Saturday, May 24, 2008

The State knows best

Department of Justice and Oregon School Boards Association File Anti-gun Briefs
Current events have made it clear that schools are one of the favorite targets of psychopaths, but the Oregon School Board Association and the DOJ have both asked the Court to ignore the very plain language of Oregon law and allow schools to declare their property open season for madmen.

Read the full OFF alert and if you are a gun owner in Oregon I suggest you support their organization.


Anonymous said...

"Department of Justice and Oregon School Boards Association File Anti-gun Briefs"

Good for them. I support it 100%. Why should you car, as a felon you don't have the right to possess a gun, other than for hunting. Unless, maybe someone should look into if you are holding a permit for a handgun. As a meth dealer, you shouldn't have any such permit. Someone in Law Enforcement should investigate you.

Anonymous said...

he is not a felon and stating that he is slander. I suggest you not be cowardly next time and post your real name and street address.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:51pm

My name is Rod bills I live at 23352 SW SAINT CHARLES WAY
SHERWOOD, OR 97140 or can give me a call 503.625.0123 You pussy come by and lets talk

Anonymous said...

Yo Rod, stop yourself before you commit a felony for threatening someone,, really.

Anonymous said...

The level of stupidity among the "Do-gooder Elites" is amazing. Common sense is thrown out the window in favor of "Feel good" policies which do NOTHING to protect anyone. Our individual right to self defense is absolute. Remember the cops are Law Enforcement and generally arrive after the crime has been committed. So it goes without saying: A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

Daniel said...

The ignorance of liberals when it comes to me, guns and gun laws is staggering.

Go back to watching American Idol.