Friday, June 22, 2007

An exciting day

Make sure you tune into the Lars Larson show today to hear Senator Gordon Smith formally announce his LAWFUL WORKER TAX DEDUCTION ACT.

In a nutshell: Employers will no longer be able to claim a worker as a bussiness expense for tax deduction purposes if the employee doesn't have a matching name and social security number. (Hey, just like you can't claim a dependent on your tax return if they don't have a matching name and social security number, no brainer huh)

This will raise the cost of employing illegal aliens astronomically and will force employers to fire them. Without jobs the illegal aliens will, for the most part, be forced to go home.

This will not cost billions in tax dollars. It will not create new federal beauracracies. It will simply provide a self-enforcing way to follow the laws already on the books.

I'm excited to have a Senator from Oregon take this up. (note: it was originally Rep Steve King's idea and has been pushed hard by Lars Larson)

Special note: I know that many of you are signatories to the website. Those of you who have signed may receive an email from myself or Greg, once we have seen hard evidence that the senator is going to push this thing as hard as he can and not let it languish in some comittee or let it get amended six ways from Sunday, that will encourage you to once again support Gordon Smith.

Much in the way we need to punish our elected officials for bad votes, we do need to reward them for their good actions as well.


Anonymous said...

i have seen this type of thing before. All talk no action or no enforcement. I will believe it when is see the results. Till then no politician can be trusted.

R Huse said...

Well, there is one thing you can always have complete and absolute faith in when it comes to government - an unquenchable desire to extract more and more money from its subjects. One thing that I hope is incorporated into this bill is some sort of provision for employers to check an SS number and be held harmless until that check is completed. Absent that I can see this as a real neat way for government to milk employers who don't have the resources to conduct and follow up extensive background checks.

There might be other serious consequences to this bill. Whereas an illegal in the past could simply just make up an SS number and no one really cared, there will now be all that much more incentive to engage in identity theft should it pass. Of course identity theft goes on now, but I would expect it to sky rocket with passage of Smiths legislation.

This bill is probably an idea whose time has come, but nothing will ever be a substitute for actual enforcement of the law by immigration authorities.

Anonymous said...

Comprehensive immigration reform is not needed. Enforce our existing laws! Approve and pass this bill. Allow our local and state law enforcement to do their jobs as well. Continue the raids!

Anonymous said...

Lets hide and watch.

But then, isn't that what most men do today anyway.

an american said...

It's good that Senator Smith is on the record.

Congratulations are in order for all the readers of this blog and other folks across Oregon who called, e-mailed, and faxed Senator Smith.

Undoubtedly, Senator Smith came around because of all the "feedback" he recieved in the last 3 or 4 weeks.

This is a tremendous victory, although I agree with those who say "I won't believe it until I see concrete action on the Senate Floor."

This is a first step.

Let's listen to what Senator Smith says today.

And see what Senator Smith does in the coming days and weeks.

Another victory to report is the announcement by Texas Republican, U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson that she will vote against cloture, and considers the Senate immigration bill "amnesty".

We need to keep reminding other United States Senators who they work for and who voted them into office AND can vote them out of office.

We can win this battle.

Anonymous said...

He offered nothing...absolutely nothing. What a disappointment. Lars Larson did nothing. He didn't even hold Gordo's feet to the fire. Boooooo

skeptical in Dallas said...

The Senator knows not of which he speaks . There is in existance a system established by the social security administration to check names and ssn #,s . They can check up to 250,000 overnight . the lazy ass employeer only has to put in the info provided by the prospective employee!

a patriot said...

I agree, the interview was rather limp from both sides.

In regards to the proposed bill, it seems to be both a fig leaf and a bone.

A fig leaf to make Smith look tough when his record has been weak.

A bone to Larson to buy off his punishing criticism.

Although in an effort to be fair to Smith, let me say Smith was reflecting political reality in the U.S. Senate: Smith's bill doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. Too bad, it's a good concept.

So I go back to my description of Smith's bill as a fig leaf and throwing a bone to Larson.

I think the bone component is bigger in Smith's political calculation. Larson has been hammering Smith and the good Senator wants Larson off his back.

The real issue is how hard Smith fights against the Senate immigration bill before cloture and after if the bill survives.

In listening to the interview, Smith was mulish and grudging in his various admissions to Larson.

Again, the mulish responses to Larson's questions make me question Smith's commitment.

This was a step back from Smith's previous Radio interview with Larson.

I called Smith's office yesterday to ask his position on the Senate immigration bill and they couldn't tell me what Smith's position is, NOT a good sign.

Smith needs to be watched closely to see if he really fights this amnesty bill.

RINO WATCH said...

Sorry Gordo, You didn't fool me.

The guy comes on Lars without a co-sponsor to his "bill" (no bill number) that took too long to "draft".

Gordo knows the size & scope of Lars' audience and that Conservatives are very upset with him on several important issues.

All his "draft" bill is -- is Smoke & Mirrors Gordo...What a smooth talking Politician.....

a patriot said...

Smith's proposed bill would only have a chance, if any at all, to pass after the present Senate immigration bill is dead and burried.

There is a true Enforcement First bill in the U.S. House, recently proposed and introduced by Represenitive Peter King of New York with other co-sponsors.

This is a third choice as opposed to President Bush's Hobbsian and false choice of Amnesty or do nothing.

Smith's proposed bill will only be attractive after the Bush-Kennedy bill has been defeated. Smith's bill is compatible with Rep. King's Enforcement First bill.

America needs to have an enforcement bill introduced and VOTED on in The United States Senate.

The Senators need to be on record with regards to an Enforcement First bill.

Anonymous said...

Impressive banter boys! Where's the young opposition? Not so well schooled in politics..?

Guess it's more fun to perform in public than to do their homework! ...Or an opportunity to get out of their parent's basements~

Roger Doger said...

Bwah ha ha ha!!! Lars was estatic yesterday as though somehow Smith was going to introduce a sweeping bill that would force every single Latino from U.S. Airspace. Boy, o'boy was Lars caught holding the bag for his minuteclan darlings today.
Smith not only didn't introduce anything, he downgraded it with a big "if only it had a chance, boy what I could do". Smith topped it all off with no committment to voting against cloture or the current bill, leaving Lars not knowing weather to _____ or go blind. Lars, old boy, you are the douche of the week.

Roger Doger

Anonymous said...

I know Oregon has very few conservative outlets, thus, everyone gravitates to Lars, but it is time to face the facts; Lars is a neo-con.