Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tancredo gets it

Join the Save America Campaign and Sign this Petition to tell Republican Senators you demand they oppose the Kennedy-McCain-Bush amnesty bill, or you will support their defeat!

No amnesty petition


Anonymous said...

Or you can call the Senators and tell them you support Senate Bill 1348 and that you WILL support them so long as they vote "YES". Tell Republican Senators not to cave to the idol, paper tiger threats of the bigotted faction of un-American trash that is lurking about.

Anonymous said...

I love Tom Tancredo...Honestly, he is the ONLY one with the resolve and honesty to fix this immigration problem. And PS... Anon 5:14 is the real un-American trash, not us. He supports the "rights" of illegal foreigners over Americans. What a non-sensible douchebag.

Anthony DeLucca said...

You STILL don't get it. You bring up the word "BIGOT" again, assuming that folks who are against illegal immigration are somehow bigoted against hispanics. Well jr., I hate to break the bad news to ya.....but you're the bigot.

You see, you assume automatically that those against illegal immigration, are also against Hispanics. That tells me right there that you automatically think "Hispanic" when the words Illegal Immigtant are mentioned. How dare you assume that all illegal immigrants are Hispanics.....you bigoted racist! Illegal Immigrants come from China, the Ukraine, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Haiti, Cuba, and all other continents. Certainly the Hispanic Illegal Immigrants pose the lions share of the problem...but don't assume that they are all from south of the border........you racist.

no illegal aliens said...

What ever happened to the "convenience store?" I'm seeing more and more "tiendas" now.

Oh yeah, the Oregon Coast Aquarium billboard at SE 181st Ave. and SE Stark St. (Rockwood) is written in Spanish.

george - yes, I am white ! That's a crime ? said...

No racism intended in any of the posts I just read - but we DO NEED A FENCE ! Why no fence ? Why is it not up ? We want aliens from all around the globe - illegally crossing our borders ? Try LOGIC, people ?!!! Hello ??!!

Anonymous said...

Tancredo is a bigot and a fascist. Period.

Bobkatt said...

No border=New World Order.
No middle class=New World Order.
George Bush=New World Order.
George Soros=New World Order.
Rudy McRomney=New World Order.
Hillary Clinton=New World Order.
Rick Perry governor of Texas pushing Nafta Superhighway who is meeting with the Bilderbergers=New World Order.
But what do I know? I'm just a conspiracy nut.

Anonymous said...

No border=New World Order.
No middle class=New World Order.
George Bush=New World...

Oh brother. (eyes rolling) Watch out for those black helicopters, Bobkatt. Your last statement pretty much sums it up.

Anonymous said...

How many Senators are anchor babies?

Anonymous said...

Tom Tom Tan-crapo is a turd leading the small pile of turds called Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

Anonymous said...

To ann159am:
Your wrong. There is a push to create a North American Union. There is a push to eliminate blue collar middle class jobs.

There is a push to make the American federal government less responsive to the American people and more responsive and in control of an elite international group, typified by the Davos Economic Forum.

George Soros does not want to help the little guy, but rather elites that want to control the little guy.

You should of heard Ted Kennedy this morning on the Cornyn Amendment. Kennedy wants as many "undocumented workers in the program". That's right program, To Democrats it's one big government program.

Democrats are selling out low wage, blue collar, and middle class citizens.

It looks like it could well make it through the Senate.

Make Senators who voted for this abomination pay for it with their jobs.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:53 AM,

Jeez Louis, is that the lastest talking points from the John Birch Society against immigration? Or did you and Bobkatt just make that all up yesterday? It is amazing the lofty garbage that comes out from the anti-immigration crowd. You all are sounding more and more like Mary Starrett everyday. A good start would be for you all to quit smoking the medical marijuana and start thinking clearly.

Anonymous said...

I loved it when Tom mentioned a time-out for legal immigration so the new immigrants can assimulate. Man, did the rest of the crowd, especally McCain piss their pants. After seeing Tuesday debate I sure won't vote for McCain, or the cross-dressing Guliani.

Anonymous said...

To anon1004am:
There is documented proof, maybe you should do some research. But that would be too hard, so keep closing your eyes.

You'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

Look at the Senate, do you think they are listening to the American people?

Rasmussan poll: 26 percent favor the Senate bill.

What do you think will happen to blue collar wages?

What do you think the NAFTA Superhighway is about?

What do you think the North American Co-Prosperity Sphere is about?

As opposed to name calling, come answer the charges.

But I know, name calling is alot easier than engaging in a fact based dicussion.

Trashing the messenger does nothing to refute the message.

Some people never learn that.

Rick Hickey said...

So now the Open Border few have advanced their Debate standards by using the word "Turd"?
U.S. Government Website on the North American Union; www.spp.gov
Statesman-Journal (6/6/07) today has Editorial by Charles Krauthamer that points out even N.Y. Times Poll put on last page(not front of course) that 69% want Illegals arrested & Deported.

RALLY this Friday @ Hwy. 22 (Mission st.) & Hawthorne (Costco), just West of I-5,
4:00 Salem.

Next Saturday, Portland, Sen. Smith Fundraiser, Boat Dock @ 4:00
YOU have the RIGHT to remind them.

Anonymous said...

Hickey: Unless you're willing to call foul on your own team, take the niceties somewhere else. I haven't seen you object when "rule of law" advocates hurl profanities at their opponents.

anon 322pm said...

To anon953,

Looks like your assertions have been answered and rejected. It must be embarrassing to make sweeping attacks on character, only have it put back at you.

You were wrong, but more important, why were you so quick to attack on an issue where there is so much evidence contradicting you?

Could it be your priciples of honesty are in short supply, or are you woefully ignorant and uninformed?

Let me know.