Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wait, we're not concerned with regulating ATV's?

Poll shows immigration becoming top concern for Oregonians
Illegal immigration, which has dominated local and national headlines lately, has become a top concern of Oregonians, according to a new statewide poll.

NOTE: The writer of that headline should be fired. Illegal immigration is top concern.

The findings come as Oregon lawmakers are wrapping up the legislative session without an immigration reform plan and as Congress wrestles with a bill that could lead to eventual U.S. citizenship for millions of undocumented workers.

I'd call our legislature a bunch of do-nothing morons but they did accomplish some great things like regulating ATV use... so I guess I'll just call them morons.

Please continue to call/email/fax/visit your sentators this week. Stop the amnesty!


pot calling kettle black said...

So I guess I'll just call them morons.

BEAR said...

Hey, Mr. Daniel, our "esteemed" lawmakers certainly did some major stuff..... 1. Brilliantly governed against the will of the people by messing with measure 37. 2. Managed to ignore the State Police and public safety while raing money on liberal nonsense and pay raises. 3. Once again attacked our kicker refund like starving pigs, in spite of a 20% increase in revenues....sheesh.

Anonymous said...


yet another reason why illegal immigration is a concern to Oregonians....and i can bet you these men are NOT legal

Anonymous said...


Robin said...

I went to safeway yesterday, there were so many people there speaking Spanish including the clerks, I felt like I was in a foreign country.

it just felt odd.

Anonymous said...

Correction, Anon 7:30: A concern to a whopping 12 percent of Oregonians.