Friday, June 08, 2007

We did it

Amnesty bill has been tabled for the time being. Thanks to everyone who made phone calls, visits, emails, faxes, etc.

Here is how they voted:
U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes


Anonymous said...

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports:

For at least the sixth year in a row, the number of hate groups documented by the Intelligence Project has risen. There are now 844 of these groups operating in America. That's up 40% from 2000.

What's fueling the haters? Immigration mostly, as racist extremists organize in opposition to what foreigners are increasingly bringing to our shores — more human diversity and multiculturalism.

At the same time, a larger anti-immigration movement is acting like a megaphone. As Susy Buchanan and David Holthouse document in this issue of the Intelligence Report, the last two years have seen the birth of at least 144 "nativist extremist" groups — organizations that do not merely target immigration policies they don't agree with, but instead confront or harass individual immigrants. These groups increasingly popularize bigoted theories and dubious statistics.

As a result, rancid ideas that were once relegated to the far margins — allegations that immigrants are leeches bent on bleeding our society, criminals who bring with them all manner of disease and corruption — are now broadcast in mainstream venues. It's no longer unusual to hear vilifying fairy tales of immigrant-borne secret conspiracies and massive criminality on radio, cable television, and even in the mouths of pandering politicians.

I wonder who’s on the list? Let’s see …


Coos County Citizen Caucus, Coos Bay
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Salem
Minuteman Project, Cornelius
Oregonians for Immigration Reform, McMinville

R Huse said...

Wow - Gee - Southern Poverty issued a list.

I guess that intelligence was done pretty deep undercover. I sure don't see MEChA listed there. I wonder why?

Wow, well, let me check around their site, I mean there sure were a lot of racist banners at all the illegal protests. Illegals sure have way more political power than Nazi's

Hmmm, wow, SPLC doesn't seem concerned about that.

Hey, wait a second, here is a picture of a Nazi rally in Madison. Never heard a lot of mention of that one but SPLC captions it as one of the years most notable extremist events.

Im beginning to think that SPLC is a little stupid I mean how do 12 Nazis rate higher than thousands of illegals at the marches for two years running?

HHHHeeeeeeyyyyyy , wait a second you sly boots you. Im beginning to think SPLC has a little bit of an agenda.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 732am,
That kind of guilt trip won't work anymore.

Let's be clear: Multiculturalism for Multiculuralism's sake is bad for America.

American Unity is good, not Balkanization.

Illegal aliens, by and large, are not interested in assimilation.

While I don't approve of violence, and the Oregon groups you mention don't encourage violence either, but enforcing the law, what needs to be said is this: an illegal alien invasion...and that's what it is...has caused most of the il-feeling.

If the border were controlled and illegal aliens weren't a problem, there wouldn't be a need for the groups your speak about.

The illegal aliens are the cause of the problem not American citizens.

Think about it. There would be less racial strife if illegal immigration was not a problem.

Because I agree with you: Ultimately, a more united country is good for America.

But a more Balkanized country is bad for America.

Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray for the status quo! The secure borders crowd is celebrating a defeat, go figure. Pat yourselves on the back for failing to secure our borders, meaning if a group of Al Queda terrorists come through, the blood will be on your hands.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Who is "The Intelligence Project" anyway? Are they non-biased in their research? Are their findings checked for accuracy? Who gets to determine what is considered "Racist" and what isn't?
Who gets to classify a group as a "Hate" group? Under what guidelines?

This is absolutely absurd. If OFIR is a hate group, so is PETA, the ACLU, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. They ALL have a certain group or practice that they are hoping to abolish (hunters, furriers, religious Groups, etc..)

Under the SPLC logic, they should classify themselves as a hate group as well.

Rick Hickey said...

When an Open Borders Communist group such as SPLC says we are a hate group, I am reminded of the far left attempts at reverse physicology, fortunately it doesn't work with Adults.


Back to pounding the DEMOCRATS in Oregon to pass those Bills that will deny Jobs, Benefits, Voting etc. to Illegal Aliens. Republicans brought all 10 to the floor and Dem's said NO and then said YES to two of them last week, now it is up to our Senate.
US Senate vote may have convinced Dem's that Americans really do NOT want Amnesty or other excuses for not following laws.
All 50 State have over 1,000 Bills, many passing, related to Illegals and Oregon cannot be the last Illegal Magnet in the U.S.
Start with Sen. Curt Shrader as he is Chair of Ways & Means sitting on a secure License Bill.
We will be lobbying,calling,e-mailing the Capitol today. We have less than 3 weeks left.

Congrats we finally had Taxation with representation, not the Senate working for Illegal Foreign Nationals which is representation witout Taxation.

Celebration @ 4 in Salem today!

Anonymous said...

You people fascinate me ... you stake out these extreme positions with an unmistakable undercurrent of bigotry, and then when someone notes it, you object and trot out a conspiracy theory about "reverse physicology." (In fact, the word you mean is "psychology.")

Mr. Hickey, I invite you to acquire a dictionary (if for no other reason than to learn to spell) and open it to the "N" section and look at the defintion of nativism. The American Heritage Dictionary definition reads:

NATIVISM: A sociopolitical policy, especially in the United States in the 19th century, favoring the interests of established inhabitants over those of immigrants.

An adult, Mr. Hickey, presumably has a degree of self-awareness and political maturity that is a few degrees more than, say, solid rock. In your case, I have to wonder.

no illegal aliens said...

Rick Hicke, Daniel, you'll love this: KATU's story that isn't making Sen. el Gordo Smith a favorable represenative.

no illegal aliens said...

Sorry, Rick Hickey, forgot the "y."

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17,

I’m glad you’re fascinated. However, please define what you mean by “extreme positions” and “undercurrent of bigotry”. It has always been typical for liberals to use inflammatory language when they have no argument and this definitely applies to you. Demanding that the borders of this great country be secured and no rewards for those who broke the law to get here is neither extreme nor racist. It is a demand to maintain the sovereignty and one culture that is the United States.

Remember: Diversity Sucks, Tolerate Nothing

do the math said...

Anon 12:53, re: extreme positions, who's your man in the Republican presidential race? Tancredo? How does he poll? Single digits, isn't it? 'Nuff said.

Bobkatt said...

do the math: Don't forget Ron Paul. He's so extreme that the Michigan Republic Party is trying to have him banned from the debates. Answering real complex questions disturbs most politicians. That said, the SPLC like most successful advocacy groups start out with good intentions and morph into nothing but a money grubbing power hungry mockery of itself. Much like the constant fear mongering coming out of the White House, the SPLC peddles fear in order to convince the left that we need to surrender more of our civil rights in order to be protected. They work hand in hand with the right. We have the "Patriot Act", Biometric ID, Presidential Directive 51 giving the president dictatorial powers, and "Hate Crime" legislation that violate the 1st Amendment. We get to choose our poison.
Those of us that believe in individual freedom that is guaranteed by our constitution are assaulted by both sides. But hey, I'm just a conspiracy nut.

Anonymous said...


Rutger said...

Really no need to look further than Tancredo who is on messianic display both on this blog and several others. This guy is as nativist, bigotted and racist as they come. I listened to him speak on CSPAN and some of the crap he was saying sounds like talking points from the KKK taken directly from a speech by Adolph Hilter. The scapgoating and bigotry was actually quite surprising. All he needed to make his run complete was to don a white diaper on his head. It is really not a surprise that OFIR and their members have the image they do.

R Huse said...

Well, it sure is a good thing ANON 12:17 has a dictionary. What would be nice is if in addition to typing out the definition of NATIVISM, he could read it as well.

No one is arguing against immigrants. The argument here is against illegal aliens An illegal alien is not an immigrant and thus the word does not apply.

Its a favourite tactic of those who don't have an argument, use extreme words to imply extreme positions to insult and bully your opponent.

It really is a very simple proposition:

a) What is bigoted and nativist about wanting to enforce the law?

b) What is bigoted and nativist about not wanting to change the law in a way that repeats the mistakes of the 1986 amnesty? Is learning from past mistakes nativist?

c) If its impractical to enforce the law because the law breaking is so widespread, then please explain to me why my people should be paying any taxes at all? Tax evasion is widespread. My people have deep cultural roots against high taxes and excessive government. Why are you being so bigoted in enforcing this law against my people?

If you cant answer those questions, and all you can do is hurl KKK, Bigoted, Racist, Nativist, Xenophobe then please, go take your dictionary and sit down and masturbate with it. That would be a far more productive endevour than trying to pretend you have an argument. You don't, you just want to feel morally superior and don't care whose expense it comes at.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A lot of left wing Trolls in here today. haha

Anthony DeLucca said...

Of all the left wing, "Intellectuals" in here who pretend that they NEVER spell a word wrong (get a dictionary......what a juvenile thing to say), you'd think that at least ONE of them would answer the questions to my previous post.

Left wing cowards and name true thinkers or debaters visiting here.

BEAR said...

rosie must be busy, today.

james of salem said...

What a shock. A leftwing advocacy group against secure borders and the rule of law.

My fear is that the next Amnesty Bill will be even worse. We barely defeated this and it would have given away not only the farm but the whole country.

A golden rule to live your life by: Whichever side T.Kennedy is on, be on the opposite.

Anonymous said...

"Illegal immigrants" I can handle. "Illegal aliens" is an incendiary hot-button phrase intended to denigrate, insult and dehumanize people. They're not people ... they're "aliens." It attempts to instill fear in otherwise rational people ... "We're being invaded by aliens! The aliens are taking over!" "Aliens" has become the new "nigger" in the language of bigotry.

Our immigration laws are out of date. The requirements of global capitalism -- of which the USA is the single biggest component -- requires, and in fact FORCES -- a level of immigration into this country that is beyond what current laws and quotas allow. SO CHANGE THE FUCKING LAW and quit bitching! In any other historical period, you guys would have been the ones insisting that only men should vote, that our economy depends on slave labor, and that liquor ought to be illegal -- totally insane, immoral and unworkable positions.

But you guys would have been on the front lines, I'm sure, with your silly signs: "I will not rest until women are barred from the polls and put back in the kitchen and bedroom where they belong!"

Join the 21st century, folks. It's sort of fucked up at the moment, but the "aliens" in this country are not the problem. They are, fundamentally, like you and I ... although I dare say that most of them are probably more sophisticated than you dinosaurs are.

I will now wait for one of you to do a Google search and find an illegal immigrant who was arrested for committing some horrific, violent crime, and you -- in all your sophistication -- can present that as evidence that "they" are really NOT like you or I at all, but that "they" are barbarians.

Daniel said...

But you guys would have been on the front lines, I'm sure, with your silly signs: "I will not rest until women are barred from the polls and put back in the kitchen and bedroom where they belong!"

We didn't give women the right to vote... we just gave husbands the right to vote twice!

Scottiebill said...

Has anyone noticed in these blogs, that whenever the lefties in favor of the amnesty bill and all its negative ramifications write to defend their position, they ALWAYS conveniently leave out the adjective "illegal"? It is as if that "illegal" is not in their vocabulary or not even a word at all. Why is that? Could it be that they are in a dream-like state of denial?

Anonymous said...

they ALWAYS conveniently leave out the adjective "illegal"

Scottie: You must read VERY selectively; I'm a supporter of amnesty (although mine is not a "leftie" position, it's a Libertarian one) and I post here frequently, and I use it all the time. Perhaps you ought to snap out of that dream-like state of denial.

when daniel said...

We didn't give women the right to vote... we just gave husbands the right to vote twice!

I thought:

From anyone else who had demonstrated a capacity for insight and nuance, that would be -- its misogyny notwithstanding -- a funny joke.

Problem is, it came from Daniel Miglavs. So maybe he's joking ... but maybe he's not.

MAX Redline said...

Anon 1012: You may be able to live with the term, "illegal immigrants". I can't - because they aren't immigrants. They have no desire to become Americans, nor to assimilate within the culture.

The term "alien" has nothing to do with the your hysterical projections. It's a valid term. Talk-show host Larson, for example, frequently refers to his producer as a resident ALIEN. Which she is - she came here legally, but remains Canadian.

You're clearly grasping deperately at straws, as this is an argument that you know you can't win.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Max, there's a couple million illegal aliens (does that make you happy) that are proving that you can't win this argument :). Cheers.

Anthony DeLucca said...

If the Amnesty bill passes, and the Illegal Aliens,, I can't wait for everything that the Right said would come true. The "Amnestias" will no longer work for less, they will demand better pay....they will strike, picket, and whatever else. They will still refuse to learn the language and will instead demand that labels, documents, signs, and managers be bilingual. They will still send millions upon millions of Dollars back to Mexico, El Salavador, Guatamala, Ukraine, China, Thailand, Haiti, and elsewhere thereby removing those dollars from the U.S. Economy. They will refuse to assimilate and will openly denegrate the country they worked so hard to get into illegally, and have gained so much by doing so, and will Praise their country of origin.

Wait and see. Personally, I don't think the bill will pass. There is really only 1 solution; Close the borders, enforce employment laws, and deport all those caught.

Anonymous said...

Screw the SPLC, the ACLU, and all other like organizations whose only real agenda is to stir up the shit, raise media eyebrows, and capitalize on the coming lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

A question for the Miglavians: When amnesty is passed and the 12 million are legal residents, will you call off the dogs, or will you continue to treat them like second-class citizens?

Scottiebill said...

Anon 11:41 -- I did not realize that I was referring to you specifically when I wrote that post. I was trying to write in general terms. And, it seems that many libertarians hold many of the positions on the amnesty bill that the lefties, and of course, the Teddy Kennedy syncophants, hold pretty much the same views. But, since the shoe seems to be fitting you quite well, you ought to be content with wearing it.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank all of you who've given a voice to the thoughts of American citizens. Politicians do not act from benevolence, they act from fear, and you/we stuck it to em!

I'm LOVING the reactionary cries of our enablers and societal misfits, they’re really showing their colors! Having considered some friends… through this process I’ve learned that when they emerge from the shadows they look nothing like us. They are: a conglomeration of overly educated whiners looking at un-checked illegal immigration as a way of ‘punishing’ America; genetically linked Hispanics so intensely looking out for their own that the word RACIST could have been coined for them; and a scattered cadre of Social Service providers whose paychecks depend on a continued flow of tax leaches.

Looking in their mirrors (if they dare) they're no different than the scum they describe. We are! Stay a step above and a step ahead my friends - we're gaining ground!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to print and save some of these insane, "We're winning!" posts by the Miglavians. When we have amnesty, I will take great joy in re-posting some of them back in your face.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least an honest statement:


Yes it's amnesty and that's why The AMERICAN PEOPLE reject "Comprehensive Immigration Reform".