Saturday, November 11, 2006

OFIR press release

Tuesday’s election a victory for immigration reform?

Most political observers have stated that the election Tuesday was a referendum on President Bush’s policies. Democrats gained control of both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. Not one Democratic Senator or House member lost their seat. National issues even affected the vote for governor here in Oregon.

Jim Ludwick, President of Oregonians for Immigration Reform stated, "Almost everyone believes that the election was a referendum on the policies of President Bush. President Bush is the chief proponent of amnesty and open borders. If the election was a repudiation of President Bush’s policies, how can it not also be a repudiation of his immigration policies?”

Ludwick went on to make the following points:

The House Immigration Reform Caucus chaired by Congressman Tom Tancredo has 104 members. Their goals are the same as OFIR’s. 96 of the members were re-elected and 2 were open seats.

In Arizona there were 4 anti-illegal immigration propositions on the ballot. Prop. 100, which denies bail to illegal aliens charged with a serious crime, passed 78% to 22%. Prop. 102, which prohibits illegal aliens from being awarded punitive damages in any Arizona court, passed 74.5% to 25.5%. Prop 103, which makes English the official language of Arizona, passed 74.4% to 25.6%, (50% of Hispanic Arizonians voted in favor of it). Prop. 300, which limits certain educational opportunities for illegal aliens, passed by a 71.7% to 28.3% margin.

In Colorado voters passed a referendum that denies valuable tax deductions to employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

Ludwick went on to say, "Most importantly, many of the newly elected Democrats campaigned on being tough against illegal immigration. In Wednesday’s report on the election, The Oregonian reported that,’Winning House Democrats campaigned hard on a platform that was largely business-minded, fiscally tight and tough on illegal immigration.’"

Immigration reform, our sovereignty and control over our borders should not be partisan issues. They are issues that should unite Republicans, Democrats and independents.

A recent poll by the Center for Immigration Studies reported that three out of four voters believed the reason we have illegal immigration is that past enforcement efforts have been grossly inadequate. Also, when told the scale of legal and illegal immigration, voters overwhelmingly thought it was too high.


MAX Redline said...

I disagree. This election wasn't significantly different from any other sixth-year election.

It is not a repudiation of Bush's amnesty proposal; far from it. Indeed, it virtually guarantees that some form of amnesty policy will be implemented within the next two years.

Calhoun said...

I think there's some wishful thinking going on. It's plain to me that Bush and the new Congress will rush to enact some version of the McCain-Kennedy bill (which has basically everything Bush wanted on this issue).

Is that all bad? Maybe not. After the illegal aliens sign up for the new guest worker visas, we will have a pretty good list of who all needs to be deported. Names, addresses, photos, fingerprints. Such a list may come in handy a couple years from now.


I heard some cable-news discussions about "why did Bush wait til after the election to announce Rumsfeld's resignation? Republicans would have fared better if the announcement had come before the election."

I can't help but think Bush knew that it would help, but he decided to torpedo the Republican controlled House because they defied him. He's gotten just about everything he wanted from them -- but now he's going to get the rest of what he wanted from the Democrats.

Bryan Saxton said...

Wow. I think that's giving a little too much importance to the immigration issue.

Anonymous said...

I think it's giving a little too much credit to W's brain.
He's a stubborn man and Rove was in his ear telling him they'd win.
He screwed up big time.

Anonymous said...

2008 campaign begins now.

Anonymous said...

The sad part of this is when we make these 12 million illegals legal, the nation will need another 12 million to do the work the current illegals will no longer do for those wages.

Thank goodness the Minutemen continue to build a fence and monitor our borders. I hope everyone will support them with donations.

Anonymous said...

How about a guest Baby Killer, Child Rapist and Car Thief program?

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about the Rs losing is that it removes the last block against amnesty.

Anonymous said...

The Minteklan is soon to be labeled a terrorist organization.

Ric said...

I have to assume that in Oregon there is no law blocking bail for illegals ( er, un-anticipated guests )

That will be something I write my newly re-elected congressman & senator.

What constitutes a 'serious' crime? Any felony, clearly, and also any violence - ie domestic violence, child neglect or puppy rape. I think I'll have to ask specifically for puppy rapists to be denied bail and to qualify for the death penalty.