Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's that sound?

Oh, that's the sound of thousands of perverts rushing to apply for a job where they can share a bathroom with your wife/girlfriend/daughter.

Q. What is the employer’s obligation regarding restrooms?

A. If an employer maintains gender-specific restrooms, transgender employees should be permitted to use the restroom that is consistent with the individual’s gender identity.

Where single occupancy restrooms are available, they may be designated as “gender neutral.” All employers need to find solutions that are safe, convenient and respect the transgender employee’s dignity.

While the state of Washington seems very concerned about the "safety" and "conveniance" of someone who is mentally disturbed and not at all concerned about the "safety" or "conveniance" of the general population.

Q. Would your average woman feel "safe" having a 40-something man walk into the bathroom behind her?

A. No.

The lumping of the "transgender" folks into the gay agenda reveals it for what it really is: a pact for a sexual free-for-all where no judgements can be made at all. Any argument, however invalid, about someone being "born that way" goes out the window here.

We know which way you were born. You want a doctor to change that fact with a pair of scissors.


Anonymous said...

"Transgender" = mentalcase.

: JustaDog said...

You can thank the nearest Democrat for that!

R Huse said...

You know, I gotta tell ya, I personally know, work with and am friends with more than a few tranz people. I have to say; every time this issue comes up I ask one of them – “is this all really a secret plot to use the women’s bathroom? I mean are you all going through the hormone treatments etc. so you can be in the same room as a woman peeing?” I can honestly say that every one of them that I ask is as mystified as I am over this issue.

Now I cannot say that I have really done a scientific survey, but as far as I can tell, there is no tranz bathroom agenda. Does it really seem reasonable to assume that a man is going to go through hormone therapy and have extensive plastic surgery for the express purpose of following your wife into the restroom? If he was going to actually rape her, why not simply wait out in the parking lot? It requires a hell of a lot less makeup and is so much easier on the feet than wearing heels.

Oh, and before those who dont know me get in an uproar, Im about as right wing as you can get; ditto more than a few of the tranz people I know.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know your wife, but she would have to be extremely attractive for a man to go through endless treatments and surgeries to get to rightfully stay in the same room as her when she pees. I'm not saying she's not, but I if she were, it makes me wonder what you said to her to win her heart if you were wearing that dorky shirt and that neonazi haircut...

But seriously, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, and if your wife can't stand to pee in nearness of transsexuals, she can pee somewhere else or hold her pants up until they have left the restroom, it's not like there are that many transexuals that she can't hold it in that long...

Anonymous said...

A lot of trans people do not look like guys in dresses, in fact, chances are you may have met several already and didn't even know it.

A friend of mine who is postoperative male-female explains "if I want to see a woman's naked body, all I have to do is look in the mirror."

Anonymous said...

"Transgender" = mentalcase.

"Conservative Christian Republican" = unreasonable retard that has no respect for other people's liberties, and judges others with no moral authority under primitive principles that acknowledge no intellectual progress of humankind.

Daniel said...

You didn't read the rules, you don't have to go through the surgery to use the women's bathroom, you just have to say that you feel like a woman. No "proof" is required.

Anonymous said...

That should bring new excitment for those who enjoy a good "Rest Area Romp."

Anonymous said...

I did not know there were so many screwd up people out there.Transgender is brought on by enviromental hazardous materials, or by republicans, which ever is most dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Well, Daniel, maybe your proposition is that "proof" is required, that is, that before entering the restrooms, everybody has to show their genitalia to a government aproved and apointed toiletclerk who will in turn indicate which door we should go in. That way, we can all rest assured that our privacy in public restrooms will not be threatend by the presence of people whose sexual behavior we don't aprove of (although nobody is asking if we aprove or not)....

Anonymous said...

I stand in awe of an American conservative's mind: Habeas Corpus is dead, the Constitution is in shreds, the planet stands at the brink of ecological disaster, the nation is bogged down in two wars that cannot be won, Americans are coming home in body bags, the dollar's nearly toast, the global economy is self-destructing ... but our indignant blogger logs on to fret about the following scenario:

Having taken a satisfying dump in a toilet somewhere in the state of Washington, Daniel wipes, flushes, opens the stall door, and is greeted -- horror of horrors! -- by a personage whose gender he cannot determine.

I hear Tom Paine's ghost crying.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget the link between the increase in homosexuality and the mother's having used birth control pills.

The Pope was right!

Anonymous said...

Speaker Jeff Merkley & rep. Ben Canon want In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens...Willamette Weekly...http://www.wweek.com/editorial/3301/8210/

Anonymous said...

Right, because a guy in a dress using the men's restroom wouldn't get his ass kicked by some idiot like you, right Daniel?

Ric said...

Where I work is very alternative lifestyle friendly.

A coworker ( same 2nd level boss ) went thru gender reassignment. During the process they live for a year as the new gender - prior to surgery. He became she.
Small steps -female style tops, over slacks & jeans. No dresses/skirts. The transition was as much for the work force as for her.

On the day we were told, all of the women had a separate meeting, cause she would now be in the womens room.

'No chance in hell' management was told, and she had to go to the first floor in the building and use non-gender rest room, you know the kind one stall typically set up for wheel-chair use, when the mens/ladies rooms have several stalls each.

The men didn't object, but then again she wasn't going to be in the mens-room.

There were a lot of hurt feelings and she left shortly after surgery.

Mind you, 8/10 of my coworkers are liberals. Engineers, mostly.

I had thought this was a good process. It was her choice not mine and I had to accept / tolerate it. But not, embrace it or say it is normal.


In the case in Washington, and in other lib cities ( NYC ) where if you 'feel' female you can be in the womens room. Ha. I laugh at the idea. I don't care how lib you are, this will go down painfully. I'm just waiting for the first reports of some sicko playing with his 'dolly' in the girls room.

It will happen.

Then, we will have an example of just how tolerant the libs really are.

The Cheezer said...

At any other time in history, these transgenders would be seen for what they are, mental patients in need of help.
Why do we try to make the mentally ill feel normal rather than try to get them the help they need?
We are not doing them any good by embracing their lack of morality.
We are hurting them by letting them “feel” ok.
We are destroying society by embracing the immoral and mentally ill as ”normal”.

Anonymous said...

Look I live in Washington state and I'm sorry but if I go into the ladies room there had better be nothing but ladies in there. I do not find it acceptable that just because you "feel" like a woman means you get to go into the same restroom as I do.

In short if you have a penis you go to the men's restroom and take care of your business there. Why should I feel uncomfortable about going to the bathroom because someone decided they don't want to be a man anymore (please don't give me the argument they was born this way)

I am sooo tired of hearing about everyone's rights except for white heterosexual Americans. At some point in time we lost our rights. I should have the right to feel comfortable about going to the ladies room and not have to worry about what is in the stall next to me. If a transgender individual does not feel comfortable about going into the bathroom with what they were born with too bad this is not my fault or my problem.

I have teenage daughters would any of you that defend these tranz people aprove of your teenage daughter going to the restroom with a grown man who has an identity crisis if so you have no business being a parent.

Anonymous said...

Transgenders are a bunch of degenerate perverts. A person can take all the hormones and have all the surgery they want, but it does not change the sex they were born with. It is scientifically impossible.

Anyone who thinks it is okay for a transexual fag to use the ladies room has a warped mind.

And no, I don't have to accept or tolerate any of this, period. Liberals are very tolerant and accepting only of their own beliefs. Using the word "tolerance" is a one-way street for them. They are very intolerant and unaccepting of normal, intelligent thought and values. Warped-minded liberals are more than willing to be intolerant of my beliefs, and force this kind of crap on us like the transgendered being able to choose bathrooms, because the transgendered might feel "offended" or excluded in some way. Bullshit.

Michael Savage is right, liberalism is a mental disorder. Supporting actions like these, Liberals are adding to the proof of their insanity.

Bryan Saxton said...

"(please don't give me the argument they was born this way)"

Why not if it is true? Psychology supports this.

Anonymous said...


Psychology says alot of things does that make it right for a male to go into the same bathroom with my teenage daughters because someone told him he was suppose to be a woman instead of a man. I don't think so if he has a penis go to the men's room!!!

I'm not going to argue with anyone about what psychology says I am not that educated in that field however I do know that when a child is held up after birth they are either male or female.

I believe in God and the bible and no where does it state if you think your the wrong sex go have it changed.

If transexuals are uncomfortable going into the bathroom by all means then hold it until you get home.

Crackpot said...

What's wrong with that? If I'm feeling a bit like a chick today, I'll use the ladies room, dammit! Don't you try and stop me. It's my right as an American citizen.

R Huse said...

I can just see it now:

“Geee I really want to rape her, that’s it, put a gun to her head and rape her…… Ooops, better not go in the women’s room, that’s against the law”

Do ya see how bathroom transgender laws relate to rape the same way gun control relates to crime?

If any of you knew how many transsexuals currently use whatever restroom they want I think you would be shocked. This is all really pretty funny.

BEAR said...

hey, b.s., psychology does not support perverts.....as one psychiatrist said, "No one has ever come to me and said, 'please help me, I think I might be heterosexual.'" Gee, I wonder why?.....sheesh.

Bryan Saxton said...


You're wrong.


I understand. Lots of people don't like looking at facts.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:59, nor does it state anywhere in the Bible that two bathrooms have to be available, and attendance to them is decided only on the kind of genital organs one has. So this is all a construction of your own judgmental narrow minded thought...

Choosing what people attend to what public restroom, is NOT a right that "white heterosexuals americans" have. It is just NOT. You can't decide for other people, because not everybody is white, christian, heterosexual or american or republican, and these things, whether chosen or defined at birth, have to be respected. Besides, how do we know what kind of genitals do YOU have?! Like Anon 7:54 said, maybe we'll make you pull your pants down before you go in so we can TELL you which door you HAVE to go through...

Bobkatt said...

Divide and conquer. Keep us preoccupied with this kind of bullshit while Rome burns. Personally I think transgender is a disorder but what good does it do to ban them from a restroom. I wouldn't really want to pee next to a guy who is attracted to men. And a trans female would have to use the stall. A trans male would have to use the stall in the womans restroom so there is no intimacy problem there. If someone is out of line turn them in. Teach your teenage daughter how to recognize deviant behavior from either gender.

Anonymous said...

Bi-sexual, transgender, What principle is there.

"I was born wanting it from both sexes."

"I was born wanting to dress like a woman" or "I was born wanting a sex change operation"

What B%#LSH&T!

Sorry, this is "deviancy is safe in numbers", so bring aboard along with the gays, all the rest, like Gilligan's Island, actually thats an insult to the cast on Gilligan's Island and all watched it.

Chris Pieschel said...

You're not born gay or trans or anything. Anyone who has children knows this. You are born as pretty much a blank slate, so to speak, and you develop into someone because of the environment you live in and the choices you make.

Bryan Saxton said...

"Bi-sexual, transgender, What principle is there.

"I was born wanting it from both sexes."

"I was born wanting to dress like a woman" or "I was born wanting a sex change operation"

What B%#LSH&T!

Sorry, this is "deviancy is safe in numbers", so bring aboard along with the gays, all the rest, like Gilligan's Island, actually thats an insult to the cast on Gilligan's Island and all watched it."

So far, the only arguments I've seen on this side of the debate is that "I don't like it so it should be wrong." Sorry, that doesn't cut it, especially since psychology says otherwise.

Anonymous said...

To Brian Saxton:
Psychology say it's wrong.
What a laugh!
Brian, do you know psychology as a whole said homosexuality was a personality disorder until the early 1970's.

Transgender was considerd the same until recently.

And bi-sexual still doesn't have a handle.

Why did psych 101 change.


Sorry, I do not want our children told that homosexuality is normal.

A couple of 24 year olds can do what they want, but don't have government schools tell the kids in my community that GLBT is normal, or equivelent to "Pepsi or Coke."

Bryan Saxton said...

"Why did psych 101 change. (*Edit* ?)


A) You seriously make yourself out as a person who has no idea what he/she is talking about. Sentences like "Why did psych 101 change." (With a period, not a quesetio mark by the way.) Also, what does PSY101 have to do with anything?

B) You have no evidence to back up that assertion.

C) You have discounted that many scientific theories outside of the realm of psychology have changed since the 70's simply because more research tools/evidence/better methods are now available.

D) It's irrefutable that sexual orientation is not a choice. Whether facts are morally correct is an individualistic preference.

Anonymous said...

Chris Pieschel said...

"You're not born gay or trans or anything. Anyone who has children knows this. You are born as pretty much a blank slate, so to speak, and you develop into someone because of the environment you live in and the choices you make."

Even if that assertion-without-fundaments was correct, how does that relate to the issue? It's all the same WHY a person is gay or transsexual, the point is that they have the right to try to achieve happyness however they find it fit. Being transsexual doesn't hurt anybody else, and if according to your theory, a child is brought up in a certain environment that leads him to have different sexual behaviour as yours, I don't see how this is any of your bussines, or your teenage daugther's, for that matter. Solutions, then? Close the stalldoor and shut up!

Anonymous said...

To Brian Saxton:
There are no definitive answers at a scientific level.

But what I did find interesting is your failure to answer the "Pepsi or Coke" analogy. Is it true that your want to mainline or normalize the GLBT lifestyle to children in our community schools?

As that comment related, adults can do what they want, the concern is what is being taught in community schools.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it's the transvestite's problem not the daughter's.

A man dressed as a woman still needs to use the men's restroom.

Bryan Saxton said...

"But what I did find interesting is your failure to answer the "Pepsi or Coke" analogy. Is it true that your want to mainline or normalize the GLBT lifestyle to children in our community schools?"

I didn't answer it because it was a stupid analogy. But fine.

Obviously, at lower elementery level (k-4), sexual orientation should not so much as be an issue. But at, say grades 5-7, awareness should be taught. In sexual health classes, the subject should be taught because not teaching it would be detrimental to students, mainly because nothing you or I say will change someone's sexual orientation, and failing to teach such subjects is detrimental to mental and possibly sexual health. Parents can teach their kids whether what they learn in school is right or wrong, but schools should address the issue.