Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Moving forward

Rather than dwell on the fact that we now have Speaker Ortega, I mean Pelosi (campaign slogan: A needle exchange on every corner!), I think that we need to focus on what we can do next time.

Did you all find the time to distribute the Christian Voter's Guide at your church? Did you donate any money, however little, to your favorite candidate/cause? Did you work the phone banks or stuff evenlopes or go door to door for a campaign?

Did you call your like-minded friends and neighbors to make sure they got their ballot in?

I want everyone to remember how they are feeling now, and how they were feeling last night, and translate that into some action when the 2008 cycle comes about.


Anonymous said...

this should show you how far out you are on the fringe of society.wake up and get real

Anonymous said...

"Did you all find the time to distribute the Christian Voter's Guide at your church?"

Oh, is this where the church advises one to harass poor undocumented immigrant day laborers? Because I missed that mandate in my reading of the Bible. I thought we were supposed to serve the poor, regardless, and stand up for Christian values against a corrupt (and apparently gay) power structure.

Daniel, I think the message should be clear. The nation is pretty tired of your party's divisive wedge issues and especially the way groups like you have handled them. Furthermore, why don't you stop being such a coward and confront REAL power (i.e. picket government offices and high-powered employers that create the demand for such a large undocumented labor pool)?

Kalpakian said...


I'm with you.

2 Kings 6:15-17.

Anonymous said...

You guys should not be upset. The liberal republicans lost to the old school conservative democrats; not the socialist scum. As far as Oregon election results go, well, that's Oregon. Half the nation makes fun of Oregon and the other half says, "Where's Arygun?"

Anonymous said...

Moving forward should be easy as its all downhill from here.

Press #3 for English

Greg said...

Dear Anon 7:27,

I know not having a name must be frustrating, but of course that is the liberal mindset. Have a child, but don’t think far enough ahead to name it. So sorry!

A bunch of inflammatory comments are not what’s needed. Logic and intellect are now more scarce than ever in both our state and national government and we can use all we can get. – More at the Oregon Billboard.

Anonymous said...

OK boys, time to grow up... Get off your Christian-fundamentalist far-right agenda and pursue one - Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform - period

You've had your 'fun,' now it's time to focus. Disregarding 20 Million Illegals in this nation had nothing to do with 'your' losses. American's just had enough with this commander in chief and his Christian Industrialist agenda. If you will help me stick it to my fellow Democrats / Progressives - we can all (still) win.

Keep THIS Issue alive - not the other crap... The nation is with you/us on Illegal Immigration, and the Democrats know it. Keeping it first and foremost their constituents will pressure them to do what's right. If you continue with the Liberal bashing --- you/we will loose ... it's that simple.

Are you ready to buck-up and move forward? This is were the separation may widen, or narrow. Up to now I've ignored your demeaning attacks on good people -- I will no longer do so. It's up to you.

Anonymous said...

Speaker Ortega? I should have expected all of this name calling from you and other conservatives posters here. You guys are already calling Pelosi a Communist, and participating in these fallacious accusations and hyperbole, saying that we're headed to some great national era of darkness. It's silly, quite frankly.

Anonymous said...

Gabe - your blog is a breath of fresh air compared to the intolerable vitriol that is spewed here constantly. And, you're obviously more articulate. Thanks.

Dump Daniel! Go Gabe!

Anonymous said...

Pelosi said she does NOT want a Fence on the Border. She needs the Grape pickers and housecleaners for her Mansion.
She wants Amnesty.
War in Irag? The Dems will do what different? Pull out and give it to Iran? That is good?
OK so Dems pullout and Impeach Bush (Rumsfield is walkig already), that leaves the BIG issue; Illegal "immigration".
Dems & Bush better get on board with the majority of the Nation or 2008 will be payback time.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To: Anon 10:42a

Thank you for the kind words! I truly strive to free myself from from bias and preconceptions to see how things go both ways. But I'm only human, that's part of the reason I put my blog up, so people can call me on something.

I get a number of comments from different sides and they all are welcomed. I know it sounds trite, but I want to be a truth-seeker. Come from that perspective and you leave your ego at the door and people feel freer to share ideas.

I just had a thought, at the end of every post, maybe I should leave a solicitation for comment. That way, no one feels I'm some ideologue who will shout down someone.

Anonymous said...


I am with you too

1 Asswhooping 6:00-10:00

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:53 - Immigration is a non-starter, nationally. Get your head out of wherever you have it stuck. Certainly it's an issue that the people want to deal with effectively, but not by criminalizing the immigrants and those who aid them and souring relations with Mexico. But by all means, keep beating your drum and rally the small minority of nativists and racist Salem barbers to support a Tancredo/Gilchrist Independent ticket. Dems will gladly take the white house in '08 when Tancredo gets just enough of the xenophobe vote to keep McCain from getting elected.

Push on, man. Please.

R Huse said...

Ass whooping? Maybe. Huge loss for the Republicans? Definitely. Change in the countries direction? Not so fast. Is the will of the majority truly against the war and Bush? The Democrats say so but do they believe it?

They have been saying we need to get out, now let them act on it. If they withdraw funding forthwith and bring the troops home, I will eat my words. If they do not, then we will know exactly where their principles lie. We wait in eager anticipation of their actions.

Anonymous said...


Haven't very few Democrats, though, said we need -complete- and -immediate- withdrawl? Some have yes, but bear in mind that many of the Dems that won either leaned to the right or were moderates.

Anonymous said...

R huse -

"Is the will of the majority truly against the war and Bush?"

Uh...yes. What do you think last night was all about?

If the dems don't withdraw immediately, leaving Iraq to their own murderous devices, this doesn't mean that the majority is not against the war. It just means that the administration got is into such a mess that we cannot quickly get out of it. We're stuck with it. Last night's election was a wake-up call to Bush and especially to right-wing hawks who still have delusions that Iran and North Korea can be dealt with militarily.

Message in last night's election: Stop making foolish wars.

Anonymous said...

The reason you guys lost last night is because YOU'RE CRAZY.
I'm just so pleased that the nation recognized that and didn't allow themselves to be bullied by you again.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Anon 12:46 thinks we are sooo crazy. I however think that anyone who can't see that the Dems are going to lead us down the road to poverty while allowing terrorist to kill our children needs to be locked up in a mental ward. Anyone who voted for the Dems had better not cry about the economy, immigration, or terrorist because this is what you voted for.

I can sleep well at night by my beliefs.

Oh yeah can't wait to see how many more babies will be killed in the name of stem cell research.


Anonymous said...

The difference between Dems and Rep are quite simple:

If a Republican makes a mistake they own up to, if a Democrat makes a mistake they either lie to get out of it or blame it on someone else.

If a Republican losses an election they accept it if a Democrat losses an election they declare foul and blame it on the election process (see Kerry and Gore and Gov Christine-WA state) and if they can get away with it (Gov Wa State) they can steal and election.

If terrorist attack the US the Republicans don't point fingers they try and fix this issue the Democrats blame a brand new administration.

You all have a great 2 years and we'll see what happens next.

I use to say "God Bless America" now I'm saying "God Help America"

Anonymous said...

Mmhmm. Your boy George sure has owned up to all his mistakes. Maybe if he had you wouldn't be in this mess.

And anon 3:33 - Thank you so very much for illustrating my point exactly.

Terry said...

My sense is that the fight against illegal immigration today stands where the Christian Right's crusade against homosexuals stood in the late 1990s. You may be able to hang on to a few forts here and there in the coming years and maybe win a battle or two, but the political fault lines running beneath everything have shifted; the tide has turned, and the war is over. Not taking a position on the issue one way or the other, I'm just calling it like I see it.

Thanks for giving people the freedom to comment, even though it's your blog.

Kaelri said...

"If a Republican makes a mistake they own up to, if a Democrat makes a mistake they either lie to get out of it or blame it on someone else."

I was under the impression that President Bush was a Republican. My mistake.

"if a Democrat losses an election they declare foul and blame it on the election process..."

You don't think the uncertainty and confusion in the 2000 election was legitimate?

And I'll remind you that Kerry conceded the election to President Bush before any recount in Ohio was conducted. Kerry later revealed that he disputed the results because, among other reasons, of the electronic voting machines, but in fact chose not to publicly cry foul, in order to keep the peace.

Links pertaining to both claims upon request. Don't feel like dredging them up now but I'm willing to support my statements with evidence.

"If terrorist attack the US the Republicans don't point fingers they try and fix this issue the Democrats blame a brand new administration."

Oh, for heaven's sake. In the aftermath of 9/11, this country stood unified behind President Bush. We were genuinely willing to put partisanship aside in favor of patriotism. For better or for worse, the resolutions to eliminate al Qaeda, invade Afghanistan and pass the PATRIOT Act passed with no significant opposition. No one was blaming the President in any large numbers for 9/11 until we discovered how little he'd done.

"You all have a great 2 years and we'll see what happens next."

Yes, we will.

Ric said...

Move Forward.

I would also suggest that everyone write - not email - their state Senator, Representative and even our Governor.

Let them know what our views are.

Their agenda - raise the minimum wage. Raising it else where will make Oregon's
high min wage more competitive - unless it goes up to. Sure some low wage earners will benefit, however, how many union positions will also get raises because the contracts are tied to the minimum - That one thing will translate into higher taxes.

What else? ..

Be polite, lay out your position and print the letter. In this age of IM's and text message divorces, a written letter stands out.

Anonymous said...

Ric, there's not an elected out there that gives a shit about your dumbass opinion.
Get a life you moron.

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