Wednesday, November 01, 2006

At least he didn't accuse them of atrocities this time

The John "soldiers are stupid" Kerry audio montage as put together by Lars Larson.

This time he only calls them stupid, at least he didn't call them war criminals and murderers.


Anonymous said...

Actually, you would have to be a bloody idiot to fight is a trumped-up war. But on a lighter note, all this hub-bub just illustrates that Republicans are not only dumb, but they also can't take a joke.

Another said...

By the look of the picture, Kerry's remarks seem to be germane.

BEAR said...

jon carry's non-apology was late, insincere, and a further insult to those of us who served in the military. Hurray for the soldiers and their banner!! Phooey to the idiot bigmouth anti-American lefties!

Bryan Saxton said...


I love it when you comment. It always seems to brighten my day. Anti-American lefties indeed.

Anyway, the spin machine known as the GOP has done a great job of taking Kerry's statement out of context. When Kerry's remark was directed at the president, somehow the "neo-cons" (I just really wanted to use neo-con to respond to all the commie remarks) were able to apply it to the soldiers serving in Iraq. It's a great strategy. What better way to discredit a party than acuse them of anti-Americanism?

Anonymous said...

It's not just neo-cons who've came to that conclusion.

Kerry is nothing more than a dumbass.

MAX Redline said...

Anyway, the spin machine known as the GOP has done a great job of taking Kerry's statement out of context.

Doesn't wash, Bryan. Sorry, but his remarks were not out of context, as the vids clearly show.

This was the real Kerry, and the same one we saw a few years before you were born.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry's remarks were clear as crystal and no misinterpretation either, nor was it humorous. It was inappropriate but it defines the true character of John Kerry.

Kaelri said...

Here's a point of view that some of you might actually warm to:

"On the surface, a rather flagrant and condescending attack on our troops currently serving. Utterly despicable words, especially from a sitting United States Senator and who nearly became president two years ago. Toss in that they are demonstrably false, as the current educational levels of our forces surpasses the national average, and it's a real bone-headed move.

"But I don't believe that Kerry meant to say that.

"He and his staff say he meant to say 'you get US stuck in Iraq' - it was an oblique cheap shot at President Bush, but Kerry omitted the 'us.' I find that plausible. While Kerry has a rather extensive history of bad-mouthing our troops, dating back to his testimony before Congress in 1971 and extending as recently as last week, when he denigrated the US forces brought in to help cut down the fighting in Baghdad, this is not quite his style. He tends to go after the troops directly, accusing them of incompetence and atrocities. He doesn't tend to just randomly slam them and mock them -- that he reserves for his political foes."

Anonymous said...

Note to you anti-war Libs!

You have yet to meet a Moslem that wants to cut your throat, but I have this hunch that someday you will.

Just keep pitching your line and that moment will come all the sooner.

Kaelri said...

And if I meet that Muslim, I'd hope to do something like this.

Anonymous said...

I think Kerry must be correct because the soldiers in the picture can't spell worth a lick. Maybe we should get some books for learnin' over to those illiterates.

Polish Immigrant said...

The best thing I heard about Kerry: "He misquoted himself."

Polish Immigrant said...

Or maybe he took himself out of context...

Anonymous said...

The sign the 2,818 dead soldiers would have held up for the world to see:

"Mr. President, we looked for them everywhere but we just couldn't find your WMDs. You didn't lie about that did you? Because we died because of it and if you lied about that, well, that really would suck. Tell my 21 year old wife and my new born baby boy I said hello."

Guest said...

It is funny how the Kerry remark has made Iraq the debate--something the Democratic Party hoped for. Listening to ALL media right, left and CSPAN, the Kerry remarks come up but are reframed to the larger debate on Iraq.

You are out of your mind if you think the majority of Americans who oppose the Republican failed war and foreign policy fiascos are going to now somehow miraculously support sending their children to fight in the quagmire because the remarks of Kerry. Likewise, somehow all those Soldiers are going to vote Republican when Republicans have failed on both fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Besides, Kerry was already framed by the Swiftboat Warcriminals for Bush as being against military service and the Iraq war (after he was for it, of course). It is really old news—even Limbaugh pointed that out. But really, notice ALL the rightwing talk shows are focused talking about Iraq ala Kerry and not tax cuts, social security, death tax, Pelosi, Clinton blah and blah. It is all about Iraq, baby and the GOP echo chamber is keeping that in the minds of Americans as they head to the polls.

Here is one sound bite from FOX News, “In light of Kerry's apology for remarks he said were misunderstood, Republican candidates are finding it hard to distance themselves from the ever growing problems in on the brink on violent outbreak"

All Kerry's remarks succeeded in doing was keeping the debate front and center on the Iraq failures. Couldn't have been more brilliant. Think about it. Now that he has apologized, one can only surmise that the media (right and left) will loose interest by Friday, leaving it wide open for that intelligence report and other Iraq/Afghan calamities to be discussed. All that is tar sticking to Republicans dragging them down. Dems don’t even need any more GOP child molesters, rapists or racists to pop up for Republicans to stay bogged down.

I am sure many love it when a plan comes together. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant indeed.
Great post.

Bobkatt said...

I don't think Kerry mis-spoke at all. Sometimes even the most polished politican lets it slip what he really feels. I have always felt that liberals really don't have much respect for those of us that have differing opinions. I even heard it mentioned on Air America that the red states have a lower IQ average than the blue states. I don't know how you would determine the IQ average of a state.

Kaelri said...

"I don't know how you would determine the IQ average of a state."

Give an IQ test to a random sample group from each state?

As for how Kerry "really feels," I think that's what the remark was meant to express. It came right in the middle of a number of childish spitball jabs directed at the President of the United States. The theme was reasonably intuitive.

Tim said...

Ugh, someone tell me where the "Joke" was again. John F. Kerry (North Vietnamese war hero) had a Freudian slip moment, and let out his true feelings, in my opinion. This is a "Man" with a history folks...oh that's right I forgot to the anti-American lefties out there excusing John F. Kerry (North Vietnamese war hero) world history didn't start until Bush took office. Remember Kerry came back from Vietnam and promptly started bashing his fellow servicemen, calling them war criminals, and it wasn't that long ago he was calling our troops in Iraq criminals, that terrorized women and children. Ugh, sounds like he "Loathes" our service men and women. Oh that's right he "Served" in Vietnam, served himself as a "Resume" enhancement. I'll go with the Swift Boat Vets on this one, since John F. Kerry (North Vietnam war hero) still refuses to open his service records to prove otherwise. It is my personal belief that his service record contains info on his Dishonorable Discharge for his Anti-American / "Anti-war" consorting with the enemy demonstrations, but was later granted amnesty by Jimmy (North Korean nuclear program enabler) Carter.

No wonder the Communist Party USA threw their support behind John F. Kerry (North Vietnam war hero) in the 2004 presidential election...he's on the same ideological page. By now you libs are frothing at the mouth over the facts. As we know, facts to a Liberal are like Kryptonite to Superman. But do a little research on the Communist Party USA's website, and other so called "Progressive" sites. Yes folks "Progressive" is just a PC way to say Communist which is actually regressive and oppressive.

If John F. Kerry (North Vietnam war hero) was truly sorry or had a "Boy did that come out wrong" moment then he would have apologized as soon as he said it. Instead he said, "I apologize to no-one." What an arrogant elitist bastard.

Kristopher said...

Kerry's joke was delivered exactly as he meant to deliver it.

He told the joke, and a bunch of young socialists in the university audience laughed at it ... as exactly the way he told it.

All of the crap coming out of these folks mouths now is just spin.

Kerry and the far left really do believe, in their hearts, that Red America, people in the military, the police, those that attend church, those that have large families, etc, etc, etc ... that they really all are dumb.

In their pointed little minds, you have to be truly stupid or insane to not believe the same crap they do.

And they really believe that they are sooooo intelligent ... it would never occur to them that people that don't share their ideology are just as smart ( or dumb ), on average, as they are.

Bryan Saxton said...

Kerry and the far left really do believe, in their hearts, that Red America, people in the military, the police, those that attend church, those that have large families, etc, etc, etc ... that they really all are dumb.

I'm glad you're able to infer all of that, Kristopher. You guys seriously beleive what you want to.

Bryan Saxton said...
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Mikhail said...

I agree that talk of pulling out of Iraq is not helpful. True, there is no way to "win" in Iraq, but the consequences of leaving a failed state, and broad regional conflict is just too terrible to contemplate.

It is far better that the US expend 5,000 a year in casualties and a few hundred billion dollars for the next 20 years if it can keep the sectarian violence in Iraq at a simmer as it is now.

The simple fact is that Iraqis are incapable of governing themselves, or providing internal security (no matter how much training or help is offered), so the US needs to step up and provide security indefinitely. Americans just need to suck in their guts and realize that this is the price the country has to pay to keep the world safe.

The costs from pulling out of Iraq (e.g. leading to a regional war with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, etc) would FAR outweigh the pain of an indefinite American occupation of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry says he now not running for President in 2008. The way the Massachusetts senator makes decision, I'll believe it when I see it in 2008 that John Kerry is not on the campaign trail.

Picture of John Kerry and Howard Dean together--ironically in an "unbotched joke."

Anonymous said...

Remind me again...

Who had the higher GPA at Yale, Kerry or Bush? Who has the Harvard MBA?

Oh, right, that would be Bush.

Anonymous said...

Remind me again...


Oh yeah, that would be KERRY.

Remind me again...


Oh yeah, that would be BUSH.

Anonymous said...

Okay remind me again....

Who's picture is in the Vietnam's War Museum as being a supporter of Vietnam? Oh yeah that would be Kerry right after he degraded US troops and called them baby killers. At least he's in good company with Jane Fonda.

Decorated war hero my ass!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Degraded US troops? HE WAS ONE!!!
He was doing then exactly what he is doing now, uncovering the failed policies of an administration who doesn't have a plan to end this thing. Did you like the way Vietnam turned out? At least John Kerry had the guts to say it was a failure, has nothing to do with the troops at all but everything to do with the failings of W.

Anonymous said...

Wow must have really touched a nerve there huh?

Do you understand the meaning of the word turncoat? That is exactly what Kerry did in the past and continues to do to this day. Please try and remember that he voted for this war and then changed his mind later (that would be the constant flip flopping he likes to do so well).

And if President Bush did drugs in college (hard to find anyone who didn't back then) and got a DUI at some point in his life then so be it he doesn't continue to do this behavior.

Kerry continues to put his feet in his mouth everytime he opens it. He is an embarrasment to all Americans (even the Dems are telling him to shut up). But hey there hope for him yet maybe he can help his wife make ketchup.

Anonymous said...

Hahhaahahaha! He voted for the war because W LIED about weapons of mass destruction. Let me repeat that: W LIED about weapons of mass desctruction.

John Kerry fought for your freedoms while W did cocaine. What you are doing, my friend, is degrading American soldiers everywhere by saying that Kerry doesn't have the right to speak out using the very freedoms they are fighting for.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, W's not the elitist, not at all!

George W. Bush is the 43rd President of the United States of America. He brings a whole lifetime's experience of having sprung from the loins of a long line of entitled millionaire politicians. A native of blue-blooded New Haven, Connecticut, Mr. Bush was born July 6, 1946 to parents Barbara Pierce Bush and future President George H.W. Bush.
Patterning his life after his father's, Bush attended three of America's most exclusive institutions of higher learning. During high school at wildly expensive, but in no way "elitist" Philips Andover Academy, Bush eschewed the effeminacy of reading and study to throw himself more fully into the giddy world of male cheerleading. In 1968, Bush earned his bachelor's degree from Yale.

During the utterly necessary Vietnam War, while so many of His leftist, America-hating peers took the path of least resistance – passive conscription and recreational gook slaughter in the balmy, Agent Oranged jungles of Southeast Asia – Bush instead bravely volunteered to jump to the front of the Texas Air National Guard wait list. There, His genetic predisposition to leadership was quickly acknowledged with a fabulously rare special commission to 2nd Lieutenant, rightfully catapulting him past the stiflingly bureaucratic folly of Officer's Training School. A devoted patriot, Bush quickly mastered the controls of His obsolete F-102 "Delta Dagger" fighter jet, dominating the skies of the Lone Star State's front lines and defending countless pregnant women and helpless kittens from sorties of Eastern Airlines tactical "whisper jets." So exemplary was his militarism, in fact, Bush saw fit to reward Himself with a 12-month A.W.O.L. vacation prior to being granted a special honorable discharge in the fall of 1973.

Shortly thereafter, and despite having been rejected from the University of Texas Law School, Bush matriculated at the less selective Harvard Business School, whose wizened administrators were capable of setting aside their egregiously discriminatory affirmative action program to mine the alumni gold buried deep within his C-strewn Yale transcript. Bush would earn His M.B.A. in 1975, at which time he would joyously bid his final farewell to the stifling, sissyish halls of the Ivy League. After ten booze-soaked years at citadels of preppy privilege, so potent was your CEO's distaste for the preening East Coast arrogance of tweed-wearing, womanish academics, he repudiated them by vowing to devote the rest of his life to speaking in a charming accent picked up while watching Roy Rogers films and a touring company production of L'il Abner.

Anonymous said...

Definition of Lied: Knowingly giving false information.

President Bush did not lie (that was Clinton) he received information from several different agencies (and another country) reporting of the WMD and he acted on that information as well as several other countries. The Congress agreed that the information was accurate and based on this information we went to war. Now the fact that the information was wrong is not the president's or any member of the congress' fault. Personally I'm glad to see Saddam out of power and behind bars.

As far as Kerry fighting for my freedom think about this one: Benedict Arnold also was a soldier and a traitor.

Bryan Saxton said...

Bush ignored three official reports indicating that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before invading, just like Condi Rice ignored warnings about 9/11 attacks monthsbefore they happened.

Anonymous said...

Just like Clinton was given Bin Ladin on a silver plate and gave him back several times!!!!

Just like Clinton ignored terrorist threats per the 9/11 commission report that cost us over 3,000 innocent lives and then try to blame it on a president that had only been in office a few months.

Kaelri said...

Seven months.

Seven months, three weeks and one day, during which he did nothing.

Bill Clinton is out of office. George Bush is the President of the United States. He has two years left, and we've seen what George Bush can do in two years.

Am I wrong to assume that, because you're changing the subject to the failings of an extinct administration, you have no actual grounds on which to defend the President's incompetence?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Kerry is finished!"

Brahahhhaaha! Finished with what, exactly?
We're all talking about Iraq again - the one thing W and the Rapeublican's did not want America talking about directly before the election. I'm thinking the October surprise this year might be the 101 American soldiers who died because of the failings of this pathetic administration.

Kristopher said...


MAX Redline said...

"Mr. President, we looked for them everywhere but we just couldn't find your WMDs. You didn't lie about that did you?

Bush Lied!
Well, so goes the liberal mantra. Unfortunately, as none other than The New York Times reports, the mantra doesn't pan out so well.

Among the dozens of documents in English were Iraqi reports written in the 1990s and in 2002 for United Nations inspectors in charge of making sure Iraq had abandoned its unconventional arms programs after the Persian Gulf war. Experts say that at the time, Mr. Hussein's scientists were on the verge of building an atom bomb, as little as a year away.

The documents, roughly a dozen in number, contain charts, diagrams, equations and lengthy narratives about bomb building that nuclear experts who have viewed them say go beyond what is available elsewhere on the Internet and in other public forums. For instance, the papers give detailed information on how to build nuclear firing circuits and triggering explosives, as well as the radioactive cores of atom bombs.

The rabidly anti-Bush NYT appears to have accomplished a feat hitherto unknown in the annals of human history: the ability to bite themselves on their own butt.

Of course, this is probably a result of a vast right-wing conspiracy. Everybody "knows" that Bush lied, so obviously, he fabricated the documents. But wait a minute - he's the Chimp, right? He's too stupid to be able to do something like that. It must've been Karl Rove or Dick Cheney; yeah, that's the ticket! Must have been pretty convincing stuff, though.