Thursday, May 08, 2008

Needs a caption

The caption from the website this came from: AM coffee community

But you'll never guess at first glance where this is. It's Dignity Village. These are the homeless. Enjoying a late morning coffee. The rest of us drink our coffee on the way to work or at work. The homeless get to savor theirs a little bit more.

The new Dignity Village website is just great. Homelessness in 2008 is high tech. I bet they have wi-fi.


Anonymous said...

Jesus would have sat down with these people, blessed them, and engaged in conversation. Maybe he even would have brought them more coffee ...

Daniel Miglavs posts a photograph of these same people, and invites readers to ridicule them.

Daniel said...

Anonymous has discovered something: I am not Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to venture that the people who invoke Jesus' name in the blog to excuse the lazy from working really have no idea what Jesus would do in this situation.

To paraphrase a verse in II Thes., the bible says, if a man does not work, neither shall he eat.

This is a direct quote from the same chapter for those thinking I'm writing out of context... "We hear that some among you are idle. They are not busy; they are busybodies. Such people we command and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and earn the bread they eat."

I'm all for Christian charity and helping those who need the help. For some though, not working - but being of sound mind and body - is a lifestyle choice. That's a lifestyle I'd rather not be responsible for funding.

Anonymous said...

The homeless folks in your photo certainly look better and more respectable than this hopeless wade of overweight shitballs:



Anonymous said...

at least they are white.
I guess they were displaced out of the job market by half a million young ugly breeders and rapists from Mexico

Anonymous said...

Skin and Bones I tell ya!

Even Hippo Hips in the blue checkered pants looks like she is starving.

Anonymous said...

half a million young ugly breeders and rapists from Mexico


Don't you mean from the US of A?

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Anonymous said...

many homeless are overweight because their diet consists mainly of whatever they can find that is cheap which is usually a ton of starch. it is possible to be overweight and undernourished. calling them lazy is just plain mean. sure, some of them are lazy. however, many of them have a combination of mental illness, physical illness and few job prospects for the unskilled and uneducated. way to mock the meek daniel.

Anonymous said...

I've volunteered at Dignity Village. You would be surprised at just how many of these folks ARE working. Shame on you Miglavs. Im embarrased to know you. I bet you're one of those
"compassionate" conservatives.

And no, you're not Jesus, smart ass, but you certainly don't have any problems "calling" yourself a "Christian." It must just be a marketing tool for you.

Anonymous said...

You can buy a pack of hot dogs for 99c. A package of chicken breast is going to run you 5 bucks. You figure it out.

Anonymous said...

They must have wi-fi. Trasha blogs from there.

Bobkatt said...

I won't pretend to know what drove these people to this situation, but I don't believe in helping people be self destructive or lazy. I believe that most everyone can be productive and useful. I'm all for providing a way for the ones that want to work and get out of this village. I'm also for providing medical and psychiatric help for those who need it in order for them to resolve the problems that stand in the way this goal. The ones that want to sit here year after year and do nothing to better themselves, not so much.

Anonymous said...

YOu know, I've been coming to this blog for a while now. Usually I just read the comments and read what Daniel has to say about illegal immigration. I try to separate the wheat from the chaff with Daniel. But today, I'm sorry to say I can't keep quiet.

If you knew how many people at Dignity Village are WORKING you would be shocked, Daniel.

You seem to be getting mean as a junk yard dog as time goes by. What's your situation?

The anon that said something about if you are Christian as a marketing tool might be on to something. Do you go to church?

Your kids are learning from you, dude. Keep that in mind every now and then as you make fun of children who cant spell and homeless people.

Anonymous said...

I am not here to defend Daniel, but honestly don't you think that there are better solutions than this "dignity village"? The place really invities ridicule in that the city of Portland's attempt to solve one problem has created another. Remember, this was to be a "temporary" fix. It looks to me from the picture that these folks seem to be having a great time being homeless.

Why not convert a old building where they could sleep and live and have staff that could direct them to work and help them get permanent housing? Is letting them live in a shanty town at the edge of town a real solution? Evidently Sam Adams and Co. think so.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be getting mean as a junk yard dog as time goes by. What's your situation?

Daniel's wife is dating an undocumented immigrant. Pssst, the guy is doing the job that Daniel just can't do.

Anonymous said...

So us taxpayers pay for a "Homeless" shelter, remembering when they were accurately called Bums, who are supposedly working.

We also pay for "Migrant Farmworker" housing, over 1,100 brand new houses and apartments, for people that really are working.

And some people support goverment housing? for people that are capable of taking care of themselves by earning money and this a great future?

The Cheezer said...

Let's think about what Jesus would do: Jesus took care of the poor and down trodden. I DO NOT believe Jesus would have given a hand out to a drug addict, lazy bum more than once. Yes, the mentally ill would have been cured and the truly indigent would have been fed. Those that are lazy and just want to feed off society without contributing would have been ignored after the initial offer to help themselves. Jesus would have said "I will help you if you will help your self". Jesus would never have said "I will help you even if you continue to poison yourself and suck from the tit of those offering help with no desire to help yourself".
The reality of dignity village is that it is Portland's way of trying to feel good about its self. It has never been about helping the homeless. Want to help the mentally ill? get them treatment. Want to help a drug addict? help them get treatment. Want to make it easy for a homeless person remain a victim and not encourage them to find permanent housing and pull themselves up from the street? Give them "dignity village" and allow them to break every housing law in the state. Allow them to ignore laws and of society and force law abiding citizens and business to pay for it. You want a title for this picture? How about "free loaders enjoying your taxes"?

Dat Themocrat said...

Ya Ya Ya on the Republican Pedophile hit list … and I agree completely with the hypocrisy, but you know what … that’s getting old.

Actually, I tuned in to read the latest on the following – let’s keep it current:

“An illegal immigrant allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl who gave birth in eastern Idaho, KIDK Television in Idaho Falls first reported.

The young girl gave birth by cesarean section at Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg, said Fremont County Sheriff Ralph C. Davis, who added that he couldn’t believe a 10 year old could conceive a child.

The gender of the baby, the birth date or the paternity weren’t released by authorities.

The medical staff at the Rexburg hospital was very discreet as well. They refused to give details about the condition of the girl or her baby. They wouldn’t even say whether the two still in hospital on Wednesday.

The investigation carried out by St. Anthony police started on April 28 after the medical staff
at the hospital reported the pregnant child. Police then found and arrested the man responsible. He was identified as Guadalupe Gutierrez-Juarez, 37, of St. Anthony, Police Chief James Smith said.

"We had good information from witnesses," Smith said.

The illegal immigrant was charged with one count of rape according to the documents filed April 29 in 7th District Court, The Associated Press reported.

Gutierrez-Juarez is still in prison and his bail was set at $250,000 pending a preliminary hearing May 13.

The man’s nationality isn’t clear yet, but he did not have legal documentation to live in the U.S. Smith also said that prosecutor Karl H. Lewies is still considering filing additional counts of rape. © 2007 - 2008 - eFluxMedia”

Next topic maybe..?

Anonymous said...

Well put Cheezer!

Anonymous said...

Seems there are way more white Christians molesting children than anyone. Maybe we should deport white male Christians? All of these seem to be Repubicans so maybe anon has a point.

Terry Van Gorp, 57 faces two counts of Class A felony child molesting and a count of Class C felony child molesting. Stephanie Smith, a Hamilton County deputy prosecutor, filed the charges June 5 after Van Gorp confessed to his family and church members visiting his home. He later made an admission to the girl's father, who contacted Carmel police.

Deport ALL Repubicans said...

Another White Christian Male from Oregon Convicted of Molesting Children:

A Santa Cruz County judge has found 37-year-old Jason "Seth" O'Connell guilty of four of six felonies relating to the break-in of a Santa Cruz family's home in 1988 during which he molested a 3-year-old girl.
O'Connell waived his right to a jury trial, leaving his fate in the hands of Superior Court Judge Jeff Almquist. Almquist found him guilty of burglary, three sex crimes and a special allegation that he committed the burglary to enable the sex crime. O'Connell will be sentenced June 4. He faces life in prison.

In August 2006 O'Connell was named a suspect in three attempted molestations of young girls in Oregon and appeared on "America's Most Wanted." He was arrested in October 2006, when authorities in Redding connected him to an FBI wanted poster.

O'Connell was convicted in Oregon of trying to molest three girls - two 5-year-olds and a 7-year-old - and identity theft. He was sentenced to 10 years in state prison, then sent to Santa Cruz in May to face the decade-old charges here.
O'Connell was being tried on four counts of child molest, one count of aggravated sex with a child and one count of burglary. Almquist found him not guilty of two of the lesser sex charges, which Isaac said "made sense."

After being sentenced here, O'Connell will return to Oregon to serve the remainder of his prison term there, an Oregon prosecutor said previously.

Anonymous said...

White men. They're just here to work. Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

ooops...sorry...that's Daniels paint brush...

Wow. So that's what a broad stroke looks like.

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool, Miglavs: Making fun of a kid one day, homeless people the next. Maybe you can take your next shot at a woman whose double masectomy was partially paid for by Medicaid - i.e, your all-important, precious tax dollars. I mean, who cares if the damn things just rot and fall off, right?

Anonymous said...

Someone should design a website of all the white Christian Males that molest children. The numbers are staggering by just doing a quick search. Cross tab those with a Republican ID and one could prove an organized criminal aspect.

Anonymous said...

(read the following paragraph- it sums it all up - email it to open borders congress like David WU and Ron Wyden):"
Any hope of responsible Third World reproductive strategies was abandoned the instant the First World deferred to noisy 'special' and/or 'business' interests and kicked open the door to unlimited immigration. In time, the government helped us to understand that enlightened self-interest was selfish of us and would, in future, be reserved for other groups and other cultures to exercise exclusively on their own behalf. We have also been informed that it is equally selfish to notice that while some regions produce children at a rate never before possible, the rest of us are compelled to cheerfully carry those kids on our backs. In the race to over populate the planet, the planet is losing. When Sierra Leone achieved independence in 1961, 60 per cent of the country was primary rain forest. In the intervening years, it has shrunk to six per cent. Deforestation leads to soil erosion and malarial swamps. Virtually everyone in the West African interior has some form of malaria. The systems crash scenario predicts that vicious, lawless societies like West Africa and Road-Warrior societies like Somalia will not obligingly disappear in the face of loving UN intervention, but will perversely become ever more common. As our government reminds us: nationalism and patriotism are not conducive to a multicultural paradise, a 'border-less world' or a 'global economy'.
Nevertheless, people tend to ally themselves along clan-lines (as was demonstrated so graphically over the past few years in Zaire, Burundi and Rwanda). In the meanwhile, ninny-countries like Canada are utterly unprepared to cope with the brutal realities born of such systems; the health, social and cultural implications are dismissed. Discourse is forbidden and we are advised to rejoice in our diversity. Hooray!

Bobkatt said...

What you anons don't seem to comprehend is that the crux of the situation is "illegals". Yes we have a bunch of American criminals to deal with but for some reason you see the need to import more. How can you defend that?

Anonymous said...

Yes we have a bunch of American criminals

Lets deal with deporting them first, then we will, with the help of the next President, either McCain or Obama, pass immigration reform and a guest worker program to deal with the undocumented Americans.