Thursday, May 01, 2008

Publicity for this issue helps us

The illegal aliens and their supporters will be marching in Salem today. Thank you. Putting this issue back on the front page will only help our cause. Imagine how many more signatures we will collect for the Respect For Law Act ballot initiative because of this.

Now I want you to listen to me very carefully illegal boys and girls, I know that the PCUN/CAUSA/VOZ boys have given you your marching orders: no Mexican flags, no signs indicating that you hate whitey, stop being so offensive in general. I know that. But I know that goes against your every instinct. After all, you have no respect for this country. And why shouldn't you be demanding? You break our laws and we respond by paying for your healthcare!

So please my illegal amigos, don't let the Union boys bully you into being so respectful in front of the news cameras. Say what you really want to say. Tell the American people that you want to "take back" part of the United States for Mexico. You know you want to.

CAUSA, the group that can't even bring itself to use the word "illegal", has a picture from last May Day. Keep in mind that they are very PR savvy and don't want to offend. That means their official May Day picture has got to be the best one they have and it still has several Mexican flags and a sign that says "Real ID, NO" in it. (if the sign was carried with the affirmative message it would say "Fake ID, YES")

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Anonymous said...

No, actually it doesn't. Remember all the "publicity" anti-immigrant candidates got earlier in the Republican Presidential campaigning. Take Romney for example. He went down in flames, as did other anti-immigrant candidates. Really, if the "publicity" was such a help, why was McCain, the pro-amnesty, pro-Dream Act, pro-immigrant candidate nominated? Time to wake up in Miglavia!

Snick@nite said...

Gee Miglavs, are you telling us with a straight face that OFIR encourages it's members to just "let it all hang out" at demonstrations? Or do they ask that everyone be on their best behavior? (At least while the cops and cameras are there). After that OFIR gang members get pretty

Your musing is pretty funny this morning. It actually reads like a primer for OFIR: PR savvy, lots of American flags, respectful in front of the news cameras, don't say what you REALLY feel, no signs that indicate virulant hate for Latinos (even though it goes against every instinct of many OFIR gang members).

All in all, it sounds to me like these guys are ASSIMILATING. They're learning how to demonstrate American-style and Danny doesn't like it. Waaaaaaah. LMAO, so what is it that you're whining about?

Hmmmmmm... hypocrisies folded within hypocrisies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel, you going to show up with your camera again to film all six of your redneck hillbilly counterprotesters?

Anonymous said...

I don’t have a problem with "immigration" per say. However, don’t come here and demand to get something you have not earned. Just because we have a free nation does not mean there was not already some cost paid for that freedom.

As a note I noticed in that picture those kids that should be in school seem to be having a hell of a good time. Too bad they can’t read or write, perhaps school should have been a priority so they would have the ability of spell.

Anonymous said...

How is Daniel a hypocrite? You make no sense snick.

snick@nite said...

Anons 3:09 and 3:59:

I think it's fairly impossible to tell in the picture who should be in school and who shouldn't or which ones can read and write and which ones can't, much less their citizenship status.

As for students who should be in school, I think it is reasonable to allow them to participate in a very American part of civil life. Demonstrating peaceably about an important political or social issue is quintessentially
"American." Immigration is an issue that may be paramount in their lives and as such, a valuable learning experience for them.

My 8 year old and 14 year old daughters want to see Hillary Clinton when she returns to Oregon and I am all for it. They will be missing a few hours from school on that day so their mother and I can take them.

As to Miglav's myriad hypocrisies: Assimilate, assimilate! The clarion call from those who think our "culture" is in "danger." Then when those he wishes to assimilate do, (demonstrating in a manner less offensive to some Americans) he mocks them for it.

Anonymous said...

re; 4:34

When they can write and spell...then they can participate.

Snick@nite said...

Snick@nite said..I guess this makes me a hypocrite and a really bad role for my daughters- but they are cunts too.
"Those of us?" LMAO, is this TRISHA, the lying putrid, gash from stoptheinvasionoforegon? The blog I visited ONCE? I left ONE comment on her LYING dumbass blog and from the looks of it, it's the only comment she's received in MONTHS. Now I'm a stalker? You are a certifiable nut jub TRISHA.
TRISHA: you pathetic waste of space, don't you have some UHAUL trucks to tail? Some boarding houses to surveil? Some direct quotes to make up out of thin air? Some mayors to slander? A crappy lie-filled blog to maintain? Some meds to take? Snick@Nite said...
Im sorry, it's TASHA. TASHA THE GASH-A. The Gash-a can call brown people all the names she wants...but Waaaaaaaaaahhhh
...don't call her a name or she'll start bawling!

Sorry, Tasha the Gash-a. If you're going to dish it out, you better be able to take it, you lying NAZI CUNT. Can't stand the heat? Get out of the fucking kitchen.

I Posted ONCE on your pathetic,
"zero comments a year" lie-filled blahg and maybe three or four times a month here. Yup, Im a stalker all right! Who is stalking who?

Tasha the Gash-a -- don't you have something to do? Some meth to score? I hear there's heavy UHaul traffic on Front St. today.

Im done with you now, TASHA the GASH-A.


snick@nite said...

snick@nite did not leave the comment at 4:59. This is the work of Tasha, the nice girl whos blog: stoptheinvasionoforegon illustrates what a high caliber person she is. Oh, yeah. I forgot, she says I'm a "stalker." Yet, she followed me all the way to this blog and obviously hangs on every word I say.

the real snick@nite

Anonymous said...

438: So you are the "decider?"

MAX Redline said...


I don't know what the hell your 4:59 PM "post" is supposed to be about, but it seems clear that if anybody needs to titrate their meds a little better, it would be you. You can't even stay on topic.

Your personal rant against whomever it was that you were ranting about is completely unintelligible. Try as I might, I can't find any link in here that should have prompted such a tirade.

Get a grip, titrate your meds.


Anonymous said...

Max: read the next post at 5:59.

Bobkatt said...

Snick-to quote Seinfeld, "shouldn't you be out on a ledge somewhere?"

snick@nite said...

BobKatt: read the post at 5:59.

You've been coming here long enough to know be a little better by now.

snick@nite said...

be - me

Anonymous said...

At least the OFIR members are Americans. They are reacting to the total BS actions of a bunch of illegal foreign nationals who act more like parasites then humans. Let's see, I counted about FIFTEEN mex flags being waved yesterday. I guess good ole American boys just don't like that sheet, ya think?

Anonymous said...

What sheet? Oh, you mean that white sheet with the pointed hat?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you want it to be slag.

MAX Redline said...

snick@nite -

Ok. I still think you ought to titrate the meds or something, but I buy your explanation of the bizarre post. It was unlike what I'm used to seeing from you.

Anonymous said...

Real assimilation means obeying the laws from the beginning i.e. coming here legally. That's not hypocrisy to demand that, which is all Daniel has done. You don't even know what the word means.