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MadTV ad spoofs


Anonymous said...

These ones are more spot on:

McCain is a traitor said...

I will never vote for McCain. I will be writing in Romney.

If you are still on the fence about this joke of a Republican, here are some things we know about the man, Senator John McCain:

He supports "scientific experimentation on fetuses."

He has "joined with the enemies of South Carolina history & heritage."

He was "brainwashed by his North Vietnamese Captors to Destroy this Nation."

He was "directly responsible for the deaths of fellow American pilots in Vietnam."

He has "been Communist Vietnam's best friend in the US Congress."

He "dropped" the "F-Bomb."

He is "emotionally unstable."

He supports turning the country into a "Third World Nation."

He "lost five U.S. Navy aircraft."

He "collaborated with the Vietnamese enemy."

His policies "spell the end of the United States."

He "betrayed his own countrymen in favor of Mexican criminals."

He was "turned against his own country" by North Vietnam and "sent back to dismantle that country."

Anonymous said...

Daniel has backed himself into a high-falutin' corner of political principle ...

Even so: Come fall, Daniel Miglavs will vote for John McCain. I look forward to the explanation, although I can already hear the hysteria: Obama's a "communist" who "hates America," etc, etc. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

anyone who is against illegal aliens and amnesty for illegal aliens will not vote for any of the above.
Hussein Obama nor Hilary nor McCain.
We are in a sorry ass mess here in the USA, but then we could have risen and thrown out Bush, but no not Americans. As long as they have Cable TV and a SUV life is good

J-Man said...

"McCain is a traitor" I would like to see any evidence you have of any of those statements you just made.

Anonymous said...

County resolves inmate care case

Published: April 19, 2008

Of the News-Register

Yamhill County is off the hook for Gustavo Rogelio Mercado-Murillo's medical bills.

The issue was resolved Thursday afternoon, shortly after the News-Register broke a story in print and online reporting the county was facing $6,000 or more a week in kidney dialysis expense.

Mercado is a felony sex crimes suspect who's in the country illegally. Three times a week, he has to undergo dialysis for a kidney condition, and the treatments run at least $2,000 apiece.

Prior to his April 10 arrest, he was covered by the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool, which insures children and adults who have been denied coverage elsewhere because of a pre-existing condition.

Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon is the pool's contract insurer. It handles eligibility, enrollment and claims issues.

As of November, the 18-year-old pool was serving 18,600 Oregonians, according to its website. But when Mercado was arrested, the pool cut him off.

Given his illegal status and the nature of the charges he was facing, that put county officials in a bind: They didn't want to release him, figuring he would flee back to his native Mexico and thus escape justice. But they also knew the jail's medical services budget couldn't be stretched to cover $300,000 a year in medical expenses for a single inmate.

Earlier this week, they huddled with Yamhill County Circuit Judge Ronald Stone, who was inclined to move Mercado to a Salem facility for parolees being integrated back into the community and depend on an ankle bracelet and GPS tracking to keep him from taking flight.

Then Assistant County Counsel Rick Sanai started delving into the legal fine print. He discovered pool regulations cut off a patient only when he "becomes an in-patient or inmate at a state of Oregon correctional or mental institution," language he felt couldn't be stretched to cover a county jail.

He proceeded to engage in a telephone conference with Oregon Medical Insurance Pool executives and attorneys. He said it lasted "a very long time," but he eventually prevailed.

Within an hour, Yamhill County Sheriff Jack Crabtree got written confirmation from the pool that Mercado's policy, which was paid up through July 1, would be reinstated.

"The insurance company erred in canceling this guy's insurance," Crabtree said Wednesday. "The dilemma is resolved."

That was a big relief to the sheriff, who had been bracing himself for criticism stemming from Mercado's immigration status. Earlier this month, he said, he fielded some complaints just because one of his captains testified at a council hearing in Willamina that the county couldn't and wouldn't enforce a local ordinance targeting illegal immigrants.

"Sometimes I have people raise concerns that we're 'protecting' them," Crabtree said. "But the fact is that right now there's an Oregon statute that says I can't use taxpayer dollars to enforce immigration laws in any way, shape or form."

Besides, he said, "From a budgetary standpoint, this would have been just as catastrophic if he'd been here legally. Whether you're here legally or illegally, there's a certain number of people who commit crimes, and it's a burden to taxpayers."

Federal immigration officials have put a hold on Mercado, which means that once his case is resolved - and that could have to wait until he completes a lengthy prison term, given the severity of the charges he's facing - he will be transferred to federal custody to await deportation.

McMinnville resident Jim Ludwick, who heads Oregonians for Immigration Reform, said Friday that regardless of who's paying for Mercado's medical care, it represents a huge cost to society as a whole.

"It's a frustration that many people have that we're paying the load for people who shouldn't be here and who aren't contributing," he said

Manchurian McCain said...

McCain's act of treason is to fight against liberty in the Senate.

It is time to put the John McCain myth to rest.

For years, the national media and a gullible grass-roots following have glorified McCain as a man of integrity who deals in "straight talk." They have promoted his image as a hero who fought bravely for his country in Vietnam and who is now fighting to save politics from corruption by special interests.

I don't dispute McCain's war record. In Vietnam, he endured beatings and torture for the sake of his country. But the hero has since become a traitor. Today, for the sake of his own populist self-aggrandizement, McCain is betraying one of his country's most basic principles: the freedom of political expression.

The most obvious form of this betrayal is McCain's proposed ban on political ads by independent groups within 60 days of an election.

What does this mean? Imagine that it is Oct. 1, 2002, and John McCain is running for re-election. You and a group of like-minded friends pool together your money to buy a television spot in Phoenix saying, "Don't Vote for John McCain." Under the McCain-Feingold bill, you would be breaking the law.

When asked whether this would suppress free speech, McCain and his followers glibly assert that "money is not speech." But how can you have the right to speak--unless you have the right to use your own money and resources to broadcast your ideas? That's like telling a publisher he can print whatever he wants--so long as he doesn't spend money to buy printing presses.

The most brazen aspect of this proposal is the fact that McCain would suppress political speech specifically in an election season--precisely when a citizen's freedom to express his political views is most crucially needed. Such a provision is patently unconstitutional--and patently un-American.

But McCain doesn't stop there. He was adamantly opposed to any increase in "hard money" limits on direct contributions to candidates, and he managed to cut the proposed increase by half. It is well known that hard money limits--set at $1,000 in 1974 and never increased despite decades of inflation--favor incumbents, who have built up extensive fund-raising networks. Maverick challengers, who rely on a smaller pool of donors, are starved out.

But what if a challenger is wealthy enough to finance his own campaign? McCain-Feingold has that covered, too. In that case, the incumbent's contribution limits are lifted to $6,000, helping him stave off the challenger.

And then, as icing on the cake, McCain led our public-spirited senators in voting themselves a new government-enforced discount on television advertising time.

McCain says that campaign finance reform is needed to safeguard the integrity of our politicians. It looks more as if it is intended to safeguard their political careers by shutting out challengers and muzzling independent critics.

McCain's tactics are as dubious as his goals. He has demanded that his whole package of campaign finance controls be "severable"--that is, if one part of the bill is struck down by the courts, the others will remain. So this avatar of integrity is asking his fellow senators to pass a bill whose exact content they cannot know, since it is almost certain to be revised by the Supreme Court.

Consider also the collateral damage from McCain's crusade. For the past two weeks, McCain's quest for campaign finance controls has sidelined a tax cut proposal that is an important step toward curbing the growth of government.

This is a crucial time. The Democrats are in full disarray on taxes, as demonstrated by their appeal to such lame counter-proposals as a one-time tax rebate--a failed idea resurrected from the failed Carter administration.

Now is the time for Senate Republicans to push President Bush's tax cut. Instead, McCain is handing Bush a political booby-trap. If he vetoes McCain-Feingold--as he should--Bush risks being pilloried as a lackey of special interests. Bush should have the courage to face down this slander and reject McCain-Feingold as unconstitutional. But the damage will still be done--and McCain's fellow Republicans should remember it.

Jack Wakeland summed it up best last year in an article in my magazine, The Intellectual Activist. McCain, he wrote, "has raised every conceivable concern about constituents' improper influence over their government, while expressing little or no concern about the government's improper power over its constituents."

That is McCain's act of treason. He fought for liberty in Vietnam--only to fight against liberty in the Senate.

Robert W. Tracinski was a senior writer for the Ayn Rand Institute between 1997 and 2004. The Institute promotes Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand--author of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.

Manchurian McCain said...

Media Ignore John McCain's Offenses

Monday, November 19, 2007 7:59 AM

By: John LeBoutillier Article Font Size

The so-called mainstream media (MSM) has missed the boat on John McCain for 23 years.

While the Chris Mathews-Tim Russert-Imus crowd has slobbered all over McCain — mainly out of guilt over their own Vietnam War behavior — many others have known the real truth: the Arizona senator is a two-faced, sarcastic, mean-spirited, condescending hypocrite who has gotten away with numerous instances of terrible behavior because the MSM won’t take an objective look at him.

Now, however, the U.S. Veteran Dispatch, a highly respected and widely read veterans newspaper from Kinston, N.C., has published a riveting new article, "Betrayal, Deceit, Corruption, and John McCain," written by former U.S. Army Green Beret and two-tour Vietnam veteran Ted Sampley.

Among the revelations in this fascinating article: When McCain returned to the United States in 1973 after more than five years as a prisoner of war, he found his wife was a different person. Carol McCain, once a model, had been badly injured in a car wreck in 1969. The accident "left her 4 inches shorter and on crutches, and she gained a good deal of weight."

Despite her injures, she had refused to allow her POW husband to be notified about her condition, fearing that such news would not be good for him while he was being held prisoner.

But, just a couple years later, McCain, while pondering a future in politics, met Cindy Hensley, an attractive 25-year-old woman from a very wealthy politically-connected Arizona family. While still married to Carol, McCain began an adulterous relationship with Cindy. He married Cindy in May 1980 just a month after dumping his crippled wife and securing a divorce.

McCain followed his young, millionairess wife back to Arizona.

Reports from a variety of U.S. publications exposed McCain's true scandalous character:

The Arizona Republic, Oct. 17, 1989, reported ". . . both in telephone conversations with reporters and on a live radio talk show, the Republican senator was far from calm. He was agitated. Angry. And the way he dealt with unpleasant questions was to bully the questioners . . . 'You're a liar,' McCain snapped Sept. 29 when an Arizona Republic reporter asked him about business ties between his wife, Cindy McCain, and Keating . . . 'That's the spouse's involvement, you idiot,' McCain sneered later in the same conversation. 'You do understand English, don't you?'

". . . Not content with just bullying reporters, McCain tried belittling them: 'It's up to you to find that out, kids.' . . . McCain wasn't talking to liars. He wasn't talking to juveniles. The senator was talking to two reporters.

"McCain, in a radio talk-show appearance last week condemned disclosures of his family's ties to Keating as 'irresponsible journalism.'"

In an article in the Phoenix Gazette, on Nov. 13, 1989, "Reporters also 'discovered' that the senator's wife and father-in-law invested $359,100.00 in one of Mr. Keating's projects in 1986 . . ."

In was reported in another article from the Arizona Republic, dated Aug. 24, 1994, that Cindy McCain escaped prosecution for stealing/using drugs. "Cindy McCain, the wife of U.S. Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, admitted in a series of media interviews Monday that she became addicted to the painkillers Percocet and Vicodin.

"She said that she used the drugs from 1989 to 1992 and acknowledged that she had stolen some pills from the American Voluntary Medical Team, a charitable organization of which she is president . . . at one point, McCain, 40, was ingesting 15 to 20 pills a day . . . the normal dosage for seriously ill patients is 6 to 10 a day for a short period."

Another article by the same publication, dated Jan. 17, 1995, detailed greetings sent by John McCain to a noted crime family member: "About 300 guests turned out Saturday night to celebrate the 90th birthday of Joseph 'Joe Bananas' Bonanno, retired boss of New York's Bonanno crime family. He retired to Tucson in 1968 . . . John McCain, R-Ariz., and Gov. Fife Symington sent their regards by telegram."

All of the above is but the tip of the iceberg on the real John McCain.

While trailing badly now for the GOP presidential nomination, mainly because he has ticked off so many mainstream conservatives over the years, he is a viable vice presidential choice. Thus it is vital that the real John McCain be exposed —all GOP voters need to know the truth.

Vist the U.S. Veteran Dispatch Web site ( and read Ted Sampley’s article. And then forward it to everyone you know.

John McCain must be stopped. And Ted Sampley’s well-researched article might just do it.

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Anonymous said...

John McCains theme song should be the old Who song:

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...