answer a direct question.

And so it goes ...

Bobkatt said...

Deb- exactly. Click on the blue "this" and you are directed to the article in question. If you don't embed the url in the post it usually cuts off the end and you don't get the article.

Potter Supporter said... Oregonians Against Immigrants were outnumbered today. If it weren't for the Washington minuetklan coming down to help out, it would have been Rick Hickey and a couple ill-iterate old ladies holding signs. Straight up funny.