Thursday, May 01, 2008

The don't spell so good

From today's illegal alien rally

We wa"n"t GcRee"n" card

Hat Tip: Allen for passing that one on to me


Anonymous said...

Daniel likes to make fun of people. Impressive.

Daniel said...

anonymous doesn't mind paying for these kids education. Even more impressive.

Anonymous said...

I pay taxes too. It's not just "your" tax money Miglavs. I am quite happy to see my tax money go towards the education of innocent children rather than the killing of them.

Do you encourage your kids to make fun of other kids?

Anonymous said...

Neither do you Daniel.

"The don't spell so good"


Shouldn't it be

"They don't spell so good"

Don't mean to nit pick because I agree with you that these bastards are illegal sob's who should go home!

Anonymous said...

Does 8:13 like to pay for a Mexican illegal who raped little boys in the ass and now we get to pay $300,000 a year to keep him alive for his kidney treatments?
or how about the Puta who got the free liver transplant in Ca ahead of Legal Americans? those who enable illegals like Yamhill county should pay for these illegals out of their own paycheck.

Anonymous said...

ps _ i've noticed that 99 percent of the replies to
Daniel are personal attacks on him.
that isn't real debate.
try staying with the issue.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:14 -- You're disgusting. Unfortunately, my tax dollars probably paid for your education too. See it didn't do much good.

Anonymous said...

I'am Disgusting? why? I don't rape little boys in the ass. I am not an attorney or sheriff protecting rapists who are illegal .
Again, Personal Attacks.
Why can't you get angry at the mexican who murdered the mother of a 4month old baby last week just so he could jack her car.
Stabbing a mother trying to protect her baby?
that's why we need enforcement and strong borders.
personal attacks are not debate. stop thinking like a mexican.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27 -- I'll stop "thinking like a Mexican" when you stop thinking like an Aryan.

Anonymous said...

"The don't spell so good", Daniel can't even spell "They". Figures.

But really, this is my favorite:

No Amnety

The hillbilly garbage on lawn chairs can't even spell. Even with their Amer-kan edu-ma-cations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32 --

Bwaaaaahaahaahaahaa! Honk for English, cuz my Grannie the don't spell it so good.

What goes around comes around, eh? Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

lets all go to mexico and try and get an education there an english . They would not only laugh at you but they would most likely kick you out.
Lets make english the primary language and send them back to were they came from if they do not like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very classy, Miglavs. In addition to setting an example for your kids that it's cool to make fun of CHILDREN, are you also teaching your kids that it's cool to beat up other kids? I mean, that's sort of the next step, isn't it?

Oh -- and you're absolutely certain that the kids in this photograph are "illegal aliens," right? You verified that, right?

LibLibrarian said...

Anon 726:

You are so ignorant it's pathetic.
Most schools in Mexico DO offer English, just like most schools in America offer Spanish.

As part of my education, I spent three months in Mexico a few years ago. One can easily find all-English schools in most parts of Mexico and Latin America.

In city after city there are very nice schools throughout Mexico. Both public and private, and some rather swank, many of these schools teach an all-English curriculum to students from a wide range of circumstances. I'm thinking you're just plain stupid to not know this.

In Mexico, schools in rural areas are decidedly not on the same funding level as schools in metropolitan areas and you begin to see the stark disparity. There are parts of American (and Oregon) that suffer the same disparity and produce the same results - kids who struggle to spell or write English properly...

The people who come here from Mexico, and Central/South America are the poorest of the poor. Unfortunately, just as with America's poor, their education is often not on par with those more fortunate.

Your posts are rife with errors. You seem to have a mediocre handle on writing English, but that doesn't stop you.

Like Rick Hickey and so many others of your ilk, you have no problems criticizing others when you seem to have major problems with the language yourself.

PS: English already IS the primary language, law or no law.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27 -- Now THAT'S "real debate!" Minus the "personal attacks even... Please, I'm laughing so hard my side is, lol!

Anonymous said...

You know, Daniel's musing today (and many other days) hits the nail on the head about what bothers me about him and many who represent OFIR.

Making fun of people is an unattractive trait. It's an ugly compulsion that comes from the inner core of a person and speaks volumes about the quality of their character. There are lots of little human flaws we all possess: white lies, gluttony, tardiness, laziness, envy... But some things run deeper and this is one of them. This is one of those serious "soul" things. Cruelty towards others, mockery of others (particularly children and the most vulnerable among us) just has a thread that runs a little deeper, that says the worst about a person or group of people, particularly when they take such obvious glee in it.

It is sad that it's likely your children will pick up this most unfortunate of traits as it will bring them great unhappiness.

Thank you for your comment today Daniel. You finally made the light go on for me. It's been bugging me for years what the "certain something" was that turned me off about OFIR and kept me from joining. There's a certain quality about you that I just couldn't ever put my finger on. Now I know what it is.

Anonymous said...

really 9:12 am?
you should see the comments made to those of us on the side of OFIR.
Ive been threatened with violence , people have told me they wanted to see me gang-raped by mexicans until ____ came out of my eyes-
On Daniels blog Ive been called a Nazi Cunt- I could go on but the really scary awful people are on the side of illegal aliens and their employers.
attacking Daniel and OFIR is typical of the mentality of the pro-illegal side.
do you care that 20 percent of those in Yamhill county are Hispanics and are in for some really awful stuff?
no, you don't care about what illegal aliens do to the poor in this country or even about this country.
taking the "High Moral Road" and acting as though you and Jesus are an item is all you can do.

Tasha said...

Bob Beauchaine at wrote:

>Too chickenshit to use your name on a public forum but more than happy
>to post other people's personal information.

>Yeah, you're just a shining example of all that's still good and pure
>in White America, aren't you? Too bad we'll never meet in person so I
>can't have the pleasure of popping you one in the jaw - Were I your landlord, I'd have evicted you on general
>principles long ago. So enjoy living in your own personally created
>third ring of hell.
Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s the same reaction that I always get when
someone goes apoplectic and sprays their monitor with hatred. The
same way I felt about Lon Mabon and his homo-nazis when they tried to
take over the state a couple of decades ago.
I actually am in favor of immigration reform and better border
control. I just refuse to let a bad situation make me adopt a full-on
cranial-rectal inversion, as gringo has apparently allowed.
So when is Krystallnacht, gringo? When do get to officially blame all
of societies ills on "those people"? And before someone invokes
Godwin's law on the topic, it IS the topic. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Wow three days ago, Bob Beauchaine offered to break my jaw and evict me because I suggested reporting illegal aliens. He also brought up Nazi Germany.
You see, when poor Bob sees HATE he has to hit and
Make homeless fellow Americans.
I guess he didn’t read Google Guidelines about threatening violence.
I guess Americans who wish to enforce immigration laws
deserve violence and homelessness
well here is another one calling me a nazi etc
over an article on Hazelton
Too bad my relatives are buried at Riverview cemetery, killed fighting Germany during WWII.
Nice that its come to this in the United States

ps shouldnt the SPLC rush to my defense? of course not, cause Bob loves illegal aliens.

Tasha said...

the hate remarks that come in from people who dont "hate" but really hate the "haters"
For suggesting that Latino Imports is wiring money to Mexico from Illegal aliens and Job Theft, I have been called a racist today about six times, also a Maroon, a Xenophobe, a bigot, a motherfucker, a fucker,scum, racist motherfucker,alarmist asshole, asshole,racist motherfucker,trailor trash, Neo-Nazi ,disgusting,ignorant , and hatefuland they hate me and what else.At other times, a Nazi Cunt and tasha the Gasha,lying putrid, gash .
this is the typical response if you say two words in Oregon; Mexican and Illegal alien.

A random "hate hit" from someone who thought I should walk on a construction site and confront those hiring illegals'
when the Police start protecting Americans then maybe, but not until then.:"
the following sent by one of the pro-illegals to me.
Note the attitude:"

re: Why don't I confront the Illegals....etc

Awww - did da widdle wacist biggot get swapped down and now is a big ol' fwaidy-cat? Wun home, widdle wacist and hide behind mama's skirt! Thinks the real world is "dangerous," so hides behind his computer and cuts and pastes from his rightie "patriot" website every day, periodically writing letters:

"Dear Mr. ICE Man:
Those people are different and they are bad! They scared me! Make them go away so I can feel big and superior."
Your patriotic friend,
I.M. Gnadless"


Moondoggie said...

Anon 9:14, 9:19, 10:27, 7:26, 1016 -- we all know you are Tasha, (too chickenshit to use her name). You make the same grammatical and punctuation errors over and over and over again. It's easy to identify who you really are simply by examining your poor writing.

Tasha. You're a card carrying psycho. That's just a plain and simple fact.

Here's a little something most of us learned in kindergarten: If you're going to call people names, they're probably going to call you names back.

Moondoggie said...

Oh, and by the way Tasha, some of those names are going to fit.

You can learn more about nice, sweet, innocent Tasha at stoptheinvasionoforegon.

Moondoggie said...

Before you visit Tasha's blog, make sure you've got plenty of hot water. You'll have an overwhelming urge to cleanse yourself afterwards.

Rick Hickey said...

Arizona then Oklahoma (OK.- UNemployment rate dropped an entire point to only 3.1% after kicking out Job thieves/Illegals)and NOW S.Carolina...Watch 1,000's more illegal's move here and our unemployment pass 6%, Watch next month's labor report. Democrats LOVE high unemployment #'s, more Gov't Union Dem. workers hired to help the needy ya know.

Senate passes nation’s strongest illegal immigration reform bill
Columbia, SC - Senator Jim Ritchie (R-Spartanburg) and the South Carolina Senate unanimously passed the “toughest illegal immigration reform bill in the nation.” The bill passed is a tight net of enforceable provisions that will capture willful violators. The bill contains the most stringent fines in the

When will some of the Oregon Republicans stop pandering to Criminal Employers and their endentured servants and stop imagining that Ramon Ramirez or CAUSA will EVER tell their Illegal sheep to vote R? They won't, ever!

Anonymous said...

Tasha is dead on in both her posts. Only moondoggie is obviously too dense (read stupid) to understand or comprehend it.

Anonymous said... 12:36:

Yeah. That's Moondoggie alright. He's really, really dumb. Look, we may not always agree, but the last thing Moondoggie is is stupid.

Tasha, on the other hand, is simply....


Just got back from stoptheinvasionoforegon. You're right Moondoggie, a shower is now in order. Tasha makes Daniel look like Mr. Rogers on valium. I suppose there's a reason Tasha has zero comments on her blog and none of Oregon's conservative bloggers have her listed in their blogrolls.

I think there's a reason why one of the few big words Tasha can spell correctly is Krystallnacht.

Sig Heil, Trasha.

Anonymous said...

FOX News today...

Hillary; I will not target sanctuary cities.
Hillary Clinton, in the second half of her first-ever interview with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly, said that if elected president she would not crack down on so-called illegal immigrant “sanctuary cities.”
Clinton outlined several points of her foreign policy platform in the final segment of the interview, which aired Thursday.
Asked about the controversial topic of sanctuary cities — cities that encourage a hands-off approach to local enforcement of federal immigration policy — Clinton swiftly responded, “No I’m not (going to target them). I’m not.”

Wonder what Dani Countrymans Family thinks of Hillary or the SIX Police officers KILLED by previously detained(but not ID'd Illegals) Illegal repeat criminals.

People are dying, Raped and molested by Illegal aliens who have been previously confronted by Police and Hillary does not want Police to contact ICE to check their background?

Gee if Chelsea was Raped by a repeat criminal alien, then she would allow law enforcement to also work with ICE and not just DEA, FBI, U.S. Marshalls, etc.

Democrats are playing games while Americans suffer & die, SHAME on them!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that Hickey. The Republican candidate is looking pretty good to a lot of people you call "sheep." Even the illegal sheep can't go wrong voting for McCain. After all, he supported the Dream Act and that's just the tip of the iceberg. McCain is a softie on illegals and hispanics in general.

Anonymous said...

What is it that Delucca always says about spell checkers Daniel?
Something about how they're so inept at reasoned discourse that they resort to spellchecking? Something like that.

Anonymous said...

Border Patrol lets some illegals go — over and over again By ALICIA A. CALDWELL, Associated Press Writer
2 hours, 29 minutes ago

EL PASO, Texas - Josefa Gonzalez Loya has sneaked across the Mexican border at least 128 times in the past eight years. And each time, the Border Patrol has been nice enough to give her a lift home.

Gonzalez and a group of other women and children — all Indians from the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca — have no interest in staying in the United States. All they want to do is panhandle outside El Paso businesses, using the children as lures.

At the end of a productive day, they wait for the Border Patrol to come pick them up and drive them back to the border.

Little dramas like this play out day after day, accounting for thousands of arrests but hardly any prosecutions in the past several years.

The Oaxacan immigrants fall under a loophole that gives border agents discretion to keep some adults and children together and out of jail.

"They do qualify for jail and prosecution," Border Patrol spokesman Ramiro Cordero said. "However, we've got to look at the humanitarian factor first if we are going to have to separate the family."

Nearly 500 Oaxacan (pronounced wah-HAH-ken) women and children in colorful serapes have been rounded up since the fiscal year began in October, accounting for thousands of arrests.

The middle-aged Gonzalez and some of the others make a mad dash across the Rio Grande with the help of a guide. Occasionally they get caught trying to slip across, but evidently they are good at evading the Border Patrol, even though they use the same general area over and over. Sometimes, authorities realize they have arrived when they see the little footprints the diminutive immigrants leave along the banks of the Rio Grande.

Once she makes it across, Gonzalez, who speaks only a language common among Indians in Oaxaca, catches a bus to a strip mall a few miles away from the border, just far enough into El Paso to evade agents on patrol. There she starts begging for spare change.

Border agents say when she and her entourage are ready to go home, they muster in front of a store. Then they wait, knowing their presence will create enough of a nuisance that agents will come pick them up. When they do, the beggars' mugshots are taken and their fingerprints checked. Then they are walked back across the border.

"Half the time when you see them, they're ready to go," Cordero said.

Gonzalez has been arrested 128 times. Despite a crackdown on illegal immigration along much of the border, she and most of her tribal members have never been jailed.

Most illegal immigrants cannot count on the goodness of immigration officials' hearts. Unlike the Oaxacans and other Mexicans caught near the border, illegal immigrants arrested in the U.S. interior are routinely separated from their children, with some youngsters placed in foster care while their parents are deported.

Cordero said agents have the authority to "look at the totality of the circumstances" when deciding if an illegal immigrant should be prosecuted.

"They are coming to beg. They are not trying to further their entry into the United States," Cordero said.

He said it is impossible to say how much each arrest costs the taxpayers.

Gonzalez and her crew seem well-aware of the law. The women all claim the children as their own, but that would mean women obviously in their 50s and 60s have just had babies. Often the same child is claimed by different women on different days. And still, the agents err on the side of keeping the self-proclaimed "families" together.

"We're pretty sure they are family units or at least close-knit groups," Cordero said.

Even David Hensley, manager of an El Paso department store, gives the panhandlers a few dollars before calling the authorities to take them away.

"It's good to see that the Border Patrol is showing some common sense in dealing with the reality that is life on the border," said Ruben Garcia, who runs a shelter in El Paso that sometimes houses some of the Oaxacans. "Nothing is served by locking these people up."

Arrested 128 times with no jail time? This is disturbing that our tax money that pays for these agents wages are ignoring their job duties!! Why have these agents not been fired?

MAX Redline said...

It appears that the recent crackdown on illegal aliens has been working. This is bad news for Democrats and other amnesty supporters, such as Juan McCain and El Gordo del Smitho. After all, according to their theology, there's nothing we can do to prevent folks from running across our borders. It seems that there's a bit of a difference between the facts and their faith.

Certainly, the latest May Day "protests" have been a bit more subdued. A couple of years ago, thousands marched in the streets, demanding "rights" and other stuff normally accorded only to U.S. citizens and legal residents.

It sure got quiet, all of a sudden. A U.S. crackdown is causing the longest and most significant drop in illegal migration from Mexico since the Sept. 11 attacks.

All it takes is enforcement of our laws.

Now for Godssake, what is up with all of this Tasha stuff? How silly is that? It just distracts from the discussion. By the way, if you're interested in discussion, just click the name of the poster to collapse that part of the thread.

Thus, by way of example, you can click on moondoggie, and the post referring to a trollsite is no longer visible. It makes following an actual discussion much easier.

Moondoggie said...


Tasha is the psycho that is harrassing snick@nite. She's a little obsessed with him right now. Her psychotic tirades have been stinkin' up the place for a couple weeks now. Hopefully she'll go away soon.

Anonymous said...

After Daniel's 60 Minutes-style expose on the tamale dinner at the school, I really, honest-to-God figured that he could not possibly find a way to strike a sourer, more utterly idiotic and immature note than that. Well, directing your holier-than-thou snotty remarks at a CHILD ... shit. What can I say?

Daniel: Thank-you. You literally do more to rally support for the immigrants' rights camp than ANYONE who is actually IN the immigration rights camp. Do you understand that? ROTFLMAO!!! Has it hit home, yet? Has the light bulb gone off over OFIR's head? In a weird, twisted kind of way, you're like a 21st century Cesar Chavez. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Thank-you. I mean it. Thank-you for showing the true colors of the anti-immigrant Republican Right in this country.

May your name be widely known, and your blog be read by as many people as possible. If I had the money, I'd advertise your "musings" on a billboard on I-5. You're great! Keep it up, you big lug! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Why can't you get angry at the mexican who murdered the mother of a 4month old baby last week just so he could jack her car

The difference between you and I, sir/madam, is that while I can and do get angry at "the mexican" who is accused of committing that crime, I don't extrapolate from that tragedy that ALL Mexicans are somehow predisposed through some fluke in their DNA to commit similarly horrific and tragic crimes, nor do I extrapolate that all Mexicans are "illegal aliens."

That is the difference between a rational person, and a Miglavian bigot. Take a wild guess at which one you are.

Anonymous said...

This Guy keeps getting re-elected by a huge margin and crime via illegals is going down in AZ. How can we get him to move here and save our lives also? (remember 6 police officers have been gunned down & murdered by illegals just in PHX alone)

Sheriff going to Mesa, tells illegals to get out of town
May 2nd, 2008 @ 8:22am
by KTAR Newsroom

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio still isn't saying when he will take his crime suppression patrols to Mesa.

He says there's a reason for the delay -- he's giving illegal immigrants a chance to get out of town.

``I'm giving them a chance to pack up and leave, so when I do go in there, there may not be a big problem," he said.

If an illegal immigrant needs a ride, Arpaio says, ``Call 602-876-1000 and we'll make arrangements. Maybe we'll even pick them up."

Mesa Police Chief George Gascon has asked the sheriff for two days notice before he does his patrols in Mesa, and Arpaio said he will give police notice.

In the meantime, ``The only message I can give to the people here illegally is to pack up, take a bus, go back. If they want a free ride, they can always call me... I'll be glad to take care of them, especially those in Mesa. If they want to go back home, I'll be glad to help them. Maybe I won't have any problems to enforce when I decide to go to Mesa."

1/2 Hispanic 1/2 Anglo said...

Anon 10:56-The difference between you and I, sir/madam, is that while I can and do get angry at "the mexican" who is accused of committing that crime, I don't extrapolate from that tragedy that ALL Mexicans are somehow predisposed through some fluke in their DNA to commit similarly horrific and tragic crimes, nor do I extrapolate that all Mexicans are "illegal aliens."

That is the difference between a rational person, and a Miglavian bigot. Take a wild guess at which one you are.

I support Daniel and I am not a Bigot.

Why do you think that anyone that wants illegal alien criminals to be grabbed by police and deported is a bigot, as Daniel does?
How many more extra days of School should these, obviously need an education kids miss on your dime?

YES Criminals can also sneak into our country, do you not realise that desperate and poor "whatever it takes to survive" peoples are more likely to have criminal behavior?
Legal immigrants (over 2 million/year is enough) do not need "comprehensive immigration reform" or Amnesty.
The 1986 Amnesty should be obvious proof that any "earned path to citizenship" has never nor ever will stop illegal immigration.
Your HERO Bill Clinton signed the irca bill in 1996 because the '86 Amnesty only attracted even more illegals and the '86 laws were not being enforced.

Why do you that claim to be so smart in here think ANOTHER version of Amnesty will work?

IT WON'T. Just enforce the damn laws, like in GA.,OK.,AZ., and I read somewhere S.C., illegals are fleeing.

And wages are going up in those states already and only those states.
My God I want wages to go up in Oregon!!! $4/gal. for gas, bread $4/loaf, milk, eggs, insurance, cars, stamps, government spending, everything else is going up.
If their really was a labor shortage this would happen automatically.

Why does that make me or Daniel a bigot?

Anonymous said...

If you have to ask, the answer would be wasted.

And you know what? Sumtymes he dun't spel very well eether.

Bobkatt said...

Anon 9:16- snappy comeback. Worthless, but snappy.

Anonymous said...

Bobkatt: right back at ya babe.