Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pro illegal group fears plot by OFIR on this blog

In what I can only describe as something that really really makes me laugh the illegal alien loving (yes, they kiss illegal aliens with open mouth) group CAUSA is upset because I put a tidbit of Rick's opinion on being a Republican PCP on my endorsements post.

It certainly appears that Mr. Hickey and OFIR leadership are plotting a take over of the Republican Party of Oregon (ORGOP).

Thank you CAUSA, I needed that laugh. I imagine their next post could also have scary news like "Republicans try takeover of country by... voting Republican."

I also notice that they screenshot my blog but don't link to the post. My money says they get more readers when I link to them than they do any other time.

[EDIT] Mwahahahaha, they added "Kind of laughable" at the end of their "plotting to take over the Republican party" paragraph... after I did this blog post. Too funny.

See what I get for violating my own "no guest columns" rule?


Anonymous said...

typical fascist response by a racist hipanic illegal loving group, named CAUSA for short

Anonymous said...

Maybe more of an alert to the Repubican party. Although they are already stuffed to the gills with xenophobes and pedophiles.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:44 PM.
I guess that a former governor Neil Goldschmidt, a known pedophile was what party? I believe it was the democRATS. No, the leader of the democRATS in Oregon, a pedophile. It can't be. But it is the truth you piece of shit. Why do you love democRAT pedophiles? Did you vote for Ted (who I'm sure knew about the molesting of that young girl) and Neil the pedophile. You show you ignorance.
I wonder how 52-year-old Carma Smith, a mother of seven killed near McMinnville, OR feels about your statement. I'm sure you are not a xenophobe and would happily sacrifice your family instead of Carma Smith?
Weeeellllll, how about sacrificing your family?

Anonymous said...

Go away Tasha.

Anonymous said...

No doubt. Between the pedophiles, the faux WARiors, economic bamboozlers, and the anti-immigrant fools, the GOP is done. They are losing seats everywhere. By Novemeber, we are going to see a Democratically run Executive and Legislature. I am glad to see it. Good riddance!

DAVE01 said...

Anon 2:02, who the hell is Tasha?
You clowns keep whining about the Republicans and I SHOW YOU PROOF ABOUT THE DemocRATS. How come you condone democRAT pedophiles but not republican ones? Answer me that. All you say is go away Tasha, whoever that is. This is: DAVE01 you little prick. I CONDEMN ALL MOLESTING OF YOUNG CHILDREN.