Thursday, June 28, 2007

No mas amnesty

A very heartfelt thank you to Bush, Kennedy, McCain, Rove, et al that helped push this issue of illegal aliens to the forefront. Your amnesty was doomed the minute the public became aware of your traitorous actions. We spoke loudly and even though you are removed from us, from normal life even, surrounded by staffers that we pay for, taking trips that we pay for, lounging in offices that we pay for, you had to listen to the people.

And to my illegal aliens friends. Leave now. You will not get amnesty. Yourcrimes will not be rewarded, excused or forgotten. Life is only going to get more uncomfortable for you. Go back home. The rule of law does still mean something in this country. You can't buy your way out of punishment here... this isn't Mexico.

Oh, and to the boys at PCUN, CAUSA, MeChA, etc: picture my smiling face.


Fundy said...

Make that two smiling faces to think about!

BEAR said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chico, don't get discouraged -- the man he ain't so hard to understand. Just get your illegal butt back across the border, and a new day will dawn for Chico and the man.

Douglass said...

No more amnesty? What we have now is amnesty, you stupid hick. Anyways, I am glad the bill failed. It is just another day of open borders. Like my friend Phil says, "cause it's another day for you and me in paradise....Oh I love it. Come all my Latino brothers and sisters, flood across the borders. Now, picture my smiling face.

Rick Hickey said...

WOW! the been there way too long Senators actually listened to the people they represent-Americans!

Democrats of Oregon hoped Amnesty would pass so they did nothing on this, they were wrong and based on calls to the State Capitol today, they are in fear of losing their JOBS! GOOD! WE will remember them next year, I will make sure of it.

Open Border people-I.C.E. Employer RAIDS and Enforcement will be even MORE COMMON NOW! It is the only way we will ever buy into an immigration reform bill, so...Be forced to leave, without your stuff, OR...leave on your own, take your new SUV (can't repo internationally) SELL IT at your real home and you too can live like a 3rd world Dictator in your own country.

There should be NO doubt, America has told the Congress LOUD & CLEAR-SECURE the BORDER & ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS NOW!
They will, they want to keep their cushy job.

DANIEL & OFIR, YOU DID make a difference & 77,000 + New Faxers @ numbers usa just since June 1st, for a total of almost 1/2 million active faxers helped much!

ps, We will be Voting on English Immersion & 3 more Ballot measures!

Anonymous said...

And lets have an English Only Government.

If you can't speak to the Police Officer then you better hire help and fast.

Pack sand GW!

Daniel said...

We have ballot measures, we have ICE raids, we have citizens who will be less tolerant of Spanish at the place they do bussiness with.

Rest assured, it will not be fun to be an illegal alien in the coming months!

Anonymous said...

... and I'll be clippin' and savin' your post, and look forward to re-posting it when amnesty is passed and democratic rights are enjoyed by all. You won a battle. You haven't won the war. Not that I'd expect you to know the difference, but anyway ...

Keep smiling!

the bullshit police said...

The rule of law does still mean something in this country ...

You're obviously not paying attention to our newly- and self-annointed fourth branch of government. I assume now that you've won a victory against the brown hordes, we can expect you to direct your "rule of law" drumbeat against Dick Cheney, correct?

I look forward to seeing how you apply your alleged passion for the "rule of law" to the present situation.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, this is my new chant for use at future rallies against illegal immigration. The other side has their chants so here is one for us:

La Migra, La Migra
No Amnestia

repeat as necessary

Anonymous said...

I agree, apply the law to the Bush administration. The American people want the law applied to the government, at the border and at the work place.

The American people have seperated form Bush and I don't see anybody here protecting the Bush administration.

Liberation fosters great clarity.

Clarity says the Bush administration must enforce the law and respect the law or suffer the consequences.

This presidency is dancing on the edge of thin ice.

Yes, hold the Bush administration to their oath to enforce the law.


Anonymous said...

When they’re raiding Little Beirut, they’re on the march! More ICE please!

Things are definitely a changin; America's woke up to this invasion. The national conversation’s caused neighbors to discuss something that up until now has been too P-C to mention. Everyone’s scrutinizing these invaders - and their twisted enablers. America’s been reminded we paid heavy for our immigration laws in 86, but as the Stale Del Monte raid proved – they work!

So keep breast-feeding illegals my radical socialist misfits … and Daniel - add me to your growing list of celebrants!!

Robin said...

I heard excerpts of Kennedy's speech today on the radio, and one of his arguments which really annoyed me was "... and people should not live in fear..." referring to the illegal aliens.

and I have to relate it to the burglar who also lives in fear of being captured because currently it is still illegal to break into somebody's house.

what's the difference?

if the illegal aliens get amnesty because they been here for a long time e.g. they have not been caught... and wouldn't that set a precedent for other crimes in the United States.

I think the message that it would send is if you can go for years without being caught, it's OK you'll be forgiven.

Calhoun said...

If Congress is now listening to us, there's an important matter they need to take care of.

Amend our Constitution to eliminate automatic citizenship.

End the whole anchor baby game.

Anonymous said...

Hey Calhoun,

We don’t need to amend the Constitution. The fourteenth amendment has been misinterpreted for way too long. Section 1 states; “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” The correct interpretation is that a person born in the United States to criminal aliens is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and therefore not a citizen. This is simple common sense which means the Hate-America crowd won’t understand.

Anonymous said...

I don't see anybody here protecting the Bush administration.

Then look closer ...

Go through Daniel's archives. How many times has he frantically called upon his troops to bury congressmen with faxes, emails and phone calls, demanding that they do this or that with regard to illegal immigration? How many times have they hit the streets with their signs, expressing their views on "rule of law" with regard to its application to immigration?

Now ask: How many times has Daniel urged his buddies to fax, email and call the White House demanding that they turn over documents to a prosecutor? How many times has he done the same to urge Congress to open impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney, for any number of constitutional transgressions? How many times has he urged everyone to send money to a legal organization that is attempting to build a case against Bush and Cheney for war crimes?

Anonymous said...

What does all this say about Bush?

His is a Potempkin Presidentcy where all is a false front, covering a rotten core.

Deception and manipulation are it's hallmarks.

What a Legacy.

time to die, everyone said...

I think we need to start sending down people to kill border crossers.

Take their bodies, autopsy them, then sell their organs for donations.

12 million are here already, after they lose a million, let them go back in fear.

Oh...wait...that already happens in the Abortion industry.

Liberals should love the plan.

Anonymous said...

If life begins at conception, why don't we celebrate our conception day, instead of our birthday?

Why can't a person register to vote 18 years after conception? Why can't a person legally drink 21 years after conception?

Why don't righties protest down in Chinatown when people speak Chinese instead of English?

Why don't righties fly to Frankfurt and protest the use of English in the German airport?

Why don't righties demand the impeachment of George W. Bush, who admits that he plans to break the law with every "signing statement"?

Just wondering....