Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shrine to lawlessness

This taxpayer funded site for criminals to congregate at will be an in-your-face reminder to the citizens of Portland on where their elected leaders put their priorities.
As far as "job that Americans won't do" we have carpentry and roofing, plumbing, masonry, drywall and welding listed as proffessions of the illegal aliens.


Anonymous said...

where does it say that these day workers are not above board.The burden is upon the employer to make sure they have a social security card.We need a sting just like hookers, and nab the johns (employers). take their trucks etc and that will get publicity.

Anonymous said...

Is there a neighbor to the location that is willing to help with a web-cam so all can watch who is hiring who?

Anonymous said...

out here in Beaverton they hire only mexicans and illegals to do every kind of blue collar work.
There is always a white guy in charge( criminal employer) and then it is all Spanish speaking , all young , all male , all brown skinned.
' this is pure discrimination and racism and sexism and ageism and nationalism against legal Americans , but No one cares!

Anonymous said...

out here in Beaverton they hire only mexicans and illegals to do every kind of blue collar work

from my experience, that is because most whites and american citizens are too lazy, too slow, underskilled and frankly a bit too arrogant to do the work that needs to be done in a timely manner. if i was needing to hire people to work i would hire them too. so what is your point?

Anonymous said...

fuck you 10:52. You're a racist piece of shit.

Anthony DeLucca said...

I say we start a campaign to do two things: Shut down the site, and target the people who hire from the site. Billboards of the trucks and / or people doing the hiring ought to cull the masses that hire there.

A media campaign that would include the names of the companies that hire from the site would certainly drop the numbers of employers who do the hiring.

In addition, we could "plant" a white, english speaking laborer at the site in order to document how he was treated by VOZ, and if he would even get hired by prospective employers. That would make a decent little documentary I would think.

Anonymous said...

My WHITE Brother does all the work listed AND pays taxes and works hard!

My WHITE Mom & Sister clean houses and work very hard and our Americans and pay taxes.

They refuse to live 20 in a house though and do not send their paycheck to a Foreign country, they help America instead.
These people do not.

Criminal Employers-There is a company back east with Management facing up to 20 years in Prison for hiring illegals(want to see the news article?). Mohawk Carpets has been fined $1.2 Mil. and the thugs from Del Monte fresh will have their day in court soon. The No-Match letters are going out and the Fence is being built.

How much longer until ICE surprises you (they ARE watching this)? Looking forward to being Raped in Prison? Or being shamed in public by the Media for violating the Law?

I am calling OFIR to get Rally's at this place going. And they will make this a royal pain in your ass to go there, as it should be. And the new Mayor, because of all the hassles will close it down soon.
Several of these centers have been closed down back east because of public complaints and that will happen here too.

Remember not one American wants to do this work, yeah right were buying that.

Employers, the majority of Oregonians do NOT support this or YOU for feeding this corruption and Hell will be raised soon!

Anonymous said...

At least 41 children taken from an polygamist sect's Texas ranch may have had past broken bones, officials say, and investigators are looking into the possible sexual abuse of some of the sect's young boys.

Doing jobs only Americans do. U.S. Citizens seem to be pretty good at this.

Anonymous said...

try staking out the suburbs- every new construction site is all Mexican and so are the gardeners.
its exhausting. I send letters to ICE
I never see any results.
I think the system has failed us so profoundly because they are all crooks.
the next time an illegal gets kidney treatment at 300,000 a year after raping little boys or a Doctor named Schapiro decides that illegals should have liver transplants for free- maybe we should really get feisty and demand that the traitors like Potter and Yamhill county employees pay for these things out of their paychecks.
I bet they would see immigration laws differently

Anonymous said...

Delucca: I've got a better idea. HOw about we put the word out to all the unemployed Anglos we know. We all know someone who isn't working that would LOVE to have a job. Give them the address and pick up times at the day labor site and tell them to show up and be ready to start work immediately. The day labor site is available TO ALL who are seeking employment, not just brown people.

Moondoggie said...

Anon 123:

I just called the day labor office. Voz's program is available TO ALL who are available to work immediatley when they show up at the site. All means ALL. Put the word out people! You probably have an uncle or nephew or next door neighbor who would be thrilled to have a job for a few days or a few weeks to tide them over until they find work in their regular field of endeavor. Put your money where your mouth is and round up some unemployed US citizens to put this day labor site to use for them.

tnr said...

anon 103
any one involved in breaking a little ones bones should be thrown in jail ,does not matter what race he or she is!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure all you OFIR guys who are so adament about saving jobs for "legal" Americans know some who could use a few extra bucks. Why don't you give them all a call, drop them an email, let them know there are jobs to be had. Activate the phone tree. Instead of expending your energies protesting, why not expend some directing these well-deserving Americans who need jobs TO some actual jobs? Put up or shut up, Miglavs. Instead of seeing how many people you can entrap or humiliate, why don't you see how many "legal" American workers you can line up with an honest day's pay?

Put up or shut up, Miglavs.

as I sees it said...

OFIR and their band of clowns care nothing about Americans needing jobs or they would be out screaming about outsourcing. Instead, they pick on immigrants, who are actually doing work people are hiring them to do, and drum up hatred for them. What would groups like OFIR be if they didn't have someone to hate?

Anonymous said...

I visit this blog only occasionally, but I cannot recall an instance of Daniel or any of his like-minded friends ever uttering a single critical word about NAFTA or other American trade agreements -- which have done more to screw American workers out of their jobs than any other factor. They don't say anything about that, and I'm guessing they continue to vote for the politicians who supported NAFTA. That's a pretty damning context for their feigned concern about American workers.

Anonymous said...

Anon103 seems to be OK with all the abuses at that compound in Texas. At least that is what his post implies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Im a while male, whos owns a contruction company and i have over 23 employees, 20 of them are mexicans 2 black and one white. when i start it my business in 1998 with 10 whites and one mexican.The truth is most of my white employees, complain, would come to work late , call out , and a bit lazy when it came to get the job done. the mexicans just simply work, with no problems what so ever .