Monday, June 25, 2007

Hard hitting questions from "watchdog" media has done what amounts to a 5 part infomerical for medical marijuana. With such hard hitting journalistic questions like "what do we do about the stigma?" and “Can you fix that with medical marijuana?” it was very clear that Bonnie King was objective.

But thankfuly they had a real live doctor on hand to give out "the facts" such as his medical opinion that all those bad things you hear about marijuana are, in his own medical terms, "hogwash."

And hey, since the doctor can make such determinations about what is "hogwash" or not our crack "reporter" jumps into the act to determine who is a qualified doctor or not:

Bonnie King: “Well it sounds to me like you are qualified to review chart notes and make a determination as to eligibility.”

Thank you Bonnie for this great piece of journalism. Children everywhere will read it and realize that when their parents told them not to smoke marijuana it was just because they believed the "hogwash."


Anonymous said...

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Anthony DeLucca said...

Nice piece by hard hitting journalism. Interview one wacky doctor. Well kids, I can tell you this about Marijuana:

I'm a former police officer for a fairly large city in California. In addition to my regular duties, I was the swing shift traffic accident investigator. I can tell you for a fact that marijuana causes diminished driving capacity, and can lrad to traffic accidents that result in fatalities. I've seen it for myself. I've had to look at the mangled bodies and I've had to arrest the stoned 23 year old mother of the two kids she just killed by speeding through a red light and slamming into a cement truck.

I can also tell you from first hand experience, that marijuana makes you a freaking moron. Every stoner that I've had contact with was a complete dipshit while stoned. And the chronic marijuana users were stupid 24-7.

This piece is a total sham. Typical S.P. biased reporting with no regard to the facts.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Miglavs and Mr. DeLucca have obviously never talked to -- sorry, make that listened to, a cancer patient who uses the drug responsibily for pain relief, does not drive after using it, and is not a "stoner."

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that YOU DO NOT stick to the facts. I agree that people should not drive impaired, whether it is marijuana, or worse alcohol. By the way how many dead people and children have you seen or arrested (if alive)while intoxicated with alcohol. I bet it is at least 10 times more fatalities than from from pot. What about the sick people, and those smart enough not to drive while impaired, they should be allowed to ease their suffering with marijuana, all negative aspects pointed out about cannabis have been disproven. Even lung cancer. You are reacting emotionsally just like a woman and you should never be allowed to be in law enforcement of any kind. I am 54, but my father's generation, his father, my uncles, all drank alcohol, as 50% of the police force in Des Moines, Iowa they are unadmittrd alcoholics. I know this because I was in treatment with a police officer who was there for alcoholism, he told me that 50% of our police force meet the requirements to be classified as alcoholics. What a comforting thought. This is how screwed up the Iowa Police are. I was in front of a Quick Trip convience store and gave my friend money I owed him. Then gave him a ride home then I went back to my place. When I pulled into my parking spot an unmarked car pulled in right behind me. They searched me for drugs simply because they saw me, a white man, give a black man money. Then they ask me if I thought using drugs was wrong, they were so young I don't even think they were old enough to by alcohol (21) so I said taking drugs is wrong except for the sick who use marijuana for medical purposes. Well they hit the roof and began to lecture me. I said, so long sonny, I am going into my house, I was clean, and told them that they could come in and search my house if they wanted to. They didn't, if they wanted to I would have walked them to the building then told them to get a warrant just to make their life as difficult for them as they did for me. Prejudice among our cops is huge. Not my words, but I have heard a Des Moines cop (more than one) say, "I hate niggers." These people should not even be aloud to be in law enforcement because of their prejudices, just like you. You think that just because alcohol is legal that it is ok to use. WRONG, alcohol is legal because of public opinion plus our lawmakers were alcohol drinkers. Never has ther been a stigma on alcohol like there is on cannabis. The reason for this is the "Reefer Madness" lies told to my & your parents, I wonder why they never made the movie "ALCOHOL MADNESS?" Why don't you ask yourself that question and see what you come up with. Better yet forget it you have a dangerous and closed mind.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 9:06 (and 9:05 for that matter)

Never once in my post did I say that marijuana did not have legit medicinal uses. If you two don't know the difference between a "stoner" and a legit medical marijuana user, then I can't help you. The Salem piece eluded that Marijuana isn't as harmful as some would have you think. Well, I simply disagree.

You Said: "These people should not even be aloud to be in law enforcement because of their prejudices, just like you."

What makes you think that I'm prejeduced against anything?? I'm simply relating my experiences regarding the un-lawful use of marijuan and it's effects.

You also said: "You are reacting emotionsally just like a woman and you should never be allowed to be in law enforcement of any kind."

First off, I know a lot of excellent police officers who are women. What do you have against women anyway? Secondly, mMy post wasn't half as emotional as yours. The difference is that you assume a whole lot about me, and you have no clue who I am, or what my beliefs are. I agree that Marijuana can be used for legitimate medicinal purposes. I said nothing to the contrary. I did however say that "CHRONIC" users (those who abuse it) are oftentimes debilitated mentally to the point that they act like complete idiots while high.

You Said: "You think that just because alcohol is legal that it is ok to use." Tell me...when did
I say this???

You Said: "alcohol is legal because of public opinion plus our lawmakers were alcohol drinkers". Exactly which lawmakers are you referring to and how do you know so much about them?

You said: "Never has there been a stigma on alcohol like there is on cannabis"

Ever hear of the "Prohibition Act"? The people "Including Lawmakers" actually passed an amendment to the constitution making the manufacture for domestic use, or the importation of alcoholic distilled spirits illegal.

And I could go on and on about your post. You are obviously someone who dis-trusts the police.

The statement about being in treatment with a police officer tells me that you are also an addict of some sort. You may be clean now, and I hope that you are.

Simply put, you are assuming an awful lot, and using emotions and assumptions to try and figure me out. Read my post....then put the bong down long enough to THINK about what was in the post, not what you think I was trying to say.

R. L. said...


so does alcohol.. and yet we can buy booze as adults.

Being an alcoholic can make you a total babbling idiot. I've seen it happen. It can also change your personality in not so pleasant ways.

Obviously, driving while impaired.. (which would include cell phones) is a danger to everyone else: driving under the influence of prescription meds; driving while emotionally upset; driving without having had enough sleep. You get the idea.

However, can you tell me how marijuana is any worse than alcohol when used appropirately and in moderation?

Anthony DeLucca said...

To Anon 9:05

Amazing how you can read my mind and time travel into my past to (wrongfully) come to the conclusion that I've "never talked, make that listened, to a cancer patient who uses the drug responsibily for pain relief, does not drive after using it, and is not a "stoner."

I was a Police Officer in California....a medical marijuana state. I've talked to plenty of medicinal marijuana card holders who used the drug in a responsible manner. I've also talked to card holders who used the drug irresponsibly, and abused the card privledges.

Never assume anything as being obvious. Facts validate an argument, assumptions do not.

Anthony DeLucca said...


In response to your question, I never said one was better than the other, nor did I ever compare the two. But since you asked:

Both can impair your ability to think clearly, both impair your reactionary time, both are dangerous to your health when used in excess, etc..

HOWEVER......right now....alcohol is legal, and marijuana is not. I'm not saying that is either right or wrong...that's just the way it is. Secondly, like the days of Al Capone and the rum runners, the bodies attached to the marijuana imported from other countries is staggering. The drug wars attributed to the marijuana trade have claimed the lives of thousands over the last decade alone...civilians and Law Enforcement Officials alike. Just look at the drug smuggler wars going on just across our own border in Mexico. The drug cartels rule some of those small towns with an iron fist. They kill at the drop of a hat. They are ruthless, vicious, and calculating. All so some 19 year old jackass can get stoned for the day. If there were no market, there would be no drug wars. Jack Daniels CEO hasn't killed anyone lately (that I know of anyway) in order to get his whiskey to market.

But right away, those opposing my posts are quick to jump to the "Alcohol is worse than weed" argument. My post was about marijuana, simply because the SALEM NEWS PIECE WAS ABOUT MARIJUANA....NOT ALCOHOL.

Anonymous said...

Little wonder why can't seem to get their act together even while the SJ is dropping like a rock.

A little dope will do ya!

Anonymous said...

Mr. DeLucca, you seem to suggest that it's the body count resulting from marketplace warfare -- and not from the actual use of the drug -- that you're upset about.

There's an easy way out of that swamp: Legalize it. The number of people dying from the use of the drug would certainly increase, but I seriously doubt it would be more than a fraction of the number of those whose death is attributed to alcohol use. The vast majority of what people regard as "drug-related crime" does NOT stem from actual use of controlled substances ... most drug-related crime is the result of drug prohibition laws. It's simple economics. Why do drug users steal? So they can afford the drugs. Why are illegal drugs so outrageously expensive? Because they're illegal.

But if you feel so passionate about the issue of controlled substances turning people into "freaking morons," I have to assume that you pressed your local legislator this session to ban all alcohol sales in the state of Oregon.

Make any headway?

Sorry, maybe I shouldn't assume that. Okay ... assuming you didn't lobby lawmakers to ban alcohol, could you maybe discuss your hypocrisy on this issue?

Anthony DeLucca said...

To Anon 7:57

There you go assuming again. I agree...legalizing the drug would reduce the violence. I'm all for legalizing marijuana...never said that I wasn't. I believe that it should be regulated like any other prescription drug (Vicodine, Codine, Morphine, etc) It would not however keep people from becoming freaking morons from overuse.

You called me a hypocrite for not contacting my Legislator to ban alcohol? I don't call my Legislator on a host of subjects I'm passionate about. That doesn't make me a hypocrite.

You say that drugs are expensive because they are illegal. I will beg to differ: Drugs are expensive because you have agreed to pay a certain price for your drug of choice. If the consumer refused to buy weed at a certain breaking point, the price will go down......that's simple economics.

Lot's of things are expensive that are legal....good beer, good wine, a fine brandy, cigars, gasoline, etc.....they are priced at a certain dollar amount because that's what the manufacturer has figured out we will pay. If your friendly neighborhood weed dealer all of a sudden stops moving his product, and he finds out that it's the price keeping people away, you bet your ass he'll reduce his profit margin. As for the hard drugs like Cocaine, Opiates, etc.. those drugs are priced high simply because the dealers know that you will pay almost anything for it once you are addicted.

Now, please explain to me where I'm a hypocrite again?

By the way....I'm not afraid to leave my name here. Why so many Anon posters?? At least get creative and make up a name.

billyfoster said...

Nice piece by hard hitting journalism. Interview one wacky doctor. Well kids, I can tell you this about Marijuana:

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