Monday, May 05, 2008

The Mexicans demand

It's fitting that on Cinco De Mayo, which translated means "the day of Corona sales," I got the DVD with pictures from the Salem May Day rally put on by the illegal alien supporters. Hat Tip Kirk for the photos.

I know you good liberals hate it when folks "drape themselves in the flag" so I guess there is an exception for flags that depict a chicken and worm fighting...

PCUN provides kids for "security" purposes. They mostly tell their subjects not to talk to OFIR folks. If you click to enlarge that photo you will see the sign back there says "thank an illegal alien for your" and the bottom part can't be seen. I'm pretty sure it says "meth" or "your daughter being raped."

And you can't have a rally that supports criminals without using kids as political props.

And don't let the Rio Grande hit you on your way out.

Kids can skip class and spend the day waving the Chicken and Worm banner?

"I need to drive to work"? You aren't allowed to work! That's just another law you are breaking. I can only hope that while you are breaking the law working you are using the SSN of Ramon Ramirez.

Really Ramon, since you love criminal aliens so much I hope you share your SSN freely with them so they can work illegaly. You can sort out the tax implications in April. Since I know so many of you illegals read my blog and are in need of an SSN please feel free to email Ramon and politely ask him:


Anonymous said...

bravo Great post!

Anonymous said...

with the number of mexican females working as hookers on craigslist, i thought the T-shirts meant Puta-Security.:)

Anthony DeLucca said...

I hope that the PCUN Security folks are State compliant as required by DPSST.

In order to provide any type of "security" service to any organization, you have to have passed a background check (to include fingerprint checks) as well as pass a proctored written exam to demonstrate knowledge of State, and Federal laws, civil rights, etc.

Judging from the professional appearance of the bunch that were providing the "security" (Spray painted t-shirts??) I really doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Illegal aliens and their spawn are special and dont have to follow our laws.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel thought he didn't have to follow our laws, why should the undocumented workers?

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the spawn there they wouldn't have had a 1,000 bodies there. I guess the brown gerber babies are protesters too.

Anonymous said...

I dont think they like you much danny boy.

Anonymous said...


(Reuters) - John McCain reached out to Hispanic voters on Monday as he sought to win over a constituency that has moved away from his Republican Party but could prove key in swing states in a close U.S. presidential election in November.

The Arizona senator's campaign launched a Spanish language Web site to mark the Mexican Cinco de Mayo festival and McCain told reporters that "everything about our Hispanic voters is tailor-made to the Republican message."


MCCAIN Pro-immigrant 08 said...

Well, well, well John McCain celebrated Cinco De Mayo. And with his new Hispanic Outreach Strategy Team seems he would think Daniel, OFIR and the Anti-immigrant trash should be dumped curbside and forgotten. NICE!


Washington, D.C., Campaign Headquarters

Event: Meet and Greet with John McCain’s Presidential Campaign and Hispanic Outreach Strategy Team

Please join us for a 5 de Mayo celebration!

Date/Time:Monday, May 5th, 2008


Location: John McCain 2008 Campaign Headquarters
1235 South Clark Street, First Floor Arlington, Virginia 22202

Anonymous said...

Nope, no racism here.

By the way: its a snake.

But we all know why you call it a worm. Belittle away. It says volumnes about you and your gang.

Some of us (a precious few) can be against illegal immigration without being racist a-holes.


Anonymous said...

Trasha: Just counted the white putas on Craigs list. They way outnumber the latina putas. Hmmmmm. Was that your ass you were hawking on your filthy blog? Love the chunky black chanclas.

Anonymous said...


you need to have a talk with Trickey Rick. He's been hitting the beans and tamales pretty regularly. Maybe he needs to have a salad every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

TRASHA is just upset because her husband spends all their money on Latina hookers.

Anonymous said...

Yu don't spell so good Danyell.

Anonymous said...

note how fat the mexican security guards and Ramon of Causa are?
no more re-fried beans.
Hispanics are the fattest group in the usa.
Note that Causa is run by two white people of Scandinavian Germanic heritage with ramon as their token Hispanic!
great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:48 AM 7:52 AM 7:54 AM 8:09 AM 8:12 AM

All of you sure whine about Daniel's alleged personal attacks, but you need to look in the mirror. All of you hateful people need to look in the mirror. You are also very sensitive like little children. Liberals sure want other people to be nice to others but liberals are unwilling to be nice themselves. All of you disgust me.

Anonymous said...

TRASHA, aka ANON 734, 739, 814, 1006, & 842:

And you're such a NICE NEVER insult others or engage in personal attacks. And most of all, you NEVER lie or call names.


Scottiebill said...

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated only in certain parts of Mexico, like San Diego, Los Angeles, and Portland.

Anonymous said...

Ramon Ramirez - PCUN

Aryce Steinbrenner - CAUSUA

Eduardo Angulo - S/K Coolition for

Chip Shields - Democrat/speaker

ALL of these people are front Men for the Mexcian MAFIA.

It is was not for Illegal Aliens, they would not have a job any longer AND read the report in the paper, we have illegal aliens getting jobs with the STATE via your tax $$, "Minority" helper agencies and working for Non-profits(supported by YOUR Tax $$$$) to keep open the border and demand another Amnesty & photo ID to criminals.

Yes your tax $$ to hire illegals to work to get more illegals coming in, on your dime dummy!

These GOONS & THUGS tell their SHEEP that they are for workers rights, while taking advantage of the language barrier and the desperation of these people not paying them squat or any benefits, meanwhile undercutting American workers.

Chicken & Worm? That is from Robert Vasquez, Hispanic County Comissioner in ID, whose Father came here legally from Mexico to be an American, not a Mexican-American, he says Mexico is corrupt-Worm and the people are cowards afraid to stand up to their government-Chicken.

And you "progressives" claim to care about the "immigrants", no you don't you f-ing LIARS.

OFIR people care more about all being treated properly.


Almost 189 on S.A.V.E. Act now, getting close.

Portland day labor site rally is when....

Anonymous said...

Juan McCain pandering to those that cannot vote? no way?

Read the comments below the article as I did, 99% say He is destroying the R party and a TRAITOR!

Anonymous said...

I encourage all of you who cannot vote for Juan McCain to cast your vote for Ron Paul. After all, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for the Democratic nominee. Please, by all means, cast your vote for Paul. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

one state agency that is hiring illegal aliens of Hispanic origin is Clean Water Services in Hillsboro Oregon. I did report them to ICE by snail mail and I wrote the director too.
of course, now that we live in a third world country that is completely corrupt , I wouldnt expect too much.
maybe if I bribe them?

Anonymous said...

The "Mexicans?" Don't you mean the "illegals" Miglavs?

Anonymous said...

TRASHA aka Anon 930:

You probably won't be receiving a response, since your complete lack of grammar and punctuation will tip him off that you're just another psychotic idiot who spends their ENTIRE day obsessing about Mexicans. Don't you have some U-hauls and Goodwills and Craigslist ads and apartment buildings to survielle?

Anonymous said... met Vasquez, I can believe he said that

Anonymous said...

A fairly easy catch, 9:32. Daniel has to let the truth slip out now and then, or he would explode. I'm curious to know what his favorite slang term for those people is ... you know, the one he uses around the house and when he's shooting the shit with his OAF-er pals. I don't bother asking, though, because he would never answer. Not honestly, anyway. But we all know that there is an answer, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow.

His bigotry-strewn post on the "Mexicans" inspires me: I think I will write PCUN some money along with a note to Ramon telling him that I think Daniel Miglavs is an idiot.

right back at cha! said...

Looks like someone with more skill and creativity answered the Miglavian bigots. Very well done

Anonymous said...

please tell Ramon to use the money for a personal trainer.
scary overhang thing going on there

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
great site on illegal aliens and the havoc they create, but with the help of Corporations, all most all of Us Government, and ordinary Americans who think cheap labor is really cheap.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

9:30 AM

Propaganda, buying into that shit shows how really dumb you are.

Anonymous said...

Ramirez is nothing but a rabble rouser, should be arrested for inciting riots.

Anonymous said...

Ramirez is nothing but a rabble rouser, should be arrested for inciting riots.

I agree. he should also be arrested along with Causa for violating Federal Laws concerning immigration and illegal aliens.
Of course, so should most of the Senate and Oregon government at every level.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:47 wrote Propaganda, buying into that shit shows how really dumb you are.

And the OAFER propaganda that you buy into on this blog shows how racist and hateful you are.

PWN Alert said...

Daniel still got PWND

As I sees it said...

More like PWND3 (cubed) then diced and sliced.

beakeer said...


i know you pretty well....and your a great guy....but you really need to quit worrying about what everyone else is doing with their life. try sitting back and enjoy life....stop with all this me man....still waiting for the card game so is "doofus".

Anonymous said...

I hadn't noticed that Daniel was worrying about other people or hating them.
I thought social activism and freedom of speech were part of what made this country so "special".
So is it better to stay really drunk, stoned or medicated so that nothing ever bothers you?
Stop trying to silence people.
If it is his choice to speak out with courage and Daniel has more courage then just about 99.9 percent of all you legal Americans out there.
Perhaps you want him to live at the level of a stoned slug which describes most legal Oregonians?