Monday, May 12, 2008

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McCain to pitch climate-change plan in Oregon
John McCain heads to the Pacific Northwest today to propose a climate-change plan, addressing an issue integral to his presidential bid in a region that could be crucial.

The Arizona senator, who often cites climate change as a policy difference with President Bush, plans to renew support for a "cap-and-trade" system that "sets clear limits on all greenhouse gases, while also allowing the sale of rights to excess emissions," according to excerpts of his speech released Sunday.

"The facts of global warming demand our urgent attention, especially in Washington," McCain says in the prepared remarks.

This is not about the climate, this is about control. Once this is successfuly implemented for industry theses nutjobs will move it to the individual. Your household will have a carbon limit.

Your thermostat, your dryer, your vehicles, your food, your recreation, will all be subject to governments oversight.

Get ready for cold showers, hanging your laundry, hot summers, cold winters and add an extra 180% to your commute time because you are going to be taking the bus.

And Dear McCain: What "facts" are you talking about? Can you cite something specific? Change in ocean temperature? Global warming movies that haven't been proven full of outright lies?


Anonymous said...

What will you do in November Miglavs? What WILL you do?

I guess you could move to Europe.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, a lot of working class Americans are already wearing sweaters and not turning on the heat in winter. Summer means no air conditioning unit- hanging out clothes to dry is great and they are fresher.
Taking the bus and walking is hard only if it is your only means, and then it is very hard.
this is why we need to limit all immigration!
if it hadn't been for illegal aliens and the mass immigration since the 1960s, we would have a 100 million less people.
the roads wouldnt be crowded, we could all have houses with one acre lots, and good jobs would be for everyone .
every immigrant to the US lowers our standard of living.

Anonymous said...

Daniel: Are you also a member of the Flat Earth Society?

Anonymous said...

I don't think McCain care about Miglavs or anyone that thinks like him. He is more interested in what Americans.

Anonymous said...

I don't think McCain care about Miglavs or anyone that thinks like him. He is more interested in Americans.

OregonGuy said...

Last week, the idea of voting for Bob Barr, who had sent out a press release indicating that he was thinking about a presidential third party candidacy, seemed at best, a simply stupid thought.

But McCain's embrace of the Enviro-Thuggery agenda is simply, too much. (He wasn't a friend of me or my industry, but he was better than the alternatives.)

I am actually thinking about Bob Barr. Whodda thunkit?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like McCain don't vote for him it is simple as that. Miglavs

Bobkatt said...

Obama, Clinton, McCain, open borders, North American Union, Multi-culturalism =GLOBALISM.
GLOBALISM= Loss of individual rights, liberty, self determination and sovereignty creating overpopulation, environmental degradation and quality of life.
Ron Paul= American sovereignty and integrity. Protect America or lose it.

Anonymous said...

global warming is the wrong word-it is really Climate change and it is happening.
read the Little Ice Age for starters.
overpopulation is one of the main reasons, so it's not just the fault of First Worlders, who don't really exist, since most First World countries are sinking from third worlders inundating us with their spawn

Anonymous said...

Your thermostat, your dryer, your vehicles, your food, your recreation, will all be subject to governments oversight.

The people are the government. WE are the governmet. If the people as a whole decide to want to promote energy conservation, then that is the will of the people. I am all for it. That's what it is living in a society. If you don't like it, you are more than free to leave. Maybe you can take your family including your criminal abetting parents that dropped you on your head, with you.

Robin said...

Gee, with McCain, you get Al Gore and George Bush all rolled in to one.

and lets not forget what he and Kennedy wanted for illegals.

Anonymous said...

Good point Robin. With any of the choices for President, there is no doubt that Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a strong guest worker program and legalization for those already hear will pass. For once all the stars and planets are aligning.

No Anti-immigrant Candidates for Prez said...

I love it. The anti-immigrant racists have no candidate to support for prez, except Ron Paul maybe, whom I do hope you all vote for. Oh yeah, and for Senator either. Unless you bozos are going to support Pavel Gooberman, who supports english as the first language of Oregon, but can't speak or write in english. What a pickle you Miglavians are in.

MAX Redline said...

Sorry, Bobkatt.

Ron Paul has a number of good points, but protecting America is not among them. He's an isolationist, and that's simply bad policy. I believe in shooting before I get shot. He doesn't.

What we have here is the worst possible selection of "candidates" that I can remember. Really, this election isn't even an election.

Flip a coin: Clinton, inc. or Broc Obama? McCain or The Little Missus?

They're all the same. Ron Paul has no chance, but I wouldn't vote for him if he did.

I'm considering writing in AlGore.

Anonymous said...

maybe God will intervene and all of them will die of E Coli from an illegal alien working at one of the banquets? flesh eating bacteria even? we can Dream, you know, Martin Luther King said we could.

Republicans are Child Molesters said...

maybe God will intervene and all of them will die of E Coli

More Republican Racist Party Values. The same values that bring them to molest children. No wonder the Republican Party is loosing seats right and left. Maybe the real God is intervening.

Anonymous said...

Okay, look: I know we've all come to appreciate the depths of Daniel's stupidity and hypocrisy, but just WAIT A MINUTE!

A couple weeks ago, the mighty Miglavs was disparaging people for daring to use the "R" word -- "recession," in the face of horrible, precedent-shattering economic shit going on all over the country. The experts hadn't given the "OK" yet. The objective criteria by which recessions are defined hadn't been met, and those economists with the pointy heads and the fancy diplomas on their walls hadn't given the "R" word their blessing. Okay, fine.

NOW -- despite voluminous reams of tangible, OBJECTIVE, factual evidence from hundreds of studies conducted by thousands of professional scientists with enough credentials to form a pile of diplomas from here to the moon, establishing that climate change IS happening -- we have Professor Daniel Miglavs, climatologist extraordinaire, demanding to know what facts prove that climate change/global warming exists! Not what causes it, not whether it's natural, not what to do about it or not do about it, but whether it is even happening!

I don't know what to say. The phrase "what the fuck?" comes to mind, though ...

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you ask what "facts" McCain is talking about. I'd be happy to do a cut-and-paste job so you could see them for yourself, but there are two problems with that:

1) I'm not going to burn up my two weeks of annual vacation for your stupid, pathetic ass.

2) I'm guessing there's not enough bandwidth on your ISP's server to hold it all.

Anonymous said...

so what did you guys do before Daniel had a blog?
no, maybe you better not say here....

Bobkatt said...

Max, my concept on national security has been rocked in the last couple of years. I have come to believe that if the current group of globalists support something I am probably against it and vise versa. I you actually read Ron Paul's rational behind his defense policy it is the only one that makes sense for America. He voted for force in Afganistan to go after those who attacked us. How many Viet Nams do we need to finally realize that other nations have to take care of their own problems? How many more Americans and civilians have to die or be maimed to protect our greedy way of life?
To quote Ron Paul, "An America-first defense policy will not go abroad seeking monsters to slay, but will deter through strength and lead by example."
Also if we elect (La Raza)McCain we will get North American Union and there won't be much left to protect.
From his immigration position:
Physically secure our borders and coastlines.
Enforce visa rules.
No amnesty.
No welfare for illegal aliens.
End birthright citizenship.
Pass true immigration reform with all countries facing the same rules and waiting period.

Scottiebill said...

What real choice do we have come November? McCain? Hillary? Obama? Three peas from the same pod, to use a very old cliche'.

And the choices we might have from outside the circle are Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader, and a few extra strays. These guys will have no chance at all.

As for me - I'm about ready to write in Ross Perot. He may be in his nineties, but surely wouldn't be any worse than the three leading people.

Mover Mike said...

Daniel, you said all I wanted to say and more. Good on ya, mate!

Anonymous said...

No matter how you look at it. We have 2 communists and a socialist running for president.

Frankly, if you do not care to increase the "supply" of energy, then you MUST STOP ALL USE OF ANY ENERGY.


Put your money where your mouth is... or shut the hell up.

We should have been drilling in ANWR by now.

How are you all going to plug in your electric cars when all of the hydro dams are removed?

Congressman Wo wants to replace natural gas with something...I guess less natural????

You libs need to get a grip, if you really dont want more supply, then shut the hell up, find some shoes that were not made by slaves and start walking. You should also grow your own food and starting thinking about making your own clothes.