Sunday, November 12, 2006

As if politicians need more drugs...

According to 33 year veteran gang specialist and retired L.A. Sheriff’s Sergeant Richard Valdemar, Mexican drug cartels have infiltrated city councils and political campaigns in many small cities in Los Angeles County.

Interesting video included on the website.


Anonymous said...

Kinda like Rush.

Anonymous said...

The Secular Socialist from the NE States have been running this scam on Oregon since the 70's and now have a hold on everything from the Legislature to the lower levels of city government's management.

Want proof just investigate the bios of top staff with the schools to the many planning departments.

Now we have the criminal element invading from the South. No surprise here.

And the band plays on with the Sheeples favorite muzac.

smokey said...

crime comes from all over at all levels. Lets stomp out crime where ever we can. Only you can prevent crime.