Monday, June 11, 2007

So sick of this

I started a long post but deleted it. I don't know what to say anymore. This country has gone crazy. I can't say anything good about Bush at this point. And don't give me the whole "war on terror" thing because you can't protect this country while having wide open borders where terrorists can just walk in.

Our danger isn't so much from a nation-state that we could turn into a parking lot tommorrow, it's from people who would surreptitiously operating to kill Americans in this country.

And Chertoff, the man in charge of security, is spending his time trying to convince us, the dummy citizens who seem to have gotten in the way of our grand master's plan, that illegal aliens are great, amnesty is great and we will solve the problem of illegal immigration by making it legal and calling it a "guest worker" program.

Our president doesn't care about the law, our congress doesn't seem to care about the law, our governor doesn't care about the law, our legislature doesn't care about the law and our state police don't care about the law.

(Hey state trooper Jose Cortez, I look forward to you being asked in court whether you have ever committed perjury. (try this) I hope that no judge in the state will allow you to testify in their courts over this.)


bear's anti said...

"Our danger isn't so much from a nation-state that we could turn into a parking lot tommorrow..."

Examine this statement carefully, Daniel, and you will find the erronious nature of your philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Try this:

Its a sure cure!

in opposition/solidarity said...

Let's face it: Amnesty (whether it's called that or not) will be approved. Ultimately, it will. And even if it isn't, any -- and I mean absolutely ANY -- immigration reform package that passes both chambers of Congress and is signed into law, will leave you pissed off and alienated. Your solution? Beating the drum for Tancredo, a fascist extremist who polls around 1 percent. He cannot be elected, and he will not ever be elected. The only way you'd ever achieve what you think you want to achieve is martial law under a dictatorship ... and I know you don't want that, either.

I feel for you, pal. Honestly. Disagree with 99 percent of what you say, but you're in a political dead-end. Where do you go from here? What's next?

I think you're smarter than the positions you've gravitated to, I really do. I think you might actually figure it out, someday.

I hope you do. Good luck.

Did this fact slip by your mind said...


I think that you are forgetting something, Jose Cortez is an American Citizen so he does meet the criteria for being an Oregon State police officer.

Anonymous said...

I actually think things on our side right now Daniel. The senators are getting slammed with calls/emails, that slant heavily towards our side. Eventually Bush will get the message, or maybe not, when his approval rating is at 20%.

Even the hardcore liberals like some of my family members probably dislike illegal immigration in their hearts, but cannot speak out due to their alliegance to PC. I do not think any amnesty will pass before the next election, and hopefully we will have a patriot in charge who will veto any such crap and who will close the border.

Anonymous said...

Funny part in this all, Jose Cortez is a Oregon State Trooper. Daniel Miglavs can never be a Oregon State Trooper. I sense some jelousy.

cincinatus said...

This is an elite bill. No doubt the inside the beltway crowd was stunned by the bill's defeat.

The Wahington elite took it on the chin.

So used to getting their way, they all conveyed a sense of arrogant disbelief.

This attitude was evident this weekend, hearing the main stream media lament the defeat of the bill. Asking what happened, who was to blame for the "collapse" of this bill, seemingly with long faces.

As if anybody was to blame.

Congradulations are more in order.

Actually it was a great victory.

Yes, blame the American People for fighting to save our American Republic.

They e-mailed, telephoned, and faxed their outrage to the Senate.

I actually heard one or two of them say the people against the bill "don't get it."

Bush and the elite are playing with fire and their political survival.

The American People have already said "NO", if we have to say "HELL NO" there will be hell to pay, but it won't be by the American People, I guarantee you.

The Washington elite will pay the price of their arrogance in spades.

The American People want the law enforced, but the elite have the gall to say if no legislation is passed, they won't enforce the law.

This is treasonous.

Watch out all you "Four Leggs Good, Two Leggs Better" Washington insiders.

'Cause when the American People are strirred to action, no one, not even the elite can stop their righteous might.

It'll be a "Tar and Feathering" like you've never seen.

The Washington elite are on barrowed time.

Don't make Americans say "NO" twice, unless you have a political death wish.

Will the elite pull their heads out of their asses before it's too late?

Anonymous said...

The senators are getting slammed with calls/emails, that slant heavily towards our side ...

Yeah, with 95 percent of the calls coming from one half of one percent of the Republican party.

Anonymous said...

To anon719am:

Wishful thinking on your part.

The Rasmuson Poll: 23 percent of the American People are for the Senate immigration bill.

Even the ballyhooed New York Times Poll on the back page found 63 percent of Americans want illegal aliens deported.

These are the facts: So, anon719am, you look absolutely silly or disconnected from reality.

So keep drinking whatever flavored Kool-Aid you're swallowing these days.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I was wrong.

The New York Times Poll found 69 percent of Americans want illegal aliens prosecuted and deported.

Take that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Yup, take it from a fresh X-Liberal who's withheld funding from Portland's KBOO (radical radio); pulled funding (as of yesterday) from OPB / PBS, will not participate in Democratic Party booths or fair events, and (if he stays true) may be voting for Gordon Smith in 08!

I've gone from ignoring illegal immigration, to groping for an 'intellectual' legitimacy; to absolute disgust as I've watched it cut American wages & jobs while eating up our dwindling social services - services paid for by those former Americans.

I cringe at the right-wing rants around here -- but I'm just now reconsidering my take on EVERY other issue - due to the Left's mistaken case for open borders and unlimited legal / semi-legal and downright illegal 'immigration.' And I guarantee you "Pal" - when your side starts losing the caliber of me and mine -- you're in deep trouble!

barney said...

Bush is ready to reap the whirlwind.

Robert L said...

As for security of our borders to prevent the infilitration of terrorists... who is in favor of a fence along the Canadian border?