Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Run for your lives! The sky is falling!

It's that very special time of year again. No, not Christmas season. The time when I absolutely refuse to watch local news on the tv.

This is because every snowflake (and possibly some white lint) is treated like a blizzard. And God help us if some snow actually sticks on the ground! Wow, then it's time to don those (fill in the network color) parkas and rush out and actually show us what snow looks like! Yes, the intrepid reporter will, without fail, point to and actually pick up some snow to show us, the ignorant viewer.

Yes I know that snow is good for ratings, people want to find out if schools are going to be closed (they're run by unions, of course they are closed) or if you will be able to get to work. (unless you work for Dianne Linn you are expected to show up if you want to get paid)

But please, spare me the drama.


Mike said...

That post reminded me of a poem I wrote during my junior year of high school. It concluded:

"Because to school I can not go,
All due to one inch of snow."

Tim said...

Oh let's not forget the gazillion stories on the avalanche of accidents "Caused by the weather" like people driving while stupid had nothing to do with it. Even in these cold icy, or snowy conditions the folks out there still tailgate, speed or otherwise just drive stupid. It's bad enough that way too many folk engage in Driving while stupid when conditions are dry. No wonder tailgating has become Oregons number one bloodsport.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the ratings.If i hear one more time about o.j. I will puke.

gullyborg said...

Snow? You call that snow? I grew up in Chicago and spent winters in Denver and Park City. And 75% of the state, you know, the region East of I-5, manages to cope with snow every winter. What you have here is nothing more than a slight case of mildly cold dandruff.

Scottiebill said...

Gullyborg: I hear you. My wife and I grew up in north central Montana about 50 miles east of Glacier Park. This weather here is nothing more than a mild chill. In our home town we usually got about 3 feet of snow each winter, but most of it went to North Dakota and Minnesota in front of the 40 and 50 mph winds that are up nearly every day, summer and winter. And it got down to 20 below zero yesterday. These people here don't have it bad, at all. They just think they do.

J Hoffa said...

Come on it is so much fun to watch "STORM TEAM [Insert News Channel # here]" go bonkers.

Plus Columbia sportswear also gets all that free advertising.

Finally, while watching the news this morning w/ my son to see if he had a "snow" day I actually witnessed the hazing of the new girl on Channel 8 as she was exiled to Troutdale at 6am and then reminded by the next guy up the food chain that come January 2007, today would feel like a summer day in Miami.

She was not pleased...but it made for great tv.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Pete Schulberg's commentary in the Portland Tribune about the local news media coverage about the Portland snow, and the terminology such as "gorge screeching" and "Sylvan sensationalizing." Pete pretty much sums it up for us.

Portland Tribune: "There's no business like snow business"

Portland is downright pathetic in its snow news coverage. Oh yeah, there's that endless chant "stay home, don't go out" which translates to that the news station wants you to stay home and watch the news to boost ratings.

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