Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What about regulating those shoes with the wheel on the heel?

State of Oregon Job Announcement
ATV Coordinator
$3,337 - $4,880 MONTHLY

Agency Representation: As assigned, act as an agency representative to ATV safety training instructors. Participates in forums with Law Enforcement personnel, Safety Instructors, and users on the ATV safety program.

This must be what they need the higher beer tax for. Is there anything that Oregon won't hire PERS recipients to regulate?


R Huse said...

Now, for the most amazing aspect of all:

There are some out there who don't understand that the state having this kind of money is prima facie case that they have no budget shortfall.

I don't know how far gone you have to be to think taking food off of your children's table for this kind of nonsense makes sense. Perhaps the remaining few who think the state has too little revenue would also like to stand on the street corner and hand out dollar bills to people in passing Cadillac's.

Anonymous said...

Another fine example of America's tax dollars at work:

"disgusting act by a home health aide"


Scott said...

Ot Daniel
Doing the felonies that Americans wont do.

R. L. said...

Safety training and regulation are two very different things. If you have various state employees using ATVs in the course of their employment, my guess is that the state gets a better deal on their insurance by having a safety instructor

BEAR said...

press 2 for english.