Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today's protest: a moonbat's perspective

Portland City Hall Photo's / pro immigration Rally 6/20/07
Most crime in America is created by Corporations. Coorprate greed/fraud and the rich not paying a living wage to most of America's workers. Which in return, causes outsourcing of Huge production Company's.

Canning Veggies is not a crime !! and the persons canning them should never be treated as crimnals.

Besides being legally innacurate on the definintion of "crime" this shows you the mindset of the "legalize them" crowd. (wait a minute, if they aren't commiting crimes then why do they need amnesty?)


potter supporter said... Oregonians Against Immigrants were outnumbered today. If it weren't for the Washington minuetklan coming down to help out, it would have been Rick Hickey and a couple ill-iterate old ladies holding signs. Straight up funny.

reality check said...

American immigration law has not kept pace with the realities of American life. When society comes to grips with the problem of laws lagging behind society's natural development, laws are changed, people adjust, and life goes on. It is time to do so again. Amnesty ought to be granted, and Daniel Miglavs needs to get over it.

Anonymous said...

If you were to spend a few hours most any evening or afternoon at the intersection of SW Garden Home Road and SW Multnomah Blvd. (the Dairy Queen) you would most likely never see an Illegal Alien, ever.

This is true in most parts of inner East side as well as SW, NW
and NE areas of Portland.

Yes, they are visible as they ride around from one landscape job to another, but that's about it. Poof, they return to Hillsboro, Gresham or Canby by nightfall.

Its Gringos everywhere and for those who never venture far away from their job and homes in the area except to travel the freeway to other cities, there is no Illegal Alien problem to be seen.

It only makes sense as I don't ever see any gang problems at the Lloyd Center, but then, I never go there.

What Rose Parade? I haven't seen one in 15 years so I assume they are not popular or don't exist, right?

Anonymous said...

‘Teater’ stopped 'reporting' and began commentating PDQ! And since when is illegally crossing into a sovereign nation, lying about your status, using false ID and displacing American workers 'not a crime?'

Such Enablers pollute my home town! They're attempting to extend a PC mindset that includes rewarding job theft and theft of social services. Have they no concern for the victims of this crime? They'll reward sweat-shop corporations and illegal infiltration over the jobs, dignity and rights of their own neighbors?

Note to Enablers: migrants are no longer migratory - they are demanding permanence; their permanence comes at the expense of those already here. If you've a drop of decency you'd look out for own. ...unless you're into self-loathing.

Anonymous said...

America's Blacks are those who have lost the most to Illegal Aliens and I suspect will be the first to start taking revenge.

But the, perhaps they already did some revenging on Juneteenth.

We never hear the Politicos crying for their kids that get shut out of entry level jobs.

What a swell party it is!

Anonymous said...

Miglavs, you're going to have to accept the fact that the United States is increasingly becoming like the rest of the entire world, (and, in fact, like heavily urban areas of the United States) in that not everyone you see when you walk down the street will be the same color as you, they may not speak the same language as you, and they may not have the same family and religious customs as you.

The horror! Grow up and deal with it, asshole.

Anonymous said...

to potter supporter: from what I saw on the news, it looked like the majority of your group were the anarchists. You know, those trouble-makers who have to hide their faces. But that doesn't surprise me. They'll use any excuse to cause trouble. If I were you or Potter, I'd be ashamed to have animals like that on my side. Yeah, straight up funny!!

anti-minuteclan man said...

Oregonians For Immigration Reform and their carpetbagging buddies from Washington State learned today that people stand up for what is just. They don't sit back and let a group of racist, anti-american, scum spread their hate unchallenged. Way to put the minuteclan in their place Portland!

Scott said...

I was down there taking photos today and it was vary interesting to see the minutmen standing (peacefully) next to the one world (no boarders) crowd.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank OFIR and the Minutemen (OR & WA) for standing up for me today; I couldn't be there. But you were - and I thank you!

At a prior protest I, too, met the Anarchist element {Funny, had it gotten dark they'd have had a hard time controlling their urge to overturn police cars!}. But as a Democrat, I'd like to remind others that I was personally told by a "Freedom Socialist" party member that we're as "dirty as the Republicans." He didn't say it too loud, but it moved me.

If the pro-illegal's are Portland's most radical elements, who are their constituents? Who, other than illegal aliens do they speak for? At least Potter can claim to speak for citizens (until the next election). Fellow Dems, we're carrying a lot of water for some very nasty people on this issue... I recommend we wake up - and speak up!

fighter said...

I was there. It was peaceful, with a few loud voices(including mine), and a few discussions.

It was hard to measure the numbers, but the "thankyou Mayor Potter" crowd got the nod.

But where the "welcome back Potter" types couldn't compete was intellectually. I entertained discussions, but they never had an answer, other than "We are all humans."

The open borders crowd certainly didn't have an answer for the $7/hour wages, not even minimum wage, and three inches of water on the floor with electrical cords sitting in the water.

Questions were asked by the press: Why do people feel so strongly about the issue?

The Rule of Law, Sovereignty, and Equality of Citizenship are eccential elements of American Civilization.

The Rule of Law is the bedrock foundation to which the Republic was made on and has prospered.

Sovereignty has always been guarded zealously and protects our rights as Americans to control our own destiny.

Equality of Citizenship is the seminal idea that seperates America from the rest and for which we have shed much blood.

The Senate Amnesty Act of 2007 threatens all three of these vital component ideas of American Civilization.

Why we fight, that's easy: to protect and serve these ideals and our fellow Americans which in turn have served and protected America to the point of being the greatest nation on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Very simple question: Why did so many of the OFIR members held sign with obvious mispellings? These people are the same ones advocating for English-only laws yet their punctuation is horrible.

NWCU said...
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Anonymous said...

It's one thing to spell a word incorrectly while you're angrily pounding away at the keyboard; it's quite another to have the time to MAKE a sign, pick up a pen, and write a simple phrase on it.

If you guys are so hot about getting others to learn the English language, learn it yourselves first.

NWCU said...

I have a take on this you might enjoy!

Scottiebill said...

Did anyone notice that Taliban Tommy wasn't in town during the protest at City Hall yesterday? He was off hiding in Washington D.C. Does anyone wonder if this trip out of town was planned to avoid the protest against him and his idiotic remarks?

To Anon 12:54: Will Rogers once said, "I am not a member of any organized political party. I'm a Democrat." That statement was true back 80 years ago in his day. It is even more true today.

R Huse said...

You know, at some point you really have to wonder about the pro illegals crowd. Do they really care about these people?

Its hard to see how given the lack of consistency in their argument. These are the same people who laud Cuba, and didn't raise a peep when the rules were changed regarding picking up those fleeing that country when found in open water. Where was their concern for those who were fleeing obvious tyranny then?

That given, one then has to ask if they really are motivated by combating racism on the oppositions part. Hard to give much credence to that since the racism displayed in various pro illegal marches and by their supporters is never really challenged by these people.

One has to conclude at the end of the day that they are motivated less by wanting to help the illegals and more by self interest. The desire to feel morally superior by taking any opportunity to call someone else a racist. Self aggrandizement through endless moral preaching from a pulpit of hypocrisy. Its loathsome. One would have thought that with the death of Jerry Falwell these people would have reflected on that. His tradition lives on in them - "We're morally superior and we don't care who we slander to establish that, nor will we accept any blame for those on our side who are guilty of far worse crimes".

Ex-Republican said...

To Anon 12:54: Will Rogers once said, "I am not a member of any organized political party. I'm a Democrat." That statement was true back 80 years ago in his day. It is even more true today.

Hey Scottie-shill,

Then the GOP must have decided to adopt it as part of their strategy because they can't seem to get organized to do anything productive. Anything that is legal anyways. Defrauding America, terrorizing families and molesting children, well that is a different story. They are well organized for that.

Anonymous said...

R Huse said...

You know, at some point you really have to wonder about the pro illegals crowd. Do they really care about these people?


The pink hand only cares about destoying America.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel... I see you're attracting a large number of far-left degenerates to your website. Keep up the good work and the same goes for OFIR and the Minutemen!

-Retired CPO-

Anonymous said...

Dear Retired Sir:

I don't think one must be a "far left degenerate" to simply observe the simple fact that members of OFIR shamelessly stand in public holding signs of their own making with obviously misspelled words ... and to wonder what that portends. I might be on the left and be amused by it, or I might be a Republican -- one with brains, who is embarrassed by it.

a fighter said...

To anon 944pm:

You certainly could be a Republican, There are Republicans that are O.K. with 7 bucks an hour (illegal) and workers standing in cold water three inches deep with electrical wires sitting in the water (criminal).

Yes there are Republicans who have no attachment to the founding principles of the Party of Lincoln, of individual worth with all men being entitled to the fruits of their labor.

These Republicans entertain a cruel vision of a barbarous America where our highest ideals are trampled underfoot by a vain chase for cheap labor over the dignity of the human spirit.

The Del Monte wage and working conditions are testimony and example of the cruel vision you and others entertain for the future of America.

Patriots know your false vision is the death of the American Republic and the birth of an empire of cruelty destined for bitter destruction as all empires down through history.

True patriots love America and the principles Our Republic was founded on.

Anonymous said...

a fighter:

You forgot to add Ron Paul!!1!