Monday, November 06, 2006

One county = the whole state

Over at BlueOregon, yes, that racist site where they hate black people (I keep saying it so it must be true!) they are lamenting the voter turnout, or lack thereof, in The People's Republic of Multnomah County.

"Remember: Multnomah is the bright, blue beating heart of Oregon. If turnout dips in Multnomah County, we can lose statewide."

Nice to know that even they admit that without the cesspool known as Portland this state would go Repblican. For more on Portland's contributions to this state I will simply point to this crime map:

RED = >500 crimes
(stats stop at 500 so it could be one million crimes)
Courtesty Crime Mapper

As for what the Blue Oregon readers think of the rest of us:

"Why would I want to live in biggoted rural Oregon?
No thanks! I'd rather live in a community that is diverse in every sense of the word."


Bryan Saxton said...

I completely forgot that BlueOregon was the state's spokesperson for liberal politics. Thanks for reminding me, Daniel.

Daniel said...

I read them almost daily. I used to comment there but since they love free speech so much Kari Chisholm banned me.

Anonymous said...

Remember the birth rate in Portland is almost zero and controls are unnecessary.

In time they will dissolve into their own solution.

MAX Redline said...

Excellent point, anon712.

Daniel: you have freedom of speech, as long as you agree with Kari and company.

Fortunately, other options exist. And oddly, I don't think that either you or I have ever felt the need to ban anyone from our blogs.

mike from harrisburg said...

I am a long-time proponent of kicking Portland out of Oregon. I also don't think people that live within city limits (any city) should be allowed to vote in any election.

Anonymous said...

Way to quote some random commenter on a blog Daniel! It'd be pretty cool if other blogs took the quotes from your readers and attributed it to you. It's ridiculous what you're doing.
People from all over the country are moving Oregon because Portland is a nice place to live. Here we care about our neighbors and our kids, as I suspect you do too. More people live somewhere = more crime. It's actually easy math. What's math you say? It's something you learn about in school. What's school you say? It's a place a child goes (no, not the dining room table with Mom) where they learn about the world.
So - more people = more crime. Again, it's simple math.

Can't wait till tommorow night when I can log on and say "you lost, too bad - I guess that means not everyone in Oregon hates brown people."

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that even they admit that without the cesspool known as Portland this state would go Repblican

Hey Bozos, wake up, that is where the majority of the population is. Of course, if you took metro out you would be left with the minority of white trash rural trailer parkers, farmers and bumpkins that don't realize that the best the Republicans can offer them is a whole lot of nothing other than molesting their children, corruption, phoney wars, botched foreign policy...need I go on?

Ric said...

courtesy of Drudge
"...Gittoes is expecting plenty of controversy.

"Even left-wing Americans ... don't want to recognise the mess they've got in their own backyard," he said.",23599,20716640-1702,00.html
US suburbs more violent than Irag.

Ric said...

Follow up to Anon 712

They don't /say/ it but the lib government really likes it that way. DINK's, (double income no kids) pay taxes and do not burden the system -- no schools, no kids to emergency room w/o ins., no welfare. The ideal residents.

Elizabeth said...

What's school you say? It's a place a child goes (no, not the dining room table with Mom).

Those schools, anonymous, were failing my two kids horribly, and then attemtping to place the blame on us. We had our six year old come out of those "wonderful" Multnomah county based schools, not knowing a single thing, other than how to count to five in Spanish, no not one letter, not one number. The dining room table has pushed this girl forward into fourth grade math at 8 and reading at her own expected age level, would those same schools have gotten her there? No, hardly. We also have a 23 year old, she was pushed into her freshman year of school with a GPA of 1.6, and no they did not share this with us till after the fact. The table is better for the kids, because the "teacher" actually cares about their future success, not just a paycheck.