Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It will be nice to see it die

I made my phone calls/sent my faxes/emails for today. (praising Smith and scolding Wyden) Now all I can do is watch the cloture vote tommorrow and laugh as this horrible amnesty bill dies a slow painful death while the whole country watches.

Please register your opinion with your senators before tommorrow. When this bill goes away I'm going to give a heartfelt thank you to the sell-out America crowd for bringing this amnesty forward and drawing attention to this huge problem. Now that you loser took your shot at spitting in the face of Americans it will be our turn to make something happen.


Anonymous said...

Done. I called every Senator on the fence telling them to pass the Bill. I also emailed my company list of 377 employees telling them to do the same.

Interestingly enough my child brought home a flier from school that gave 10 reasons that Comprehensive Immigration Reform should pass and urging people to call their senator. I was pleased to see that.

With the 64 votes to reopen debate, I wouldn't be so sure that the bill is gonna fail. We will all see in the morning...

Anonymous said...

anonymous 7:18 pm - how many of the 377 employees on your company list are illegals?

Isn't school out for the summer? Is it legal/ethical for a school to send crap home with kids campaigning for Amnesty? Sure would like to know what school that is.

This bill has a long, long way to go. I predict that any politician who votes for this bill (amnesty) is committing political suicide. I can't believe any politician would be dumb enough to side with Bush on anything at this point.


Rodrigo said...

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Anonymous said...

... how many of the 377 employees on your company list are illegals?

Jesus, you guys are starting to sound like McCarthy in the '50s ... everyone's a suspect. Guilty until proven innocent. We are entering a sorry chapter in United States history ... again.

Leon said...

"Ron Wyden voted FOR illegal aliens, and AGAINST the voters of OREGON."

Won't that be a pretty billboard?

Anonymous said...

You know-nothings, do-nothings think that somehow by blowing up the bill you will have a "fix" for our broken borders next week or something. Nothing will be brought forth again for a very long time that will even have a snowball chance in hell to pass. If that happens, you will have served no-one but the open borders crowd, the illegal aliens and probably the terrorists. When the next 10,000 illegals run across, you will have no one but yourselves and your obstructionist dummies in congress to thank.

Kaelri said...

"Jesus, you guys are starting to sound like McCarthy in the '50s ... everyone's a suspect. Guilty until proven innocent. We are entering a sorry chapter in United States history ... again."

That point isn't going to carry much weight around here. You're in the company of people who think that Joseph McCarthy was a great American.

Anonymous said...

Immigration Bill Fails Crucial Test Vote

Hey Anon 7:18 your calls didn't work!!!!

Now it is time to start enforcing the laws we have. We don't need new ones we need to enforce the old ones and if they were enforced in the past we would not have this problem.

Everyone have a nice day my day just got brighter.


JJ said...

Now that 10,000+ illegal immigrants including my brother, soon to be undocumented Americans, can come over the southern border without restriction and get jobs. May they come very soon. Thank you Senators!!!

R Huse said...

McCarthy a great American? Nah, I don't think most here would classify him as that. McCarthy did have his excesses, few would deny that. However, with the release of the Venona documents his major point was proven largely true. Hollywood and the American Communist party were, in fact, being infiltrated and used by the Soviets. This fact has, understandably, stuck in the lefts craw ever since. Considering the pomposity of those who gleefully vilified his premise for years, it would be hard to deny oneself a smile when the Venona documents were released. Forgive those of us who got fed up with the sanctimony of the "Black List = Salem Witch Trials" crowd from indulging in this simple pleasure.

Yomi Mizuhara said...

The Amnesty Bill is dead, with a cloture vote of 46-53

Wyden voted Aye
Smith voted Nay

Anonymous said...

Yep, the bill is dead until they try and revive it next week.

What really galls me is how the Senate says it'll work when the 1986 amnesty bill was never enforced. What makes them think we're going to fall for this lie again?

Anonymous said...

May the 10,000+ flood across the border immediatly. Ha ha. What a bunch of idiots.
SB 1348 + Obstruction = No Solution is +/= More Illegal Aliens flooding the U.S.

Do the math dummies!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, your defiant confidence got me through the night! Did it stop me from doing what I could to pressure Senators into this vote? No - only encouragement!

I'm sorry we don't see eye-to-eye on all social issues, but I'm glad we're linked on this one. And as I just received the following from OFIR I want to especially thank YOU for rising above the hideous character attacks around here. I know it’ll never be ‘over,’ but those ugly slurs have caused me to seriously reflect upon my association and support of liberal / progressive ideals and institutions - their loss!

Now a bit from OFIR: “Great job! Everyone who made phone calls, emailed, rallied, wrote letters to the editor, demonstrated, went to Senate offices you are terrific!”

R Huse said...

Well, looks like the latest incarnation of the bill went down in flames again. Who sounds more in touch with the American people?

many Americans "don't have confidence" that borders, especially with Mexico, will be significantly tightened. "It's not just promises but proof that the American people want," Elizabeth Dole, R, NC

"Year after year, we've had the broken borders," "Year after year, we've seen the exploitation of workers. Year after year, we've seen the people who live in fear within our own borders. This is the opportunity to change it. Now is the time." Ted Kennedy D, MA

I don't know about you but somehow it seems a little loony for someone's take on this to be that Americans wanted this bill because they we all concerned about how sad it was for illegals to live in fear? American people do have compassion for illegals, I certainly do, but Americans are also pissed off. They want government to perform its basic functions and not BS them.

This bill could have passed in a heartbeat with one simple provision - real border enforcement, with demonstrable results before any sort of Amnesty. Since the Dems couldn't agree with this because they wanted votes in 2008, they got hammered. At some point vote whoring gets sickening and people saw that here. End of story.

Anonymous said...

The leadership of the Democratic Party whored up with Bush and betrayed their working class base.

The hypocracy out of Dick Durbin's mouth on the Senate floor is pathetic.

The Rule of Law, Sovereignty, and Equality of Citizenship were thrown under the bus by Bush and the Democratic leadership.

To throw those principles under the bus and trample them under a rush to amnesty is treasonous in my book.

Those who vote in the Senate for a bill that would cripple the rule of law as they disrespect their own rules are not to be trusted to impose law on the American People.

When the Senate disrespects their own customs and traditions, they show they have no respect for America's customs and traditions and they give up their legitimacy to Pass laws on the rest of us.

Stop the hypocricy from the Senate floor and America will consider having more respect for the Senate.

Until then, Senators only heap scorn on themselves, in their attempt to blame the American People for the Senate's failings.

All I can do is shake my head and think "what treasonous bastards."

I am not alone in my thinking.

Daniel said...

McCarthy was a great American...

So long amnesty and soon to be so long illegal aliens!

Anthony DeLucca said...

Turns out after fifty years, McCarthy was dead on the money on a lot of his accusations that were labeled as "paranoid" at the time.

The USSR did actually have agents in hollywood. The USSR did actually bankroll a couplee of propaganda films.

Time ALWAYS reveals the truth.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy WAS a great American! Few could match his greatness today! Read the actual facts from the time period and as pointed out 'with the release of the Venona documents his major point was proven largely true'. "Largely" I guess is the key word. McCarthy was HUGELY popular with the people and an true American hero. The mainstream price has largely succeeded in rewriting history in his case.
Thank God the bill was defeated! Now lets ENFORCE the law first, build the fences, then talk about the outlaws who are here and how to get rid of them.

Anonymous said...

McCarthy was a cross dressing pedophile. Figures conservatives would praise him as the "greatest".

Americans said...

The Senate vote was a reflection of OUR will.

Thank god democracy still works and elections still matter.

Anonymous said...

"McCarthy was a cross dressing pedophile."
Could you offer some proof of that?
How about looking up the true facts about McCarthy and not the liberal press or Clooneys of the world.