Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daniel's primary endorsements

This is just me going down my ballot to indicate how my wife and I are voting. The sad state of the Oregon Republican party is so evident because I'm not actually voting for any Republicans, none of them excite me, I'm voting against their more liberal Republican counterparts.

President: Ron Paul - I'm not voting for McCamnesty.

Senator: Gordon Leitch - Able to speak for a long time about "gold coins" but I'm looking to vote against Smith for his amnesty vote. I mean hey, you can't wire gold coins to Mexico...

Congressional District 1: Claude Chappell - The other guy, Haugen, believes in global warming, amnesty (or as he calls it "family reunification") and a draft. Oh, and he endorses Obama.

Judge 20th district: Andy Erwin - I actually like this guy, he wants to punish criminals. Imagine that. But his "for" vote is nonpartisan.

I'm also voting YES on 51, 52, and 53.

Some of you in the Portland area probably have a blank spot for your Republican candidates. Way to go Vance. Maybe if you spent less time trying to sell us McCain you could field some decent candidates that would make conservatives proud to be Republicans.

And here is a "guest column" of sorts from VP of OFIR Rick:
(I edited for length)

PLEASE DON'T VOTE, until you read this.

As Vice-Pres. of OFIR I understand that the issue of illegal immigration is a non-partisan issue impacting all Americans and legal immigrants.

This notice concerns only registered Republicans and the current ballot just received.

Included in your election ballot is a form (yellow) to become a Precinct Committee Person or PCP. A PCP has the voting rights to influence what happens in the party. You can become a PCP by voting for yourself (write-in) and having just two others write you in on their form and mail it in with the ballot. These two others need to be registered in the Republican Party and in your precinct or the adjacent one(s). There are hundreds of slots open statewide, so your vote(s) to become a PCP should be approved.

Why bother? I understand why many of you are frustrated with John McCain and the Republican Party leadership decision to ignore or pander on this issue of illegal immigration.

If the majority of Americans really wanted amnesty, legislation would have easily passed the 1st or the 2nd time around. It hasn't and is not going to this year either.

Attrition thru enforcement does work and is the most humane, efficient and compassionate solution, not rewarding bad behavior. The 1986 amnesty and the results of it 22 years later should be enough proof.Attrition is a result of respecting the rule of law, a Republican Party by-law.

Did you know this important news? The Oregon Republican Party wrote and passed a resolution supporting the Respect for Law Act, twice. This is our only opportunity at enforcing immigration laws here in Oregon for now. We should let the entire state know that republicans do support the rule of law and therefore motivate the larger majority of voters that agree with this. Party leaders should not be afraid to support the 9 out of 10 employers that are not violating laws. Instead voter registrations and donations prove we have lost a majority support position and will continue to do so if we pander to corrupt employers only.

Please consider becoming a PCP now, while you have that ballot handy. If we cannot get help from the leadership here for now, as a PCP you can change that.


Rick Hickey said...

Italy busts hundreds of suspected illegals
Italian police announced on Thursday the arrest of hundreds of suspected illegal [aliens] in a sign of the new right-wing government's determination to clamp down. -- Police arrested 383 people including 268 foreigners, with 53 immediately taken to the border for expulsion, in a week-long operation...

Go Italy!

1st England, then France and the A.G of N. Carolina and the A.G. of Nebraska and then the U.S. Supremes on voting and I.C.E. Agents called into a Gang fight at Chemeketa Community College here in Salem tonight. Remember ICE = "undocumented" "workers".

Yes illegal IS illegal.

See ya illegals! You still have time to go home with your new S.U.V. (greedy loan co. can't repo from a foreign country)and your equity from that no money down, no S.S.#, FHA home loan OR be forced to leave empty handed in handcuffs.

You guys see the finacial expert Jim Rome on Marketwatch talking about how many home loans in last few years were to illegal aliens? And that is a large portion of this foreclosure "crisis", he says.

Daniel, thank you sharing my memo as many have already contaced me and our signing up as PCP's to get the Party of the rule of law back to the party of the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

The other guy, Haugen, believes in global warming ...

In Miglavia, ice caps and glaciers aren't melting -- unlike those in the real world, where tangible evidence of receding ice caps is available to any human being on the ENTIRE FUCKING PLANET who is not clinically blind. Earth to Daniel: Ice MELTS when the temperature RISES. Do you understand that? Is that too difficult a concept for you? LOL!!! Is this basic, scientific fact that even a child understands capable of penetrating your brain matter? I mean ... LOL!!! You really believe your own bullshit, don't you? ROTFLMAO!!! Nothing I, or 10,000 professional scientists say will really make any difference, will it? LOL!!! Fuck it, go ahead and vote for Chappell, you dumb fuck. I just hope you don't have voters' remorse when you find out that Chappell believes the earth is round! LOL! Fucking idiot Miglavs ... man, to be a fly on the wall in your house, the dinner table conversations must be priceless. ROTFLMAO!!!!

Anti-KLAN said...

What you are not voting for the anti-immigrant, womanizing baby killer Mike Erickson?

Bobkatt said...

anon 10:17-FUCKING, clinically blind, bullshit, Fuck it, dumb fuck, Fucking idiot all in one post. Nice logical discussion. Better check your medication dude.

Anonymous said...

The earth is not warming up, it's cooling off.

Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Arise we are under attack by the Rich Fucks called our elected Honorable Senators !
Fuckstein is trying to pass a really awful amnesty again-
go to and call today this weekend and send faxes
call your neighbors
again these rich fucks ruin every summer with amnesty
last year the home addresses of all of them were posted on the internet along with their phone numbers and guess what amnesty did not pass

Anonymous said...

Daniel, why are you looking at your wife's ballot? You filling it out for her? Telling her what she has to vote for? Voter fraud?

Tasha said...

use this number now to call Wyden and Smith:
1 866 340 9281
gorden Smith - here are the local numbers:
( you can get all local numbers by going to WWW.NUMBERSUSA.COM and clicking on contact congress;)
Washington, DC 20510
121 Salmon - Suite 1250
Portland, OR 97204
211 East 7th Avenue - Room 202
Eugene, OR 97401
Security Plaza
Medford, OR 97504
1706 SW Frazer Ave.
Pendleton, OR 97801
Jamison Building
Bend, OR 97701

Scottiebill said...

The anonymouse's consistent use of the F-bomb shows a remarkable lack of any reasonable ability to express himself cogently, coherently, and without the use of endless profanities. It also shows the presence of a very weak mind.

One could possibly draw the conclusion that he got his meager education in one of our "modern" government schools run and overseen by the teachers' unions.

DANEgerus said...

A vote for anyone but Barack Hussein Obama is a vote for Barack Hussein Obama.

Remember Perot gave us Clinton twice.

Anonymous said...

A vote for a Repubican is a vote for Pedophiles and Baby-Killers. I will stay home this election. Thankyou

Daniel said...

Does anyone else think that people who use "lol" as punctuation (at the end of almost every sentence) are a bit nutty?

I mean, if you are a 14 year old girl doing txt messaging then fine, but an adult?

You can't possibly be actually laughing out loud that much can you? Are you really sitting in front of your computer laughing to yourself?

Anonymous said...

In Miglavia, the commoners shuffle about, begging for signatures for their latest bill. They wait fervently for any signs or messages from their leaders or their Internet oracle, Miglavs.
Suddenly, smoke from the mountain top. The oracle has spoken...

Alas, another vacuous message about nothing. The commoners shuffle away silently, vowing to never use LOL again lest they be cast out and left to the mercy of the evil Mexicans outside the fortress walls.

Anonymous said...

Miglavs lecturing about adult behavior? That's rich.

Ridicule kids who misspell words.
Ridicule homeless people.
Ridicule people who can't read.

...and these are just the recent examples.

Anonymous said...

I saw a Ofirian gathering sigs out in east county. Needless to say, when he asked me if I would sign the bigot petition, "Repect for Law Act", I asked him when OFIR members were going to respect the law and quite molesting children. When I told him about Bruce Benkle, he was so surprised that he actually let out a big sign moan. I pointed the fella in the direction of Rick Hickey telling him that Hickey was his friend. When I came back out of the store, the guy was gone. Funny. That maybe all it takes. A little truth.

Bobkatt said...

Ofirian, Miglavian, Repubpedophilian blah, blah, blah. More made up personal testimonium. More boredom.

Anonymous said...

And do you really expect us to believe, Daniel, that when you're sitting in front of the computer writing about something half-way seriously, that we should assume you're "thinking"?

Anonymous said...

No Miglavs. We're sitting in front of our computers laughting at YOU.

Anonymous said...

Okay, for the record: It is TOTALLY accurate to say that I Laughed Out Loud at Anon 5:47's post, and I'm even LOL-ing a bit right now as I type, because it's true: I LOL at Daniel all the time -- not at the jokes that he wants people to laugh at, but at the holier-than-though indignation that he expects his neo-fascist comrades to take as seriously as a heart attack. Uh oh! Here it comes again ... LOL!

(Okay, I faked that last one ...)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:17 PM
I have a question for you. Why are the ice caps melting on Mars too?

Maybe it is the Martians driving their SUV's around. They need to get off the addiction of oil to save their planet for the little Martians!

Which one of these EXPERTS did you get your information from?

Top 70 "Climatologists" who believe in man-made CO2 Doomsday
May 19, 2008

Al Gore, B.A. Government (no science degree)
Alanis Morissette, High School Diploma
Bill Maher, B.A. English (no science degree)
Bono (Paul Hewson), High School Diploma
Daryl Hanna, B.F.A. Theater (no science degree)
Ed Begley Jr., High School Diploma
Jackson Browne, High School Diploma
Jon Bon Jovi (John Bongiovi), High School Diploma
Oprah Winfrey, B.A. Speech and Drama (no science degree)
Prince Charles of Whales, B.A. (no science degree)
Sheryl Crow, B.A. Music Education (no science degree)
Sienna Miller, High School Diploma

ABC - Sam Champion, B.A. Broadcast News (no science degree, not a meteorologist)
CBS - Harry Smith, B.A. Communications and Theater (no science degree)
CBS - Katie Couric, B.A. English (no science degree)
CBS - Scott Pelley, College Dropout
NBC - Ann Curry, B.A. Journalism (no science degree)
NBC - Anne Thompson, B.A. American studies (no science degree)
NBC - Matt Lauer. B.A. Communications (no science degree)
NBC - Meredith Vieira, B.A. English (no science degree)

Al Sharpton, College Dropout
Alicia Keys, College Dropout
Alicia Silverstone, High School Dropout
Art Bell, College Dropout
Ben Affleck, College Dropout
Ben Stiller, College Dropout
Billy Jean King, College Dropout
Brad Pitt, College Dropout
Britney Spears, High School Dropout
Bruce Springsteen, College Dropout
Cameron Diaz, High School Dropout
Cindy Crawford, College Dropout
Diane Keaton, College Dropout
Drew Barrymore, High School Dropout
George Clooney, College Dropout
Gwyneth Paltrow, College Dropout
Jason Biggs, College Dropout
Jennifer Connelly, College Dropout
Jessica Simpson, High School Dropout
John Travolta, High School Dropout
Joshua Jackson, High School Dropout
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, College Dropout
Julia Roberts, College Dropout
Kanye West, College Dropout
Keanu Reeves, High School Dropout
Kevin Bacon, High School Dropout
Kiefer Sutherland, High School Dropout
Leonardo DiCaprio, High School Dropout
Lindsay Lohan, High School Dropout
Ludacris (Christopher Bridges), College Dropout
Madonna (Madonna Ciccone), College Dropout
Matt Damon, College Dropout
Matthew Modine, College Dropout
Michael Moore, College Dropout
Nicole Richie, College Dropout
Neve Campbell, High School Dropout
Olivia Newton-John, High School Dropout
Orlando Bloom, High School Dropout
Paris Hilton, High School Dropout
Pierce Brosnan. High School Dropout
Queen Latifah (Dana Elaine Owens), College Dropout
Richard Branson, High School Dropout
Robert Redford, College Dropout
Rosie O'Donnell, College Dropout
Sarah Silverman, College Dropout
Sean Penn, College Dropout
Ted Turner, College Dropout
Tommy Lee (Thomas Lee Bass), High School Dropout
Uma Thurman, High School Dropout
Willie Nelson, High School Dropout

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:59 PM
You stated Hickey was a friend of the pedophile Bruce. Where did you get your information from? Was it documented by RELIABLE SOURCES? Or, was it just printed in the local rags, Statesman or the Oregonian? If not, have you always been a habitual liar? Are you off your medications? Have you seen a head doctor lately? They are constantly trying out new medications, new ones might help with your mental problems but not with your low IQ.

Please, do not breed for the sake of the planet or mankind.

I heard Osama Bin Laden is your best friend. I hear you sleep with him. How long have you been sleeping with Osama bin Laden? Who gets the top? Do you cuddle after the he gives you the BIN LADEN? AAAAAHHHHHHHH, that is too gross to say. I bet you like receiving. Ha hahahahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Trasha: Jr High drop out on account of getting knocked up by her cousin Stanley.