Monday, April 30, 2007

Do I still have to stop at red lights?

To my readers who apologize for illegal aliens:

I need a list of all our current laws that can be ignored. Obviously we have:

1. immigration laws
2. labor laws
3. perjury laws
4. id theft/false use of a SSN

But what else is on the table? Is there a specific set of criteria that needs to be met in order to determine which laws we can ignore? Please help me understand.

NOTE: Would good immigrant supporting folks such as these have to follow any laws? (scroll down on that link)


BEAR said...

I have a suggestion. How about ignoring the vigilance statutes? I'm sure the lefties would understand, since county governments are declaring their inability (or unwillingness) to provide for public safety (Josephine County, Columbia County, and Multnomah County, so far). The anarchists in portland already ignore laws at will. Maybe we could ignore the building codes (state and county), like the bums in "dignity" village, or the bums on the portland planning commission (and portland city commission) re the south waterfront district. How about the state constitution re homosexual marriage, like the multnomah jerks? I have several lib neighbors who seem overly fond of their sheep and goats. Gee whiz....the list seems endless. What do YOU think, el gordo smith? You're already a coward, a traitor, and a rino. Why not give my son a complete list of the laws actual Americans can ignore, just like your illegal alien pals? HMMMM?

Daniel said...

Does this new lawlessness open up the opportunity for snowy plover omlettes?

BEAR said...

And marbled murrelet meatballs in spotted owl aspic!

bear's anti said...

If anyone wanted to make a strong case against evolution, they could site bear as an example.

bear's anti said...

... but for poor homonym use, I'm the perfect example!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I'll be marching in the Immmigrants rights march on Tuesday at PSU and I challenge you and your racist cabal to show up and counterprotest. I won't even block your camera this time.


Anonymous said...

daniel and his cabal can't seem to manage showing up to their own rallies (Eugene last weekend is an example), so I wouldn't hold out hope that they'll make it out on May Day. It's seems they're too busy complaining...err...blogging!

Rick Hickey said...

Back from DC, report coming soon.

I will be watching the anarchist idiots in Salem tomorrow. THANK YOU for marching! It just mkaes OFIR even bigger!

ps We already got Pres. candidate & previous co-sponsor of the Mccain-Kennedy Amensty Bill to change his mind publicly in the Wash. Times-thurs. edition last week-Sam Brownback.

Anonymous said...

bear's anti,

Enough of your ad homonym attacks. :-)

On a more serious note (Middle C, perhaps?), CONservatives' blather about obeying the law might be taken more se4riously if they didn't CELEBRATE the law breaking of people like Oliver North. Col. North became a hero to CONservatives because of, not inspite of, his law breaking, which, I remind you readers, included selling arms to Iran.

I might be able to take seriously a CONservative complaining about immigration if they would say something like "it was a disgrace that the Republican Party nominated Oliver North as their Senate candidate in Virginia."

They could gain even more credibility by saying "it was disgraceful for the Bush administration to hire people convicted in the Iran-Contra scandal."

I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

so rick, OFIR is going to get bigger than the 25 members who stormed the streets of Eugene, bringing that city to a standstill, last week? Ooooh, scary.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Daniel, here's another for your list: If you're a white born-again Christian and a Republican, born into a wealthy Texas oil family, and you're the President of the United States, you've got a free ticket to do whatever the fuck you want to do: Launch unprovoked aggressive wars, use chemical weapons, kill civilians by the thousands, shred the Geneva Convention, ignore treaties, extend your middle finger at the Nuremberg principles, lie about the troops, lie to the troops, etc. Best thing of all, though? The Democrats won't put up any serious challenge. Impeachment will be "off the table." Even better, your own party will back you up! And best of all, they'll divert attention from all the death and destruction you cause in the world by bitching about "aliens" who work in the fields and fast-food restaurants. It's a great deal!

onewhodisagrees said...

Daniel - thankfully, most Americans are smart enough to distinguish between running red lights (which directly endangers others) and working without authorization in the United States. The latter suggests that structural forces are at work (i.e., strong low-skilled labor demand) that compel poor migrants to risk an unauthorized entry to cash in on the relatively higher (though paltry by American standards) wages and a second party (the employer, who typically escapes your ethnocentric diatribes) to enter into a work agreement. By dumbing it down to a matter of pedestrian legality, you insult the intelligence of most decent Americans who favor a responsible solution to the matter.

Despite all of the ink spilt by nativists on the matter, it's becoming increasingly clear that most of the nation does not stand with you. Probably, they've grown tired of your ethnocentric rhetoric, that does little in the way of advancing an ethical, (based on a Christian doctrine or otherwise) solution to the precarious situation confronting a large mass of poor immigrants (...if not for the Grace of God) living at the margins.I think most Americans want no part in demonizing and scapegoating immigrants. Above all, Americans want to feel like their country is a positive and benevolent force in the world. Your rhetoric smacks of arrogance, nationalist superiority, and just plain pissing-and-moaning. Like me, I'm sure others have grown tired of it.

Anonymous said...

Daniel's group can be easily summed up:

OFIR, crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how righties are regularly trounced in the comment sections of their own blogs, and they don't seem to realize it.

From Lars Larson to Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity to Michelle Malkin to the hordes of right-wing bloggers, righties can't seem to base an argument on truth and reason, so they have to resort to lies, race and ethnic hatred, and ad hominem attacks.

The good news is that Americans are increasingly seeing it for what it is, and rejecting it. The CONservative movement will soon be a marginal sideshow, with even big-money backers realizing that they're throwing good money after bad.

Anonymous said...

Trounced?? Just because you spout off about the things that YOU believe (which are contrary to those that the right believes) you take that as a sign that the right is being "TROUNCED". You are merely stating an opposing're not really proving anything.

When the left wing decides to start using little things called "FACTS" in the posts, I'll start paying attention. Until're just a bunch of mouthy hippies in my book.

onewhodisagrees said...

Okay, here are some:

The point of departure for restrictionists is that immigration is bad for the U.S. economy because it depresses the earnings and labor market outcomes of native-born persons. Research by two separate economists (David Card from Berkeley, and Giovanni Peri, from UC Davis) suggests this is simply not the case:

Card's paper:

Peri's paper:

Another example. Restrictionists bemoan the fact that today's immigrants don't want to assimilate, which makes the bold assumpation that they know the majority opinion among immigrants with respect to assimilation intentions, and that they have the numbers to back it up. What more symbolic act is there of assimilation than becoming a naturalized citizen? If immigrants didn't want to join "mainstream" America, why would the naturalization rate among immigrants be increasing, as Jeffrey Passel, a researcher at the Pew Hispanic Center reports?

Anonymous said...

Fact: Righties talk about obeying the law, yet celebrate lawbreakers like Oliver North and the obstruction of justice by the Bush administration.

Fact: The Bush administration claimed before the Iraq war that not only did Iraq have WMD, but the U.S. government knew where they were. If they knew where they were, how come four years later they haven't found them?

Fact: 5 1/2 years after the attacks of September 11, the Bush administration still has failed to capture Osama bin Laden, and Bush has said that he "doesn't think about him that much."

Anonymous said...

Fact: Conservatives say that they are for a "free market" and "competition", yet they oppose competition and a free market when it might benefit people with brown skin from Mexico.

If you really favor a free market, how about we open the borders to Mexico to anyone who doesn't have a criminal record?

Anonymous said...

It's incredible to me that CONservatives attack a group of homeless people who have taken initiative in making their lives better, while using minimal government resources. Isn't that what CONservatives say they favor?

The reaction of CONservatives? They call them names. A perfect example of why you folks are getting pushed further and further to the margins--people are seeing you for the hateful bigots that you are.

Scott said...

Wow Daniel it's like you have your own personal stalker.

Anonymous said...

"When the left wing decides to start using little things called "FACTS" in the posts, I'll start paying attention ... "

No you won't. I'm not exactly a member of "the left-wing" -- although I suppose, in relation to Daniel, 96 percent of the population constitutes "the left wing," and to that, I plead guilty as charged -- but I've used quite a bit of factual information in posts on this board from time to time, and responses generally range from being called an "asswipe," "faggot," "traitor," an "America-hater" or simply a "Lib " to being completely ignored.

Anonymous said...

Okay everyone that wants facts here are a few for you:

Fact: Illegals do not pay taxes!!!
Fact: Illegals receive free health care that taxpayers pay for.
Fact: Illegals steal SSN which hurts taxpayers.
Fact: Illegals take jobs away from working Americans trying to raise their families.
Fact: Illegals recieve free food and education that taxpayers pay for.
Fact: Illegals are a huge problem when it comes to illegal drugs.

The Mexican President stated last week that wherever there is a Mexican citizen it is consider Mexico hope everyone likes Mexican politics. For those that are supporting the illegals don't even think about complaining later in life how Mexico got this country when you are aiding the Mexican Government.


Anonymous said...

"Fact: Illegals do not pay taxes!!!"
Wrong. Taxes come out of paychecks. Illegal aliens in California pay sales tax too.

Fact: Illegals receive free health care that taxpayers pay for.
Many people get free health care. Working illegal aliens get money taken out of their checks.

"Fact: Illegals steal SSN which hurts taxpayers."

Wrong. Not all illegal aliens do this.

"Fact: Illegals take jobs away from working Americans trying to raise their families."
Wrong. Labor is not a finite commodity.

"Fact: Illegals recieve free food and education that taxpayers pay for."
Wrong. See #1.

"Fact: Illegals are a huge problem when it comes to illegal drugs."

The "war on drugs" is absurd regardless of illegal alien's contribution to the "drug problem."

"The Mexican President stated last week that wherever there is a Mexican citizen it is consider Mexico hope everyone likes Mexican politics."

Holy shit! Did you have a seizure when you typed that? Does that make sense to anyone else? Seriously, learn to write decently!

"For those that are supporting the illegals don't even think about complaining later in life how Mexico got this country when you are aiding the Mexican Government."

When they "take over" (I wonder if you know how many people are laughing at you right now), I'll be sure not to. Thanks!



Anonymous said...


Let's see who has the last laugh. I'm guessing it won't be you.

Oh yeah tell the American Citizens who have had to explain wages that they did not earn to the IRS because an illegal stole their SSN that it's okay the illegal that has been using your SSN pays taxes on foods and items he purchases in a store. I'm sure that person will be most forgiving.

Oh and let me know when these outstanding individuals file income taxes returns on the money they earn legally (oh that's right they did not earn the money legally they stole someones identity to work) so therefore they really are not having taxes taken out of their checks.

I would really like to have the program that the illegals get I want to work without filing Federal Income Taxes, get free medical, free food, help with my rent, electic, phone etc.. and let everyone else pay for it. Sign me up please.

Anonymous said...

Today WE are ALL Immigrants standing up for our brothers and sisters.

R Huse said...

Fact - If you think all illegals are getting paychecks instead of cash under the table, you truly are a nitwit. Of those that do get pay checks with taxes taken out, I have a real hard time believing that after the earned income tax credit etc. they actually wind up paying anything. Yep, I've seen plenty of studies both ways, don't bother with your stupid links.

Fact - Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them a racist.

Fact - Calling someone a racist every time they disagree with you probably means you are a racist.

Fact - If you have the tendency to turn any discussion into a rant about why you hate George Bush because you are against the Iraq war, then you are in need of better debate skills

bigmikelewis said...

The only rights illegal aliens have is the right to remain silent...

Anonymous said...

Fact: When you are constantly contradicted in argument as R Huse did, you post the last three "facts" he posted.

Doug Glover said...

The march and rally was great today. I met many nice, hard working people. I am now a firm believer in immigration reform and look forward to President Bush and Congress getting their Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill signed into law.

Anonymous said...

re: onewhodisagrees:

$.25 words used by a $.01 brain.