Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day of loud and in-your-face homosexual propaganda

Oregon schools and what they are doing to indoctrinate your children about homosexuality:

Lincoln High
Today: National Day of Silence ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE

*Until our halls are free of put-downs and sexist, racist, and homophobic remarks, there are students who can’t feel safe at Lincoln. Today is the National Day of Silence. Today, all across the country, students are taking vows of silence to bring attention to anti-LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) bullying, name-calling, and harassment. GSA encourages you to be silent. If you choose to participate in the day of silence, be sure to come by the table in the main hall today to get a sticker, and a card to let teachers and classmates know what you are supporting. Nobody's safe until everybody's safe. (Brown)

Grant High School
If you would like to help end harassment & bullying in schools by participating in the National Day of Silence, sign-up in Activities and get supplies before school Friday morning in rm 122. Sponsored by GSA.

It goes on and on. Notice that these are not passive acceptance that this is going on but active encouragement and organization. There are, presumably taxpayer funded, supplies and literature given out as well as assembly time given to this propaganda. Instead of reading, writing and math they are learning that boys who want to pretend they are girls is normal.

Imagine the peer pressure to conform to this when your teachers clearly support it. I can also imagine many kids thinking "I can pretty much sleep in class and all I have to do is where this button that says I support gays? Sign me up!"

No matter how many times they say "it's for the children" keep in mind that a yes vote on a tax increase or bond measure just puts more money in the pot for this nonsense.


Anonymous said...

"Day of loud and in-your-face homosexual propaganda"

"Today: National Day of Silence ASSEMBLY SCHEDULE"

The irony is stifling

Go Dia de SilĂȘncia said...

Both my children are participating of their own accord. Seems there is enough anti-homosexual propaganda out here....uuhhhhhhhhhh RIGHT HERE!

I love the fact that this just drives you hateful little kooks crazy.

Anonymous said...

Don't think for a minute that Miglavs isn't "planning ahead." What good is it to belong to a gang if you don't have a target to kick around.
When the illegal immigration mess finally does work itself out, Miglavs has made it clear who's next on his psychotic little hit list. Maybe he'll convince OFIR to re-invent itself and bully another group of "untouchables." They can change their acronymn to: OAGR. So fitting.

Kaelri said...

What? Aren't there any parents out there who have a problem with schools "indoctrinating" their kids into the evil subversive gospel of "human rights" and "freedom of choice?"

Anonymous said...

We all know what really happened to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer . . . the Wolves ate him.

Its Mother Nature's way of culling the weak from the herd.

Anonymous said...

Father Time has his ways too Anon 6:50.

Younger generations don't share Miglavian views, not even close.

A new day is coming and I have a feeling Miglavians aren't going to like it.

Sucks to be you I guess.

Anonymous said...

Can't deny that AIDS is a STD targeting homos.

Moms Nature will create another as needed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll come up with one targeting bigots and idiots. That would be nice.

This country is changing. You don't like it. Too bad.

Big Mike Lewis said...

The libs don't realize all they did was drive counter protests of lots of kids staying home from school to protest this indoctrination.

I'm proud that it was reported on the news that there are some people in Oregon with conservative values.

Kaelri said...

"Can't deny that AIDS is a STD targeting homos."

Yes. I can. Forgive the graphical reality, but HIV can be transferred by any exchange of bodily fluids, male-female included.

Anonymous said...

Well if you bothered to look at the CDC site you would know that most AIDS cases in America are GAY Men & Junkies, both sick people.
As well as other STD's such as Chalmydia and Gonnoreah.
AIDS & Africa? Baby Rape capitol of the world and junkie whores everywhere.
Why do mostly Anal sex practicers get this disease?
"You can't fool Mother Nature"
"Play with the Bull, you get thehorn"

Why do you think Children should be made to deal with Sexual agenda's? (As implied by Libs here, "So the next generation is accepting" of course)

And why are people that do not understand how a guy would not be physically attratced to say Idol-Kristi Lee Cook from Or. called "Haters" or Bigots".
I am allowed to think that guys that are sexualy attrated to other guys are weird, strange or sick, that does not mean I hate them.
Comedian Jim Carrey is weird and strange to me but I do not hate him.

And you Libs calling us names do NOT further your agenda, you only creat resentement because nobody likes to be called names.

To each his own, I do not have to understand Gays, nor my Kids, as adults do what you want in PRIVATE.
Or do you want to hear about my sexual activities last night?

And we read about so many Schools in Oregon with increasing Drop out rates and failing to pass a Math & English test via NCLB and Schools think time spent on this is a good use of your money and your Child's precous time? Huh?!
B.S. :(

Anonymous said...

Anon 937: And you never engage in name calling, right? ROTFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

If you choose to participate
IF you choose to participate.
If you CHOOSE to participate.

Yup, looks like the schools are just ramming the "Homosexual Agenda" down everyone's throats, against their will.

I think Anon 6:01, by the way, hits on a key point: Daniel makes much of the fact that he is a FORMER gang member, but in fact, he still has the attitude of one. Daniel and OFIR will just keep stirring the pot and at some point, maybe next week, maybe in a couple months, maybe in a year, some wayward punk-ass nut, having marinated in an environment of anti-Latino Miglavian bullshit, is going to go over the edge and murder an "illegal alien." And then pussy Miglavs will mumble something along the lines of, "Well, of course we don't advocate violence ..." and "It's not our fault."

You reap what you sow, Miglavs. You'd better start thinking long and hard NOW whether you're prepared to take responsibility for what you sow.

Hateful Indoctrination said...

Actually, Mr Lewis the children who "stayed home in protest" are more than likely the product of homophobic indoctrination by their parents. Though there may be a few that are actually self directing homophobes, it is likely if you were to view signatures on the anti-civil union referenda, you would likely find the parents of those children that stayed home today. Being indoctrinated with such hatred at such a young age is sad, and borders on child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Hey Go Dia, What's the matter, Sweetie. Can't you handle a little criticism without getting your panties in a twist?

Anonymous said...

Hateful indoctrination
right or wrong the parents at that age instill there values . My child is going to a private christian school and is taught that being gay is wrong, but that they them selfs are no better because we ALL have sinned and fallen short! and we all love sinners

Anthony DeLucca said...

Tab "A" fits into "B" for a reason. To say that homosexuality is anything but un-natural is simply wrong.

Don't mis-quote me now...If you choose to be gay, that's your gig. But don't try to force everyone else into the false belief that there is nothing wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

Delucca -

"Tab "A" fits into "B" for a reason. To say that homosexuality is anything but un-natural is simply wrong."

So, by your logic, oral sex is simply "wrong" as well?

Kaelri said...

Ditto that. "Unnatural" and "wrong" are not synonymous.

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know, the homophobes on here should ask their buddies Bruce Benkle and Rhuse. They are more than authorities on what is "natural" an "un-natural". Besides, with all the gay bathroom sex that repububican homophobes engage in, Delucca seems to be just spittin' in the wind.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Kaleri and anon 2:24

Morons. In the quote that you mention, I didn't say homosexuality was wrong. How about READING what I wrote. What I wrote was: "To SAY that homosexuality is anything but un-natural is simply wrong." I stand by that statement.

The sentence didn't say it was wrong, It said that it was un-natural.

And right after that, I even put a caution not to mis-quote me. Yet you did anyway.

It isn't until the last sentence that I insert my opinion that homosexuality is wrong. But that isn't the sentence that you quote now is it? (I stand by the last statement as well).

Anonymous said...

Delucca, you crack me up. Neurotic much?

Kaelri said...

If you'd like to pretend that that's not exactly the argument you were insinuating, then that, as you say, is your gig.

Anonymous said...

And for his next trick, Anthony DeLucca will prove that homosexuality is "wrong" by pointing to the "evidence" in the appendix on gays that may be found in the deluxe edition of the infamous "FBI/INS Statistical Report."

Anonymous said...

Uhmmmm, I wonder. Could DeLucca be gay? Not the used car salesmen DeLucca, this one posting. May this DeLucca is actually Daniel Miglavs gay alter ego.

Anonymous said...

Serious question here: Is Miglavs developmentally disabled? Does anyone know? It wouldn't explain everything he says, but it would explain a lot.

Anonymous said...

Interesting: Miglavs finally gets around to trashing gays, and Rupert Huse is nowhere to be seen calling him out.

Anonymous said...

anon 1153
It seems to me that your the one with the developmental problem!!!!

BTW A delucca is right on target this time .

Anonymous said...

FAGS QUEERS whatever you want to call them its unnatural period!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51 is on a Miglavian mission to raise the level of discussion in the blogosphere. Mission accomplished. Welcome to Miglavia.

The Cheezer said...

I don't understand why the pro-homosexual group assumes that those of us that find homosexuality immoral or unnatural are homophobic. We do not have a fear of homosexuality. We simply find it repulsive on a moral level.
I have no desire to know what any of you do in the bedroom and I assume you have no desire to know what I do there. The homosexual movement is the loudest and most in your face minority in the world!
But lets think about this. The homosexuals in this world represent less of the population that alcoholics. Should we then assume that alcoholics should be treated like anything other than addicts that need help? Should we all try to be more like the mentally disabled? They represent a larger percentage of the population then homosexuals. We are talking about less than 5% of the population.
Then look at the research and see that the homosexual population has a higher risk of all sexually transmitted diseases. They also die at a much lower age.
The homosexual lifestyle (it is a chosen lifestyle) is bad for your health and will end sooner than heterosexuals.
The reality is, if you take it in the ass, you will damage yourself. Read the research and think about the human anatomy. Homosexuality does not make any sense and will do nothing other than decrease the life of humanity.

Anonymous said...

The "pro-homosexual" group does not assume that those of you who find homosexuality immoral or unnatural are homophobic, but we know that you are when you level your attacks at people who "take it in the ass." I would add that the above statement shows a spectacular lack of awareness of what homosexuality is. A man does not need to have EVER "taken it in the ass," or kissed or even fucking held HANDS with another man to be a homosexual. That's the reality you homophobes can't seem to get your head around ... homosexuality is not simply a sexual ACT that people do.

Kaelri said...

If you want to believe that it's sinful and destructive, fine. If you want to offer "help," more power to you. Granted, these beliefs are based on a reactionary caricature of what it means to be homosexual, but if you've taken a genuinely compassionate and empathetic moral stance on the issue, I have confidence that you'll come to understand.

But you do not get to mock, harass, dehumanize, discriminate, or murder someone for what you arbitrarily deem a "sin." That's the difference. Maybe you don't, Cheezer, but there are millions who do. It is a fearful revulsion ingrained in our cultural history - I'm sure a few people around here can remember a time when it was classified as a psychological disorder.

And even if you keep your beliefs entirely benign, do not make the factual mistake of thinking that homosexuality is a choice. It is not. Not by any stretch of the imagination. If you believe it is, then you'll have to controvert overwhelming evidence of genetic and hormonal predispositions as well as your utter failure to successfully "cure" even one. And the "lifestyle" that you rail against is not chosen by all, or even most of them - moreover, we have every reason to believe that it exists largely as a reaction to our broader culture's pervasive message of their own inferiority.

If there is a "homosexual agenda," it is to have the reality of their nature understood and their equality as human beings recognized. There is nothing more to being "pro-homosexual" than wanting this shit to stop happening.

Anonymous said...

The right-wing campaign of hate and intolerance directed at gay men and women failed. It's over, and they know it. You will never, ever see this country go back to a 1950s-era mentality again: Gays are out, they are rapidly gaining equal rights, and they have broader acceptance than ever before. In another 15 or 20 years, it won't even be an issue.

The war against immigrants is rapidly reaching the same tipping point, the point of no return. For gay rights, the point of no return was Measure 9 back in '90. Once voters crushed that, it was all over. My guess is that we'll reach the point of no return for immigrant rights in the United States sometime within the next two or three years, and then the Miglavians will have to find something else to bitch and moan about. Another generation beyond that, and no one will even bat an eye at what country someone is from, regardless of how they got here.

MAX Redline said...

What? Aren't there any parents out there who have a problem with schools "indoctrinating" their kids into the evil subversive gospel of "human rights" and "freedom of choice?"

And why is it that a group of heterosexual kids who did the exact same thing (only with a different message) were kicked out of school for being "disruptive"?

Kaelri said...

"And why is it that a group of heterosexual kids who did the exact same thing (only with a different message) were kicked out of school for being "disruptive"?"

Well, since the protest at hand included heterosexual kids as well, I imagine it had something to do with the message. What was it?

Anonymous said...

Homosexuals do NOT want equal rights. They want special rights.
When Oregon was in the process of creating Civil Unions, the homosexuals made it clear this was only for gays and heterosexuals would be discriminated against. Watch news clips of interviews and those were the words spoken. Homosexuals DO NOT want equal rights. It has always been about special rights. Try having a parade for straight and proud. Suddenly it's a hate crime.
I would also argue, that a homosexual is someone that is having same sex relations. If they have had homosexual tendencies and NOT acted on them, then they are aware the act is morally corrupt and unnatural. Many "homosexuals" have stopped the act and returned to a natural relationship. We do understand their "plight" and we think they should too.
Take accountability for your actions and resist temptation. Just as we all do everyday. It's called being human and having a strong moral fiber.

Kaelri said...

Equating "unnatural" with "immoral"? Again?

If your reasoning is Biblical, do consider the following: in the original Hebrew, the word in Leviticus 18:22, which became the "abomination" we know and love, was "toevah." This word did not refer to intrinsic corruption, but rather things that were "ritually unclean." The same word is used in reference to eating shellfish and trimming your beard.

I propose a National Day of Silence for the Rights of the Clean-Shaven.

You get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Kaelri, by your interpretation sex with animals would be ok as well. And to be honest with you, I find bestiality to fall in line with homosexuality.

Kaelri said...

Well, let's be realistic: I have a feeling the writers of the Torah didn't expect bestiality to be a problem they had to deal with.

Fortunately, where arbitrary theological codes get blindsided, secular logic steps in. A human, unlike an animal, can give his consent to a sexual relationship. And if we can pull a basic lesson from our understanding of liberal democracy, it's that government has no standing to interfere with people's choices as long as no one else's rights are being infringed.

Homosexual relationships do neither individual nor collective harm. To anyone. In any way, shape, or form. At least none that heterosexual relationships aren't equally capable of. If one is intrinsically wrong, then so is the other.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, I have to ask exactly what the homosexual propaganda is. As a gay young adult myself, I really am intrigued to hear what this is, because I myself have absolutely no idea. It shakes me to the core to think that there are actually people that liver here, in America, and would try and deny someone their freedom. When I was still in High School(03-07) I actually started the very first Gay-Straight Alliance in the town I live in. (Racine, Wisconsin) It was met with an overwhelming response of support and praise, and was recognized as exactly what it should be. It really hurts that anyone would think that something like this could be destructive. The National Day of Silence is not about just Homosexuality. It's about giving a voice to those who have none. It's about ending any kind of hate, racism, self destruction, and/or negativity whatsoever. How could anyone think that anything like that is bad? It is truly beyond me.

People call Homosexuality a "lifestyle". A Religion is a lifestyle. Homosexuality is someones Gender Identity. So truly, if homosexuality is a lifestyle, then so is being straight. I have had enough of this kind of hatred being spread throughout the world. And not just Homophobia. My heart goes out to anyone that has ever been called a fag, queer, nigger, chink, whore, prude, kike, dyke, slut, les, wetback, spick, or anything else. When someone gets attacked, verbally, physically, mentally, or emotionally. That is a HATE CRIME.

The line has been drawn.

Just stay on your side.

Anthony Moore