Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boo hoo

Going to bat
It troubles 17-year-old Mara Bauermeister that undocumented immigrant students enrolled in Rogue Valley schools who master English and earn good grades find out after graduation there are few options for higher education.

It also troubles me that illegal aliens can't go to college to get the jobs that they can't legally do.

South Medford students junior Liduvina Garcia, sophomore Elizabeth Garcia and sophomore Elizabeth Valazco told Bauermeister they wanted a way to fight discrimination on the campus and to portray a better image of Latino students.

They felt the public perception of Hispanic students had been further tarnished by a drive-by shooting Feb. 18 involving Latino gangs near the South Medford campus. No one was injured.

Perhaps with a little in-state tuition the gangbangers would stop shooting each other...

A year as an exchange student in Chile sparked Bauermeister's interest in immigration.

Her host family, who had been undocumented workers in the United States, recounted the struggles it faced.

"The family was worried to go to the police if something happened because they were worried about getting deported, and they couldn't get any medical benefits," Bauermeister recalled. "I was surprised that happens in the U.S."

I too am suprised that people who break our laws can't always seem to find taxpayer funded freebies... they must not have been living in Oregon.

Does anyone actually feel sorry for these people? You made your bed, now lie in it. I'm waiting for the sob story from the car thief who gets pulled over and cries to the media that since "their" car was taken they have no transportation to work. And then they can't feed their children. It's all about the children.


Anonymous said...

cry me a river. working class and poor Americans cant afford college. Taking out zillions in student loans makes them indentured servants .
I didn't vote for enhanced Sheriff patrol in Washington county, because it was for Gangs.
they should have said Mexican gangs.
I know the Sheriffs are really nice to illegal aliens and mean to Americans.
One told me I wouldnt even know what an illegal alien looked like.
with so much stupid going on in the Sheriff's department it is pointless to give them any more money until they start checking for immigration status and yes - giving the illegals a bad time ,like they do poor Americans.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd point out that if Daniel was telling the truth (you can never know about these ex-cons, possessing criminal minds, they're inherently untrustworthy) then he is one of 36,261 Oregonians who voted for Ron Paul.

That's 14 percent of the population .... of the Republican population. Er, make that Republicans who are registered to vote.

Oh yes ... who actually DID vote.

They don't call him Mainstream Miglavs for nothing.

Anonymous said...

What, no posts today on the victory of the Baby Killer, Mike Erickson The GOP has no morals.

Anonymous said...

What, no posts today on the victory of the Baby Killer, Mike Erickson The GOP has no morals.

Anonymous said...

What, no posts today on the victory of the Baby Killer, Mike Erickson The GOP has no morals.

Anonymous said...

Our Community Colleges such as Chemeketa do NOT ask for status and therefore we ARE paying for illegals to go to College in Oregon. and another $92 Mil. bond for there just passed, yes your property taxes are going way up for Illegals. $1/4 Bil. for S/K in Nov. is next!

And 20 "Migrant" students can go to O.S.U. with Free (to them of course) tuition, books, medical and dental care, day care for anchors and tutoring thru the C.A.M.P. program, us tax payers provide.

Rick Hickey said...

After the A.G. of NC correctly said Federal law does NOT allow Illegals into our Colleges this Poll confirms that most Amriecnas do NOT want to pay for this...

Poll: Most support community colleges' ban on illegal immigrants Triangle Business Journal

Illegal immigrants have no place in the state's community colleges, Triangle Business Journal readers overwhelmingly said in our most recent online poll.
From May 14 to May 20, visitors to TBJ's Web site were asked, "Was the N.C. Community College System right to bar illegal immigrants from degree programs?" The poll was a response to that decision, made May 13 by the school system.
Of the 995 people who responded to the unscientific poll, 74 percent said it was the right decision. The other 26 percent said no.

Bobkatt said...

Note: the comments posted in the paper to this article run 15:1 against this article.

As I sees it said...

Oh, Bobkatt you are such a gullible fool. Everyone knows that the comment sections are riddled with double posters. Like it is any such realistic measure. You need to stay out of the catNip

Interestly enough, Metsger and the Chemeketa Bond levy went the opposite direction of the way OFIR wanted it. Anti-immigrant candidates have failed. Pro-Amnesty pro-illegal immigrant John McCain is the Republican nominee. What I am seeing, regardless of constant idiocy of Rick Hicky, friend of convicted pedophile Bruce Benkle, is that Oregonians aren't buying the anti-immigrant hate wrapped in the flag.

Bobkatt said...

I guess you would know about multiple posting under many different names and anonymous monikers. Thanks for the heads up dipshit.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Let's hear it for Oregon!!!

Great Job Everybody!!!!

Oregon libs must be about to burst with pride!

Anonymous said...

Shoe imprint led police to murder suspects

Posted by The Oregonian August 07, 2007 15:28PM

Categories: Breaking News, Clackamas County

A bloody shoe that matched an imprint on Dani Countryman's bruised chest led to murder charges against two Clackamas County men accused of strangling the 15-year-old girl, according to court documents released today.

Alejandro Emeterio "Alex" Rivera Gamboa, 24, of Clackamas and Gilberto Javier "Gabe" Rivera Gamboa, 23, of Milwaukie, appeared in Clackamas County Circuit Court this afternoon where they were arraigned on charges of aggravated murder. The men are cousins, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators outlined evidence against the men in a document that led to the murder charges in the July 28 strangulation of Dani, 15, of Kaufman, Texas, who was in Oregon visiting her sister.

Alejandro Rivera Gamboa told investigators that he sleeping on his cousin's couch that morning after a party when he was awakened by the sounds of Dani struggling beneath Gilberto Rivera Gamboa, who was on top of her on the floor of his apartment, both with their pants down. Gilberto Rivera Gamboa asked for help, and Alejandro Rivera Gamboa told investigators responded by holding Dani down with his foot on her upper chest and throat until she stopped moving, according to the document.

Later that morning, Ashley Countryman, 20, of Oregon City found the body of her sister in an adjacent unit of the Balboa Apartments in Milwaukie, where Dani had been expected to spend the night before returning to Texas.

Anonymous said...


BEAKEER said...


MORE GOP Pedophiles said...

Among the many:

Newton GOP wide-eyed over school board candidate with child sex issues
Thursday, May 8, 2008, 08:39 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Republicans who take I-20 east home are fuming over revelations that a GOP candidate for the school board in Newton County has a 1988 conviction for sodomy to a child under 14, and was arrested in 1999 on a charge of public indeceny.

The latter charge against Horace Don Gresham was dead-docketed, according to the Covington News.

Here’s the newspaper’s take on the situation:

According to Steve Bray, chairman of the Newton County Republican Party, the organization does not remove candidates from the ballot once they’ve qualified.

“At this point, Mr. Gresham is a candidate having gone through the qualifying process and paid his fees,” Bray said. “Each candidate is responsible for their knowledge of and compliance with the Georgia State Election Code. The Newton County Republican Party’s role in the qualifying process is to certify the candidate’s signatures on the documents and collect the qualifying fees.”

Gresham signed the Declaration of Candidacy and Affidavit, which states candidates must have had their civil rights fully restored for at least 10 years upon the completion of their felony sentence. According to the deposition, Gresham was sentenced to one year in prison and 11 years of probation in 1988, making him ineligible to run for public office until 2010.

State Sen. John Douglas (R-Social Circle) is demanding that Gresham immediately withdraw his name from consideration.

“The thought of having a person who is a convicted pedophile and who engaged in an act of indecent exposure represent any part of Georgia on a local school board boggles the mind and defies logic,” he said in a press release posted on

Anonymous said...

It has certainly been an interesting presidential race.

Ron Paul: The sane voters bailed on him because of his wacko conspiracy nut followers.

McCain: The conservatives bailed on the Republican Party because of McCain/Bush. McCain is left with worthless neocons. What will conservatives do?

Clinton: Urged to run by majority of Democrats then stabbed in the back by liberal democrats. Does she have enough sane decent democrats to pull her through? Only time will tell.

Obama: Followers… Deranged perverse misfits, sexual deviants, racist, white guilt, anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-all that is good, right and lawful in the world!

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