Friday, June 29, 2007

The day after

I know that there may be some confusion amongst the illegal alien population, especially the fresh arrivals who were lured by Bush's promise of amnesty, about what really happened yesterday in the senate.

Let me give you the easy answer in a visual depiction:

And for those of us who put so much pressure on the senators to reject amnesty: it's now time to put pressure on ICE to continue their raids and deportations. Take back the workplace for Americans!


Anonymous said...


You screwed up!! Not Yours and Yours is written in english. They still won't understand.


time to put up or shut up said...

Daniel, since you are so dedicated to the rule of law, which I'm sure you apply without special regard to race or nationality, will you now urge your readers and fellow OFIR friends to call the White House, to fax them, to email them, and demand that they respond to the Senate Judiciary Committee's subpoenas regarding the administration's program of warrantless domestic eavesdropping? The White House doesn't seem inclined to follow the law in this matter ... will you actively demand that they obey the law?

Scottiebill said...

Taliban Tommy said yesterday, after the Senate tossed out the illegal amnesty bill, that ICE was enforcing "bad law", implying that "bad laws" should not be enforced. Ol' Taliban Tommy should then issue a statement which "bad laws" he doesn't want enforced. Then whenever we all get into Portland, we can break those laws without fear of arrest. Remember, Ol'Taliban breaks certain laws every time he rides with the Critical Mass gang in downtown Polrland on Friday evenings.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, is it not?

shoving it down your throat said...

To Time to put up or shut up:
The president should come forward with information, agreed.

But it wasn't Daniel who has been whoring with Bush, that would be the Senate Democratic Leadership: Majority Leader Harry Reid(D-Nev.), Teddy Kennedy(D-Mass.), and Assistant Majority Leader
Dick Durbin(D-Ill.). Throw in Obomma and Clinton and you have the whole Democratic cabal.

Where was their concern for blue collar working folks? Nowhere.

What a bunch of hypocritical assholes.

: JustaDog said...

Don't hold your breath for many more ICE raids or penalties for companies hiring illegals.

It was all a sham to give the illusion that the federal government cared about law enforcement - for the sole purpose of diluting the minds of Americans that the socialist amnesty bill would be a good thing.

Besides, where's that fence they promised us?

Chris said...

Illegal aliens come from other places besides mexico, you know...

But I like the premise.

Anonymous said...

Word is Taliban Tommy was Booed at the Blazer Bash in Pioneer Square today.

Anybody know what the Booing was for?

Jim Ludwick said...


As always you bring a smile to my face. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim, a longtime ‘local’ admirer here. It's great to be hearing you quoted on the likes of OPB radio! Though for them, it’s too little, too late. Today I sent my 'formal' notice removing them from our Will (can you believe that?) and dropping my 28 year no-stop membership. KBOO radio lost the same (short of the Will).

A longtime active Democrat (in a red county), this issue's shown me a side to the progressive’s I'd never noticed; it's caused me to reconsider all such affiliations and question their stance every issue. And, you won't see me manning our booth this year -- surrounded by glossy handouts of Wyden & Wu - in two languages~

Thoughtlessly aligning themselves with Illegal Aliens, greedy Social Service providers and Radical inner-city freaks has shaken my party as much as 'yours' (if politely). So let me give a massive THANKS to you, Daniel, our local Minutemen and OFIR -- the one organization we're eager to pay our dues!

Anonymous said...

SOME MORES FACTS FOR THE don't beleive any Facts open border commies...Thursday, June 28, 2007
Scott Rasmussen’s first law of politics is that America’s politicians aren’t nearly as important as they think they are. That law was clearly demonstrated earlier today when the United States Senate finally surrendered to the American people on immigration. Politicians may make things messy for a while, but over the long haul it is the American people who determine the nation’s fundamental policies.

The final Rasmussen Reports national telephone poll before the vote found that just 22% of Americans supported the legislation. No amount of Presidential persuasion, Senate logrolling, and procedural tricks was able to overcome that solid bi-partisan lack of public support (although it’s breathtaking to consider how close a determined leadership could come to passing such an unpopular bill).

The real mystery in all of this is why the Senators and their cheerleaders didn’t anticipate the public response. Perhaps they fell in love with their own rhetoric and forgot how it might sound to others.

Near the end of the debate, supporters of the doomed legislation often stated that the status quo is unacceptable. Most Americans would agree on that point. In fact, they might even hold that feeling more strongly than the Grand Bargainers of the Senate--72% of American voters believe it’s Very Important to reduce illegal immigration and enforce the borders. But controlling the border was never a focal point of the Senate debate. Instead, the Senators spent most of the time debating the fine points of various approaches to legalizing those who are here illegally. For voters, those topics were definitely a second-or-third tier aspect of the issue.

Because the Senators and the White House never showed much enthusiasm for reducing illegal immigration, only 16% believed the Senate bill would accomplish that goal. Forty-one percent (41%) thought passage of the legislation would actually lead to more illegal immigration. In other words, even though voters consider the status quo unacceptable, they had every confidence that Congress could make a bad situation worse.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of this basic fact. Outside of 46 Senators, hardly anybody thought the legislation would work.

Anonymous said...

Just because we don't massively parade in the streets...we take to the phones & shut down the receptor lines! Americans take it right to the base of operations! Way to go!

Tom Chambers of PDX said...

Hey anonymouse 9:59, at least have the guts to use your name if you are a cross over. After all, if the Democrats have betrayed you so, lend some credance to your claim by letting them and us know who you are. I suspect you are just another anti-immigrant piece of trash that frequents this blog and nothing more. Trying to make us think you're are something you are not while giving props to a bigotted old kook is just laughable. Get a life...

Anonymous said...

9:59 here:

Tommy Taliban -- zat you? My name's obviously a fair amount more valuable than yours; but when you see me wearing a mask at the next rally - you can challenge my guts!

I remain a Democrat, and throughout this fiasco that's who I've spoken to. Just cause the Right’s finally got one ‘right’ doesn’t mean I'm abandoning my principals and concerns - it only means I've the guts and integrity to acknowledge their wisdom.

You may "suspect" a lot of things, and being you're on the wrong side of this issue you may want to lie lower yourself (chuckling over here...). My credentials are solid, but I've my suspicion of yours… Which of the big-3 are you: Illegal Alien, greedy Social Service provider, or Radical inner-city freak? I’ll take a stab - Freak!

Yah, I'm likely your worst nightmare - an awoken Liberal! Get used to it - I've a secrete cadre of my own, and we're sick & tired of being linked to crap like you...

Anonymous said...

Ol' Taliban Tommy should then issue a statement which "bad laws" he doesn't want enforced.

How is this any different from Dick Cheney deciding which laws, and which parts of the Constitution, he will obey?

BEAR said...

hey, anon 8:44, you're just a pretend anti-American forgot to mumble something about Haliburton.....sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Address the inconsistency, or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Taliban -- zat you?...

The rat is out of the bag there Anon 5:14. An "awkone liberal" that uses the language of the far right. You are a complete sham--get off it.

Anonymous said...

Washington Times
Bush urged to fund security
Democrats and Republicans who blocked the Senate immigration bill this week say it's now time to focus on immigration law enforcement, and say President Bush should still find a way to pump $4.4 billion he promised into border security. -- "There is a consensus that we must secure our borders and enforce our laws..."

Anonymous said...

Still fishin? You're gonna have to get up before 10:38 AM to catch me! I use the language of my hometown - Portland Oregon. Pre-Taliban, Tom.

Yah, I can see you're in dire need of a whipping boy, but I suggest you save your allowance to backfill my KBOO / OPB withdraws! They'll soon learn the sham I am!

PS: what have you done for the Democrat Party lately? ...Oh, that's right - we're "Just as bad as the Republican’s!" All I can say is you'd best hope we never join forces - or we'll deport you, too! ...and thanks for the laugh - the yokes on you~

Anonymous said...

Well I head today that this amnesty bill was george jrs last chance at leaving a "legacy". Now watch the last year of that tools presidency crash further into mediocracy. The only thing that should happen is for us to laugh at him and hope that someone will have to balls to say in public that he needs to be brought up on murder charges for each of the American lives lost in Iraq. That will be true JUSTICE.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
3:18 PM

The only thing that should happen is for us to laugh at him and hope that someone will have to balls to say in public that he needs to be brought up on murder charges for each of the American lives lost in Iraq. That will be true JUSTICE.

Also, he should be charged with the murders of all American citizens committed by illegal alien invaders.. the illegal aliens take more American lives in a year, than we have lost in the entire Iraq war

blue man said...

...the illegal aliens take more American lives in a year, than we have lost in the entire Iraq war.

Statistics for 2005 from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program show:

-- An estimated 16,692 murders nationwide.

As of today, casualties in Iraq stand at 3,569, a figure equal to 21 percent of the estimated number of murders in the U.S. in 2005.

So, to just address the most glaring of the many outrageous assumptions that are built in to your statement, please indulge us:

Demonstrate, with fact and not speculation, that at least 3,570 people in the United States were killed by illegal immigrants in 2005.

Demonstrate, in other words, that more than a fifth of all murders in the United States during that one-year time period, the latest for which official statistics are available, were committed by illegal immigrants.

bullshit police said...

Anon 9:29's declaration that "illegal aliens take more American lives in a year than we have lost in the entire Iraq war" is so insanely ridiculous that it flies in the face of even the abysmally low standards for accuracy one would expect on Daniel's Miglavs blog. If he wants to retain a shred of credibility, he ought to say so in order to demonstrate that he hasn't completely gone off the deep end. Silence = complicity and agreement.

Another way to look at it, using those same numbers, which are available at the FBI web site, using the same year:

Let's give Anon 9:29 a benefit of the doubt he hardly deserves, just for the sake of argument. Let's say that ALL of the 299 "race unknown" offenders that in the breakdown by race are Latino.

If you use the same proportions that apply to the whole -- 32 percent of the estimated 16,692 offenders are white, 37 percent are black, etc., then take the remaining 4,899 whose race is "unknown" and apply the same proportions there, once eliminating blacks and whites, you're left with 1,520 offenders.

Any sane person who knows anything about the demographics of the United States that among those 1,520 people, only some of them will be the Latinos who make up virtually all of the “aliens” Miglavs howls about. Daily. For starters, there will be Asians. But let’s just assume, for the sake of argument, that they’re ALL Latino.

And even though it can’t possibly be a fact, let’s EVEN assume that they’re all “illegal aliens,” and add them to the 299 offenders we know are white or black. The grand total is 1,819.

So here is how 9:29’s theory applies to the year 2005:

At least 3,570 people in the United States were murdered by 1,819 “illegal aliens.”

My response?

Give me a fucking break.

Skeptial in Dallas said...

What about the people killed by illegal alien drunk drivers each week . 9:18 said killed, not murdered. What about those who die from illegal drugs supplied by illegal aliens Aren't those people just as dead ,and one way or the other they are by illegal aliens hands.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

KILLED by Illegal Aliens? Let me add; and you can Google U.S. House member Steven King, it is on his website, DOCUMENTED info from the FED's.

All of your Math didn't correctly calculate the huge over-representation of Crimes (many resulting in the DEATH of some Innocent)by Latino's of which Pew Research says are 85% of the Illegals here, ONE in TWO Mexican Nationals are Illegal per Pew & Bear-Stearns Research.

Buy the paper version of the Statseman-Journal and read the Police & D.U.I. reports.

Maybe then you will understand that it is NOT a Racial thing, just a Cultural Fact.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people coming here are good.

But if there are only 12 Million Illeglas and if only 10% (normal numbers for any population) are BAD GUYS, that is 1.2 Million BAD GUYS!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes the time to seriously examine how Steven King calculated his "information" will realize that he has his head buried deeply in his racist ass.

time to put up or shut up said...

... and once again, Daniel Miglavs refuses to answer the question, and moves on.

Time to die, put up/shut up said...

To the guy above me:

The question already has been answered.

Drunk Drivings, rape/kills, fresh murders, GANG VIOLENCE BY MS-13 AND OTHERS.

Go get sodomized by a newt, dead man.