Monday, November 20, 2006

Crime (democrats) and punishment (republicans)

I heard Governor Kulongoski this morning once again talking about how "head start prevents crime." Also how "spending money saves money." (I'll leave the second statement to the collection agencies)

I'm sure that full day kindergarten also "prevents crime" in the opinion of Kulongoski.

Now before you lemmings jump on and say that this isn't the "opinion" of Kulongoski, that there was an "actual report" released, I would point to who did the report: Fight Crime: Invest in Kids.

Their "plan" involves government being involved in every aspect of parenting, or simply outright trying to be the parents. I don't need a government beauracrat coming to my house to "coach" me on being a parent. I don't need my kids spending 10 hours a day in government run institutions. (including during the summer)

These trolls want your kids FROM BIRTH.

And I don't need your stupid statistics on how government programs keep these kids out of jail. You want more that a statistic, you want something tangible? Then go down to your local county jail and survey the inmates with one question: are your parents married?

Then when you find out that 99% don't have a married biological mother and father maybe you should re-evaluate your constant trashing of the traditional family. (Oh c'mon Daniel that doesn't really happen... example: Metro councilor Robert Liberty "Ozzie is dead, and Harriet is a working mom. What we need are homes for single-parent families who want to live near where they work, shop and go to school.") [note: I trashed Liberty and his liberal utopia pretty well didn't I?]

Maybe instead of trying to replace the family with government you should get the heck out of the way of us raising our kids!

Suggested follow up survey at the local jail: Do you regularly attend Church? (guessing that people who do attend regularly aren't in jail or prison, maybe the "invest in kids" group could bus "disadvantaged youth" to a neighborhood church for Sunday service and Youth Group.)


Bryan Saxton said...

I don't think I agree with the complete post, but I do agree that parents need to take a more active role in parenting instead of the government doing the job (what a hideous thought).

Daniel said...

Hey, we agree!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, did you attend Church while you were a gangbanger?

Bobkatt said...

While the little ones are in government thought control camp all day maybe they can wave little Mexican flags and pledge allegiance to Mexico just like the ones in Texas at the Velasco Elementary School.
Then when they grow up they can help pass ordinances to make all city government business must take place in Spanish and city employees are forbidden to assist the Border Patrol in catching undocumented immigrants under threat of being fired like in El Cenizo, Texas.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny boy,

Don't you nutballs have a GOP Fundraiser's jail term to celebrate? 18 Yrs. Whew...nice! Looks like Old Tom could say Noe. All you "christians" sure keep great company.


Nice idea...already in the works. thanks!

Ric said...

"What we need are homes for single-parent families who want to live near where they work, shop and go to school."

Does this mean we can get rid of Metro? Doesn't this encompass the American dream.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Look to Great Brittan ... they are the road map for the libs.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you can come up with some great statistics on the single parent issue however while I usually agree with your blog this time I am offended. I am a single mom my oldest daughter is a teacher in Florida, my next child works in marketing, my next child is set to graduate from high school and will go on to college. None of my children attend church regularly they are given a choice if they would like to go.

My children are not in jail and they never have been nor do they do drugs.

I do however agree that the government would love to raise our children for us however I am a firm believer that it does not take a village to raise a child nor does it take a two parent household. If there is love and God in your household along with discipline the children of single parent homes can be just as productive and wholesome as children brought up in two parent homes, sometimes more so.

terry said...

Considering the declining ability of working class American men to earn enough money to support a family, it's likely that marriage rates will not recover and single parenthood will continue to increase, regardless of what family-values conservatives may propose.

Chris Pieschel said...

Just because most criminals have seperated parents doesn't mean that all seperated parents will have criminal children.

Anonymous said...

1st, Start the training at as early an age as possible (like Iran).
2nd, Control the Media to help convince all citizens that they must pay more Taxes as the gov't has all the answers.
3rd, Eminent Domain, take control of the land from the people.
4th, Multiculturalism, remove all alliances or emotions with one Nation (America), convince all that U.S. is bad and allow millions of jobs to leave or millions of foreigners to replace American workers.
5th, remove any thoughts of a power higher than gov't, i.e. GOD.

Hitler, Lenin, Marx, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Ill, Mao...All Progressive Secularists.

Anonymous said...

Media refuses to report on the WAR with MEXICO, usually...
Threat to US citizens forces Mx officials to lock down town, Tx. Sheriff boosts security

Nov 21, 2006 09:45 AM PST

Threat to US citizens forces Mx officials to lockdown town, Tx. Sheriff boosts security
Threat forces Mx officials to lockdown town, US sheriff's to boost security along river

EAST EL PASO COUNTY, Tx. - Residents of the Mexican border town of Guadalupe, across the Rio Grande from Fabens, are dealing with armed checkpoints and car-by-car searches.

The small farming community is under tight surveillance by officials in Mexico, and now in the United States. The scene in Guadalupe Bravo could most accurately be described as a town under lockdown.

Kaelri said...

Yup. War. Clearly.

Not like "increased law enforcement" or anything. Nope, no shades of gray around here. So any environment less safe than New York City is to be considered a war zone.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a single-parent family (my dad died when I was young) and I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with Daniel. Most of us did all right with a strong, loving, religious mom and an extended family support system. But my youngest sister, who grew up without benefit of a father in her life, was an absolute hellion. She smoked, drank, did every drug she could find, slept around, and got herself pregnant all before she was 17. She's knocked off some of these behaviors, but her life is still a mess. Don't tell me a two-parent family doesn't make a difference.

If I were to do a survey of prison inmates, I'd ask a third question: when you were a kid, did your parent(s) enforce any serious consequences when you did something wrong? I see certain kids being raised very permissively, allowed to do pretty much whatever they want, then getting caught for it when they enter their late teens and early twenties.

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