Thursday, November 09, 2006

We helped them while they were illegal

I am going to throw a big "our tax dollars have been helping illegal aliens" party for the next few months before they stop being illegal aliens and become our "guests."

So without further ado...

State of Washington Commission on Hispanic Affairs.

Meeting Minutes
A social worker from DSHS stated that there is a program through DSHS for undocumented families to apply for housing assistance. It is only available once a year.

Meeting Minutes
The Commission partnered with the Department of Health (DOH) to effect change within these agencies in order to better serve undocumented workers.

2007 - 2012 Strategic Plan
The State's recent budget shortfalls have directly affected the Hispanic community. For example, in recent years, Hispanic undocumented immigrant children have lost a significant portion of medical coverage as they were transferred from the state-funded medical assistance program to the Basic Health Program.
Oh boo-freakin-hoo. I'm soooo sad that the illegal alien children lost their cadillac coverage and now only get "basic" health care at the cost to the taxpayers.

If you want to know how this "strategic plan" affected the Washington state budget the look no further...

The Governor’s Budget for Health Care
Restores health coverage for immigrant children. The Governor’s budget restarts the
Children’s Health Program for children of undocumented farm workers with incomes below
100 percent of the federal poverty level.

$17.5 million GF-State

That's $17,500,000 general fund dollars. Dollars that could go to public safety, schools, roads, etc.

But here is the best part, thanks to Bush and his newly elected democrat congress these programs will no longer be necessary! If only because the illegal aliens will now be legal guests.


Anonymous said...

While we pay higher property taxes for more schools to educate illegal alien children.

There's not a school district administrator with a hiar on his/her ass to confront this atrocity. More money!

Daniel said...

The floodgates will truly open when every illegal alien is entitled to services that should be reserved for citizens.

axe01 said...

Perhaps one ray of hope. The overblown chemeketa cc bond measure on the ballot was DEFEATED! Take That! Cater to hispanics was their slogan, backed by the Salem fish wrap, the 'stinky urinal!'

boycott stinko de mayo

Polish Immigrant said...

Votes are still being "counted" so these may change but so far so good:

City of Cornelius Fuel Tax Measure 34-131
Yes 632 31.49
No 1,375 68.51

City of Cornelius Police Measure 34-134
Yes 751 38.22
No 1,214 61.78

City of Forest Grove Measure 34-135
Yes 2,572 49.37
No 2,638 50.63

City of North Plains Measure 34-137
Yes 193 30.63
No 437 69.37

And most importantly:

Forest Grove School No. 15 Measure 34-136
Yes 4,013 45.99
No 4,713 54.01

Mike said...

Of course illegitimate Gov. Gregoire is going to give illegal aliens GF funds. It's her way of giving back to her supporters.

Anonymous said...

Boycott "stinko de mayo?"

You truly are a piece of shit.

Daniel said...

anon 12:25, thank you sooo much for your contribution. I will think of you when boycotting stinko de mayo.

Tim said...

Daniel, no arguement there. The floodgates will open wide once the newly formed Politburo in D.C. is up in running in Janruary. With the Communist Party Surrogates like Nancy Pelosi, Peter DeFazio, "Bagdad" Jim McDermott and the rest of her "Gang" ( in the majority look for a quickened pace to America the 3rd World Country.

BTW anon 12:25, spoken like a true "Progressive" thanks for being the coward that you are.

the tram is not all bad said...

Daniel you are right on this one.Keep an eye on how the money is spent.Stop spending in one area and you know they will still spend the money, hopefully on something better.

Anonymous said...

I'm a single American mom working in Washington State and I still cannot believe what this state provides for the illegal aliens.

I work over 40 hours every week just to provide the necessities for my son and myself. I am well below the poverty stage but can't get any help (not even health care) from this state. You guys would not believe what this state does for the illegals, this state will actually send the mobile dentist and doctors to the hispanic community for free and they don't even have to give any names they just walk up and get what they need done.

There are apartment complexes in this state that cater to the illegal population.

I could give you all a huge list that would astound you but like I said I am a working mom.

Thanks Daniel for bringing this one to light.


Anonymous said...

I work full-time and have full benefits, but still have to contribute $100 per month for med/dental insurance, and on top of that cannot even afford to go to the doctor because of my $1000 deductible. Get that....I have full medical but still cannot afford medical care, unless it is a real emergency or for physicals which are covered in full.

But the illegal *@%! can just show up and expect and receive free care from the county, state, etc., and just say "Gracias" and walk away while the gringo pays for it. It is enough to make my blood boil.

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Mike: I have to agree with you on Gregoire giving the illegals GF funds. But, how is she going to award the dead voters of King County who voted for her? Flowers on their graves every day or so?

Anonymous said...

Soon, very soon, President Bush and the New Congress will get comprehensive immigration reform passed and OFIR/Oregon Minuteklan will fad into obscurity.

What Americans need to do is talk to the new Congress DEMOCRATIC Majority about getting OFIR and the National Minuteklan labeled as an economic terrorist organization for interferring with the economy of the United States. At this point, the President knows that the anti-immigrant groups are hostile to his administration and a threat to our economic security and is probably wiretapping them.

Bobkatt said...

anon 10:17-I'm in the same boat. I have a great medical plan if I'm seriously ill or injured but I can't really afford the deductible so I don't go to the doctor. It must save the insurance company a bunch of money. I also can't afford my property taxes but oh well it's all good.

Anonymous said...

bobkatt, I did not even mention that even after I meet my deductible, I am only covered at a certain percentage. So I in effect have worse coverage than an illegal who can just show up any county, state, or city health clinic or emergency room and get free visits.

I rememeber years ago I had an outstanding balance with a local hospital, and they tracked me down to the ends of the earth to find me. I eventually paid off the balance, but do you think they do this to the illegals? HELL NO! They just had an article in the Tribune last week saying that they write off the costs of charity care and add it to the paying customers.

Crackpot said...

No doubt about it, Daniel. The amnesty/guest worker package that passes in '07 will be far more generous than Bush wanted and Oregon has been officially declared a haven for illegals. Run for the border, mi amigos!

I invented the mullet said...

Anon 1136,

"...OFIR and the National Minuteklan labeled as an economic terrorist organization for interferring with the economy of the United States."

How are these organizations interferring with the economy? It seems to me what they are trying to do is preserve the US economy by not giving our (US taxpayers) money away to those who do not deserve it, those illegals ( whether they're from Mexico or Bum-fuk-Egypt, doesn't matter) who break our laws to come here and then expect, no- demand to be handed everything on a silver platter while legal citezens get to pay for it.

Keep on gloating, pal. You'll be happy when this country begins to look like the socialist Europian Union, won't you? If you can't wait for it to get here, leave now before the facist-jack-booted republican thugs knock your door down!

Oh, and I thought that was so clever of you to insert "klan" in the Minuteman name. You do know don't you, that the Minutemen you so easily disparage are made up of volunteers from around the country, Americans who are of Spanish desent, African, Italians, [Oh, you know- the other "mud" people.] You're the freakin racist around here. Do some homework, and I don't mean look it up on "indymedia".

Have a nice day.

And to all the (other) Veterans out there: Happy Veterans Day, Brothers and Sisters-in-Arms!
Happy Birthday USMC!

Mike said...
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Mike said...


Since the dead can't theoretically vote for Gregoire again, she'll probably just focus on the illegal aliens.