Friday, May 02, 2008

Story from KATU

Immigration protest draws 2,500 to Salem
Carrying signs reading "Driving is a right, not a crime," a mostly Hispanic crowd of about 2,500 on Thursday protested a new driver's license law they say punishes immigrants and they also called for major changes in federal immigration and workplace laws.

Speakers demanded rollback of a decree codified by the Legislature in February - Senate Bill 1080 - that requires applicants for driver's licenses to prove legal residence in the country.

Demand all you want guys. Make sure you go to the link to watch the video coverage that KATU did.


Anonymous said...

Immigration protest draws 2,500 to Salem

Do I detect a hint of jealousy, Mr. Miglavs?

Anonymous said...

KATU is wrong, there were maybe a 1000 there, wouldn't even of had that many if they hadn't of bussed in their spawn. Waving mex flags, being obnoxious, they should thank the police for being there to protect them, someone may have brought bug spray.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, Oh, I married an illegal, now I'm so afraid he will get deported, this isn't right!" Well ya dumb broad, you knew it going into it, stop whining, put your big girl panties on and deal with your own mess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the fact that Daniel and his 3 man gang of bimbos is the best OFIR can do. The fact that Rick Hickey is the size of two people. Well, I will give you 4.

Anonymous said...

OFIR isn't even that solid anymore after they endorsed Gordo. DEPORT GORDON SMITH!

Anonymous said...

Read the Immigration Blog at, Even the Editors make fun of how lousy the count is from reporters and one report said only a 1,000 came.
AND they were all Kids ditching School and 6 were arrested.

Every rally nationwide had far less people too.

One reason? Other areas are enforcing Immigration laws and many are leaving those areas because Law enforcment IS doing their job.

Bobkatt said...

''People have been stopped and deported in the last week. This is a community living in fear,'' said Veranes, a researcher for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades. ''You never know when you're going to be stopped by Border Patrol and now the police.''

Anonymous said...

Tell us why this guy is a Racist?

Dallas Morning News -- May 4
Illegal immigration could shake up Lewisville council races
Lewisville, Texas -- Elected leaders in Lewisville take pride in their city's political peace and quiet. City Council meetings rarely draw crowds; recent elections haven't either.
If one issue could stir this politically sleepy suburb, it could be illegal immigration. City leaders have taken an intentionally subtle approach compared with the high-profile campaigns in Farmers Branch and Irving.
But the May 10 council race is amplifying the volume. Candidates report growing frustration from residents. Council candidate John Gorena – a veteran of high-profile immigration rallies in Farmers Branch and Irving – has campaigned vehemently for Lewisville to take a tougher stand against illegal immigrants.
"If we don't have the courage to take action, we're going to end up like they are – in a world of hurt," said Mr. Gorena, who is Hispanic.

Anonymous said...


He's not, if all we are going on is the newspaper article. You know why?

He didn't belittle anyone, he didn't mock anyone, he didn't lie about anyone, or call anyone filthy names. He didn't lie about Uhauls and post doctored up pictures in a nazi blog and pass them off as authentic. And that's just for starters.

That's why this guy doesn't appear to be racist. You can be against illegal immigration and not be a racist. You obviously DON'T fall into this category. Sorry Tasha. One visit to your filthy blog and it's quite apparent what category you fall in to.