Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our founders were wise indeed

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

Wait what? I'm kind of busy paying extra taxes for multicultural managers, illegal alien benefits, and clean needles for junkies. Also busy being told how to raise my children, what to do with my property, how many gallons of water my toilet can use and how much "trans fat" my food can have.

Vote career politician in '08
"My opponent will restrict 85% of your freedoms, I'll only restrict 75%"


snick@nite said...


Larson's lie causes busy school district to lose taxpayer dollars on man hours necessary to address harassment.


Larson's "Misinformation" on WSD caused unnecessary backlash

Last week, we witnessed what overreaction can do - cause undo panic among citizens of our community.

Monday, May 5 was Cinco de Mayo, which is basically a huge party day - an excuse to let loose, if you will. Several Woodburn elementary schools bussed students up to Portland that day to celebrate - to see some music, dancers, folklore - and the district was vilified on the Lars Larson Show for sending their students to "what is really a food and drinking festival that's primarily aimed at adults."

Larson is usually in tune with Northwest news and when governments and schools are wasting money. This time, however, he was off base. He reported that 800 high school students went to the Portland event, when in fact, not one went. It was less than 300 elementary students. He claims the district gave him those numbers, the WSD have denied it.

We can discuss whether the event has merit, and deserves to be called "educational." That's a valid discussion, but what's the point? The teachers obviously felt it was. The principals obviously agreed. So they went - it's a moot point now.

The bigger issue is that the Woodburn School District is desperately in need of the bond it is proposing. Its schools are overcrowded - some cannot put any more modular classrooms onsite. On Monday and Tuesday, it was being broadcast all over Oregon that the WSD was wasting money. The district office got calls from as far away as Baker City, wanting to know why they sent their kids to this "food fest."

Superintendent Walt Blomberg was flooded with e-mails and phone calls. Now they are in damage control and they don't deserve to be in this position.

Larson said he got the 800 number from the WSD; however, the district is where we got the 286 total - of elementary students. A simple call to the high school verified that no high school students went to the event.

We got phone calls and e-mails and even a letter to the editor on this topic. Many asked if we were going to do something about it - write a story on how the district "wastes" all this money. We did a story - but it was fact-based and it had several sources.

Whether or not the Cinco de Mayo celebration is of educational value is a valid discussion, but attacking the school district was wrong. Amidst all the uproar, there was no mention of the plethora of other schools represented at the event including Portland Public Schools, Beaverton School District, Gresham-Barlow and Amity to name a few.

From The Woodburn Indpendent, editorial 5/13

Anonymous said...

one need not go to "mt. everest"to learn about it. In my day a film strip would be sufficent.

Anonymous said...

The writer from the LA area had it right. Waving another nations flag while asking for rights in another is rude and needs to stop. I think this also applies to Conco de Mayo. Why celebrate a war victory in this country that didn't have anything to do with the US. Now to snick....sir I lived in Woodburn for over 15 years. I left because the town is being over run. Woodburn does not need to pass that bond. They just need to enforce not giving anchor babies free education. Woodburn should be vilified. I would be outraged if my kids were allowed on this trip. I have no desire for my children to learn spanish, or recognize the need to bend over to kiss the ass of the pond scum that continue to float over the boarder.

Tasha said...

I received an email from a Half Hispanic woman with a nine year old daughter in Woodburn.she has to keep her daughter locked up because of the illegal alien rapist males in Woodburn. She wants a major ICE raid there.
If Immigration laws had been enforced in Woodburn for the last 40 years there would be only a handful of mexicans and no Cinco de Puta party.

Anonymous said...

let's see who was flagged off of rants and raves for posting about 1000 slams on lars larson, including posting his home address, until even the people who liked illegals, accused the stalker of having a homosexual thing for lars?

Anonymous said...

the mayor answers to the Mexican Consulate in Woodburn.
pls crazy Muslims , Bomb woodburn.

snick@nite said...

Trasha aka Anon 8:38 & 8:39 --

You sure like to spread lies. If you are refering to me then this is hilarious as I have NEVER even visited Lar's website! In addition, I would NEVER post a bloggers home address and came down pretty hard on someone who did the same exact thing to Miglavs.

Anon 8:02 -- I take it you are just fine with Lar's dishonesty and it's outcome: taxpayer money wasted on a full week of manpower that Woodburn School district employees had to devote in order to field a deluge of inquiries.

Perhaps you can share with us your list of "approved field trips."

You said Woodburn just needs to "enforce not giving anchor babies an education." What is there to enforce? Federal law REQUIRES U.S. schools to educate all children regardless of status.

I am glad you left.

Anonymous said...

This is on top of ditching class on May 1st as well and 2 times in January. (Yes their were Woodburn Police at the Capitol for the Woodburn students at the rally).

Anyone notice the recent report in the S/J on the huge decreases in the Talented and Gifted Kids program published yesterday?

Paper left out fact that they DO somehow have enough money to increase the failed bilingual program spending by large amounts every year. Over $10.3 million for 6,000 ell vs. 1/2 $Mil. for 3k TAG.

So the Kids most likely to benefit Oregon, as in H.S. & College educations, get the shaft while the Kids most likely to not even get through H.S. and be a burden on Oregon (welfare, food stamps, gangs) get all the budget increases?

This is wrong and backwards and bad for the economy. Yet most of you do nothing.

What did I do? Helped Sizemore get signatures for english immersion initiative, I made sure that this will be on your ballot in November.

Be prepared as ethno-centric racist brown only groups are already falsely claiming it will deny any foreign language instruction.

Respect for Law Act will chase illegals away as it has in other states, what are you doing to get signatures? I have gathered hundreds.

Anonymous said...

So the Media now admits that Lars Larson IS that effective? GOOD!

Thanks Lars, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

"Federal law REQUIRES U.S. schools to educate all children regardless of status".

Yes Snick you are correct.

But instead of Illegals challenging our laws, Americans should challenge this old ruling.

And U.S. Supremes decision in Plyer vs. Dough only involved K-12, NOT Headstart or College, as we know they are going there as well.
In fact Chemeketa does NOT ask for citizenship status but gives 70% off tuition via in-state rate for Illegals, denying limited tax payer funds to deserving American students.

Attorney General of N. Carolina just decided that allowing illegals into community colleges (they have 58) is a violation of Federal law and Illegals will be kicked out this fall!

Would our Kulongoski puppet Meyers do the same for all of us? nah.

Another reason why our Democrat controlled legislators increase spending much more than inflation or population every chance they get and Chemeketa and S/K Schools want you to pay another $350 million in Bonds for the next 20 years. Even after the $1 Billion increases from the 2007 session as well.

and yes anon I too have colected many signatures as well.

snick@nite said...

Anon 920:

I was refering to primary education. I don't support in-state tuition for illegal aliens. I do support scholarships earned on merit, however.

As far as Larson's effectiveness: Yes, he was very effective in wasting the equivalent of 6 weeks pay (tax dollars) for the WSD staff man hours, plus 1 weeks pay for the WSD School Superintendent (tax dollars).

Not to mention the fact that now Larson is known as a proven liar.

Anonymous said...

Both my children are in TAG and they are both students in dual language immersion classrooms.

Bobkatt said...

Dateline Postville Iowa.
More than 300 people were arrested at the Agriprocessor kosher meat plant for immigration violations and using fraudulent Social Security numbers.
The plant, which produces kosher and nonkosher meats, opened in 1987 when butcher Aaron Rubashkin and about 200 Hasidic Jews from New York took over a defunct meatpacking plant. Hasidic Jews follow strict laws. The owner's don't seem to find it necessary to follow American laws however.
Last November, the search warrant said, ICE agents interviewed a former Agriprocessors supervisor who said some employees were running a methamphetamine lab in the plant and were bringing weapons to work.
Another source alleged worker abuse, officials said in the warrant. In one case, a supervisor covered the eyes of an employee with duct tape and struck him with a meat hook.
The company is also accused of employee abuse and paying the workers less than minimum wage. Hopefully the management and owners will also be arrested but I won't hold my breath.

Tasha said...

and last week reform Rabbis came out against the SAVE ACT. so were they taking bribes from the Kosher Jews ?
nothing would amaze me anymore, as corruption becomes the norm and we become more like a third world country because most of the third world moved here.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tasha, "The JEWS". Is that another ethnic group that you hate as well? You must be right at home over at OFIR and ALIPAC.

To Daniel, "Our founders were wise indeed". Yeah, and they were slave holders and are also dead. Time to quote someone more relevant to today.

Anonymous said...

"they are both students in dual language immersion classrooms"

You must be thrilled at us taxpayers wasting money teaching the langugae of a failed society OR are you getting your kids ready for turd world America?
They will be good toilet cleaners and grapepickers eh?

Idiots like you are why politicians that are selling out our nation get re-elected.
I wish their was an IQ test to vote, you would fail dumb sheep.

My Grand-parents are from Mexico and I have NO desire to learn any of their ways, thats why I live in America stupid.

Anyone supporting the the Balkinzation of America should be tarred and feathered, thats you.

The Real Mike Erickson said...

Mike Erickson. His new movie. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 555:

Obviously you have absolutely no idea what dual language immersion is.

Spanish is the third most widely spoken language on the planet. It is hardly the language of a failed culture.

In addition, it is a root language, which means learning it positions a student to learn other Latin languages with relative ease.

I can assure you that my little children have higher IQs than you do, if your writing is any clue.

And by the way, Einstein: I pay taxes too. Lots and lots of them.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously you have absolutely no idea what dual language immersion is."

I sure do, it is the agenda of Mexico and every nation south of our border to make us babysit their citizens even though Mexico is one of the top 10 wealthiest nations on Earth. (3rd most common language because of peasents having 6 kids when they can't feed one)
Thier leaders love living like Kings while the Peasants grovel for food and shelter or flee.

You have fallen for it and your ignorance is shameful. You are a pawn of the Mexican government and should move there with your kids and make a difference there, not here.
History shows that no society will survive the comunication confusion you support.
United we stand, divided we fall is not just some old hippy song it makes sense, for people that have any sense.
Sheep like you do not have any common sense and your brainwashed children will not either.
Lucky for you stupidity is not against the law or you would be sent to prison, for life.

Make all the excuses you want, we ain't buying it sucker.

Anonymous said...

Anon 858:

Good Lord you're stupid.

Yeseniabxpc said...

the mayor answers to the Mexican Consulate in Woodburn. pls crazy Muslims , Bomb woodburn.