Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am Captain Planet

Top ten list of things you good liberals can do to save the planet:

1. Cancel your newspaper subscription. Imagine how much garbage that paper waste creates.

2. Stop weeding your organic gardens. Removal of CO2 absorbing plants strictly for cosmetic reasons shows your selfishness.

3. Stop smoking pot. The CO2 emitted by your smoke combined with the destruction of CO2 absorbing plants is killing the planet in addition to your brain cells. You selfish pigs for killing the earth to get high.

4. Stop letting illegal aliens come across the border:

This is what they do on the way here.

5. Stop using "This vehicle powered by Biodiesel" bumper stickers to show the rest of us how superior you are. The paper used for those is destroying trees. Not as many trees as the ones they mow down to make fields to plant corn for biodiesel but still a lot of trees.

6. Stop the growth of unaccountable government, the biggest man-made polluter in Oregon.

7. Stop buy all those wasteful supplies for the "imminent danger" that preceded global warming: Y2K.

8. Taking suggestions for the last three...


Anonymous said...

Fire your Mexican Gardener.
Get rid of the lawn and the weed free look.
stop drinking Oregon wine.
Don't eat at restaurants of any kind.
vote against the public schools.
get involved at and let David wu know he is just another immigrant who supports the invasion.
stop buying new stuff all the time.
learn to darn socks and sew and have a vegetable garden instead of a rock garden.
( all of the above are to get rid of illegals)

Anonymous said...

today on the news they said we are having a food shortage world wide.Stop giving aid to these countries that don't practice birth control. Yes that means the USA, texas is in the news with 400 children on the welfare state.Stop having children, stop ok just stop.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree- the price of milk has gone up because the 1.3 billion Chinese are starting to drink it.
Other countries like Vietnam are no longer exporting rice, to protect thier own people,but the citizens of the USA will never be protected by our bloated government.
trust me, we will starve before the self-serving Chinese do. wake up !

Anonymous said...

Trasha (aka anon 7:15 & 9:45):

You really need to start hoarding food. Beans are good. You know, they say that cockroaches will survive the even the worst calamaties, so you should be fine.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12.17


Anonymous said...



Are you "hanging on my every word?"

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooh! TRASHA! I just saw a U-Haul drive by my family room window! Looks like they're headed for downtown Woodburn! You better hurry and see if you can catch them! Would love to see a photo of 30 hispanics hopping out of the back in broad daylight in downtown Woodburn!


Tasha said...

snick at nite was the same troll who took over rants and raves with about 20 posts a day on Lars Larson.
he then began downloading grandpa porn as an attack.
he called anyone for immigration reform cyberracist=
finally everyone flagged his posts into oblivion. snick at nite - who apparently is on video for having followed Daniel to the Cornelius boycott and then snick at nite went to the Cornelius police station and got a letter from them-well let's put it this way- he is known!
he also sent hate emails to anyone who posted about illegal aliens on rants and raves.
his trademark was the
I assume he is a retired, deeply mentally ill senior citizen , whose brain is in the early stages of dementia ,which would explain his behavior.
by the way, cyberstalking is a crime

Anonymous said...

Get rid of your pets, their breathing contributes CO-2 to the atmosphere, the production and transportation of their food uses too many resources, the pet supplies you buy are made by low-wage workers then shipped all over wasting oil, the toxins contained in their flea collars and shampoos poison the earth.

Pets waste resources and aren’t necessary, if you really believe in helping the environment, Fluffy has to go!

Anonymous said...

I am NOT "Snick@Night"!!!! Bwaaaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaaa. He doesn't even come here that much, and I've been coming here for a couple years now. I know him personally though, we both live the same area and attend the same university. I'm the one who told him about Miglavs. I'll let him know he was mentioned today.

But I see you are indeed, TRASHA, AKA: ANON 10:32, 7:15, 9:45, 12:17 & 12:23. The consistency of your incorrect grammar and punctuation give yourself away.

What IS IT that you DO all day? Don't you have some meth to score?
Some boarding houses to survielle? You should stock up on some to be prepared for the coming triubulations.



MAX Redline said...

Now, you know, Snickatnight was telling me all about how upset he was over being called a liar when I did just that. He claimed to have a letter from the CPD (that clearly doesn't exist) and said he'd send a copy right up.

He's had plenty of time.

Gee, I wonder whatever could have happened to it?

MAX Redline said...

Anony-mouse 1:00 -

we both live the same area and attend the same university.

Must be a pretty lame school, since you have so much time to devote to trolling. Or does yours give credits for that?

snick@nite said...


Max says...Gee, I wonder whatever could have happened to it? (my follow-up letter from Cornelius PD)

Yeah, I wonder too! But, since it's been about 2 weeks since I've thrown a single piece of paper in the trash can, I KNOW I'll find it. Don't fret Max. Like any college student, I have a shit load of papers. It will turn up and when it does, you will get a copy of it.

I would hardly call my visits to this blog as trolling. I am very busy as a full time student, a job, and a family. I don't have much time to "devote" to trolling blogs. I am one of the less frequent commenters here, which is entirely verifiable if you had bothered to check archives.

As for you, TRASHA, I left one comment on your disgusting Nazi White Trash blog, I have never visited Lars Larson's website, much less any rants and raves forum, I was not at the Cornelius day labor demonstration and am not on video there. Wow. You sure make up shit a lot. Lie much?

Max, you need to check out TRASHA's blog before getting in to the gutter with her. In fact, I recommend that you do and get a good idea of what a liar really is.