Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oh yes, support is high amongst drug users and fellow rapists

Good news folks, several libs have been through the rite of passage to be "cool" over at Indymedia... they've been arrested. How exciting.

The illegal aliens, flush with pride for a country they have abandonded, are marching again. Unfortunately no one in America is sure what they are marching about because we don't speak Spanish.

And while the libs contend in the comments section here that amnesty is so popular, we can't seem to find a single national politician who will come within 10 miles of that word. It's almost like there is some sort of... what's the word... border, between them and using that term. Real popular.

Good luck with that amnesty thing my illegal alien friends: Americans don't respect you, bussinesses just use you and you've shown with your feet which country/culture/language/monetary system/etc is superior. So much "pride" there.


Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say that today was a turning point with the Illegal Alien movement.

Things be different now!

Their ass is grass and we are set to mow it!

OregonianInDC said...

As seen on the metro here in DC on an ad for Cinco de Mayo:

"On Cinco de Mayo, we're all Latino!"

Um.......no, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just a little rant from your friendly neighborhood anon poster:

I don't want to go live in a third world cesspool like Mexico. Call me what you will...racist, xenophobe...whatever....but I've been to Mexico...it's a shithole.

Now, Mexico is a shithole because the Mexican people have made it that way. Now, a large portion of the population is increasingly coming here to the U.S. estimated between 14-20 million. How long do you think it will take for the hispanic neighborhoods to become shitholes as well?? Case in point: The Rockwood section of east portland / west Gresham. I grew up there when it was just part of the County back in the 70's. I look at it now and I cringe. Take a look at the crime statistics, the graffiti, the drop-out rate.....it's staggering.

You morons can resort to calling me a racist, fine....if that's all you've got then go for it. I have spent a significant portion of my twenties traveling throughout Central America and Mexico. Nicarauga, El Salvador, Hondo, Panama, Guatamala, and others. There are very few areas of any of the countries where I operated that I would ever want to live. The towns and cities have a much lower standard than we do here...period.

Those standards of living and those standards of cleanliness are travelling north along with the people. Visit the "Barrios" of Rockwood, Hillsboro, Woodburn, etc. and tell me I'm wrong.

moving on said...

Between Daniel's post and the "friendly" anon poster above, my brain is overloading with the sheer amount of stupidity, hypocrisy, racism, political confusion, jingoism, xenophobia and hatred put forth in the space of just a few paragraphs. Impossible and, ultimately, pointless to respond to it in a rational manner. It's too much. Sometimes, you just have to shake your head, and move on.

Anonymous said...

Just as I suspected....nothing but name calling. Someone PLEASE prove me wrong regarding the sub-standard living conditions in Mexico / Central America. You lefties can "Shake your heads" in confusion because it makes you feel superior....but I DARE you to prove me wrong about Rockwood.

another rant said...

One would have to be supremely uninformed to argue that living conditions in Mexico are not wretched for a large segment of the population. Of course they are. Poverty is rampant in Mexico. Anon 8:18's theory about this -- reached, no doubt, after careful observation, serious study and thoughtful reflection -- is that "the Mexican people have made it that way."

Jesus, where to begin?

Is it possible that conditions in Mexico might have something to do with the development of global capitalism, a process governed by a myriad of complex factors, over the last century? Going back further, is it within the realm of possibility that 500 years of exploitation of Latin America by various imperial powers have had a lasting impact on the region’s economic and social development? Could the operation of massive corporations in that region, enterprises that have, historically, involved levels of criminality, corruption and exploitation that make Enron pale in comparison, could that possibly have influenced the area at all? Would we want to even consider the decades-old subservience of the Latin American bourgeoisie to foreign powers and transnational corporations? Is it possible that complex trade agreements between South and Central America and the U.S. have anything to do with what life in Mexico is like?

No, no, no …that couldn’t be it. That’s irrelevant. History is irrelevant. Capitalism and economic laws … all irrelevant. Nothing to see here, move along. Anon 8:18 has the answer, and those who foolishly bother to study history, to think, to look at the reality of social life, with its endless complexities, we're morons. So let's have Explorer Man, who has seen it all, have the last word:

“Mexico is a shithole because the Mexican people have made it that way.”

Elizabeth said...

Anonymous 8:18, I agree with you 100% about Rockwood. I and my husband lived there for 8 years, from 1991 to 1999, and during that time we saw the illegal, Latino, population rise, and with that, the gangs, the guns, the crime. I worked with one season to try to help as a volunteer with the City of Gresham to work within the neighborhood, but to no avail, it still kept spiraling down the toilet to what it is now. I too remember, as a kid, coming through and seeing it with small berry fields still dotting the area, quiet. Now it is a cesspool. Now I live farther out in Gresham in an apartment complex, and it is starting to resemble Rockwood (police here constantly to visit the 99% illegal alien population, yes, we know they are illegal, one of the kids here told us they were, he too remembers crossing our borders illegally, nice kid what a shame his parents drug him into a life of crime).

Elizabeth said...

So libs, here's your nice hardworking illegals and their supporters, "peacefully assembling". This is how criminals and socialists attempt to bully Americans into giving them what they want.

VISTA – Law officers from around the county raced into Vista on Monday night to help quell what sheriff's officials called a riot, with crowds throwing rocks and bottles at deputies. Authorities estimated 800 to 1,200 people swarming the streets after a rally to protest the proposed federal immigration bill had broken up at Wildwood Park on East Vista Way at Escondido Avenue.

Topics: Riots, first night of new protests, illegal immigration, aliens, police, gas, dogs, crimes, Americans

By Pauline Repard
May 1, 2006

Nearly 200 officers poured into town in the hours after Vista deputies radioed for help about 8 p.m.

Officers dressed in riot gear, and with police dogs, were starting to order crowds to disperse about 11 p.m.

Deputies had been monitoring the park rally, then reported that people were throwing bottles at them, sheriff's Capt. Glenn Revell said. He said deputies retreated and were not injured.

Revell said crowds split into three groups, some staying near Wildwood Park, while others congregated along Melrose Drive. Others sat down and blocked the intersection at North Santa Fe Avenue and Bobier Street until officers converged to break up the crowd.

Some 200 people walked up and down Santa Fe Avenue from Bobier Drive to Vista Village Drive. About 10:30 p.m., 40 to 50 police cars lined Santa Fe Avenue. Many officers wore helmets and padding.

“It's not supposed to be a riot, it's supposed to be peaceful,” said Adrian Olivos, 21, of Vista. “I don't know why there is all the commotion.”

“It was spontaneous,” said Christina Colt, 19, of Vista. “People were waving the Mexican and American flags. They all just came together, and out of nowhere cops just started pouring in, and canines.”

Near Wildwood Park, a mob swarmed two television trucks, throwing rocks and trying to overturn them.

“The Sheriff's Department is not placing blame on the demonstrators,” Revell said. “We believe this is a very small group of people who are making this protest for criminal behavior.”

Councilman Frank Lopez said the park rally had been peaceful but loud.

“It was calm, people were enjoying themselves,” Lopez said. He added that later in the evening, he could hear young people racing up and down the streets in trucks, waving flags and yelling.

“I saw a lot of officers go by” soon after that, Lopez said.

Sheriff's officials requested mutual aid from law agencies around the county. Five Carlsbad officers headed to Vista about 8:30 p.m.

About 9 p.m., the California Highway Patrol sent eight officers from its El Cajon-area office. A short time later, 20 San Diego police officers started racing, lights and sirens on, toward Vista. Escondido sent 19 officers and Oceanside sent nine.

They came from as far away as Coronado and La Mesa, which each sent three officers, while El Cajon sent five, National City six and Chula Vista 11.

Many officers came with patrol dogs, forming lines in the street. Some officers reported no scenes of violence as the evening wore on, but that disturbances popped up in different parts of town.

Mayor Morris Vance said the Wildwood Park cultural event featured a lot of music and speakers, but was breaking up in the late afternoon. He knew of no one with permits to march afterward.

R Huse said...

Yep - There is probably no single issue Americans are more unified on than this one. Gotta wonder why if there is so much support for amnesty that legislators trend to run from the word.

The really funny thing is that now that the illegals seem to have figured out that marching with racist banners and Mexican flags doesn't exactly win hearts and minds, less of them marched in their demonstrations. I suppose some of that is probably due to enhanced deportation enforcement. However it does further the notion that this group isn't exactly interested in assimilation.

Rick Hickey said...

KATU & KGW & ABC National All had polls on this issue-result-ALL had over 70% SEVENTY PERCENT-Want Deportation or NO path to citizenship.

As I said to KATU & KGW at the Salem Rally-"I am so happy that they are marching again, it's a blatant reminder to all of how many laugh at our border, our laws, and how many Employers are willing to violate employment laws, this just makes most people mad, I wish they would march every month."

"Mexico is a sh*&%hole, because of the people"?

Mexico is the 11th Richest Nation on earth and has the World's 3rd Richest person, Carlos Slim. He mad another $19 BIllion last year, earning more in one year than Bill Gates and Warrenn Buffett.
Corrupt Mexican politicans "privatized" the Phone system and gave the whole thing to Carlos.

YES, MEXICO is a Turd World Nation because the people RUN AWAY instead of staying and fixing the corruption, it IS their fault.
And yes Commies, Our Gov't looking the other way only for Profits doesn't help.


And the Commies on here blame America only? Idiots also.
p.s. Mexico is our largest importer of OIL, at record breaking profits now, where is all that MONEY? hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Dear Another Rant:

reading your post, I can tell that ou have done just enough research to be able to use words like "bourgeoisie" and "transnational". Look cheese-head.....I've BEEN to Central America and Mexico on numerous occasions. I've lived in FOUR central American countries for a total of three and a half years. You get off attempting to place blame on shitty living conditions on the "Imperial" subdjugation of the poor people of Latin America. I don't think that it was the "Imperialists" that I saw throwing garbage into the streets on a daily basis, or pissing on buildings. It was the people. Now sure, there are people that aren't slobs...but that just makes my point. If the lady down the street has the brains to bag her trash and leave it out for pick-up weekly, what the hell is the problem with everyone else??

And your argument that "Poverty is Rampant" doesn't hold water with me either. I have seen a ton of people who were "Poor", both here and abroad, and they kept their homes neat and clean. Poor has absolutely nothing to do with individual action. I've seen people with money who were absolute slobs, and I've seen people without a pot to piss in who still have the personal pride it takes to keep thier living areas, and themselves clean.

Another rant.....you have proven nothing with your hippie babble and your "I'm just educated enough to look like an ass when I try to debate an issue I know nothing about" you just prove my point. Unless you can back up what you say with FACT (I can show you pictures of my time in Latin America and can PROVE that the people are slobs), all you have done is read a few books by people who may or may not have actually been to the areas they write about.

Put down the books, pick-up a Passport and start to educate yourself. This is the only way you will learn how the world really works. Two years in a cesspool like El Salvador or Nicaragua, and you'll be begging for anti-biotics, and a plane ride home.

Anonymous said...

rick hickey said:

KATU & KGW & ABC National All had polls on this issue-result-ALL had over 70% SEVENTY PERCENT-Want Deportation or NO path to citizenship.

Care to provide a link to that? Because this is what a story posted on the KATU website on April 28th said:

Most national polls show people in the U.S. are overwhelmingly supportive of an immigration overhaul that would allow those already in the country illegally to stay, work and earn their way to legal status.

Why should anyone believe anything you say? It appears you just make stuff up, then call it a "fact."

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:06: Wow, I'm convinced. The issues raised by "Another" must be completely irrelevant. I guess Mexicans are just morally, biologically, culturally, and intellectually inferior than Americans. Bottom line, we're better than they are. We're superior. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm so glad I can feel this way, like Daniel, and not be a racist.

OregonGuy said...

Saw the pictures. Hated them. Catch them at Gateway Pundit.

Che Guevarra and Emilio Zapata. Two heroes Americans can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

The immigration issue is a Rorschach test.

People read into the issue what they want. Primarily, personal ideology or experience trumps any attempt at rational debate.

(Such is life, that all our views are shaped this way.)

This is true from both sides of the debate. But looking at the comments on this blog leading up to the May Day protests, one thing is clear...The Open Borders people are in overdrive.

So many of them want amnesty or their arguments lead one to conclude they want amnesty, but know "amnesty" is a political loser...You're not alone, Bill O'Reilly, paragon of traditional values proposes amnesty while swearing it's NOT amnesty.

Recent fact: approximately 50% of Mexicans have family in the United States.

Fact: approximately 40% of Mexicans would go North to the U.S. if they could.

What does that spell out if open borders and amnesty were allowed:

The American people know what the protesters want is dangerous for America, period.

Most people are focussed on their own lives...The protesters remind them of the dangers of open borders.

Hard lefties with their style of debate, turn off most Americans and can't win national elections now...they hope to in the future...bring on citizenship for illegal aliens...AMNESTY.

"Today we protest, tomorrow we vote."

No wonder the hard lefties are in overdrive...they see a chance at the brass ring...political power.

Political power they can never get with the current makeup of the country.

Sorry, lefties, but your naked grab at POWER betray you and expose all the crazy political views you do have and would act out on America if you got the chance.


all in a day's march...not... said...

Saw the pictures.

Portland Oregon:

Mexican flags for people protesting for American Rights?

Communist heroes for Capitalist America?

That's a strange way to tell me, you love me.

But it's all in a day's march for people who have no respect for America, but want all the benefits America can give.

Strange, very strange.

Time to go back to the garage and work on the old junker...This left wing dog won't hunt no more.

Sorry about the mixed metaphors, but I thought coppying from the photographs of the protest march would help my cause.


The left must be having fits.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:37,

You just validated Anon 9:06's point with your content-free rebuttal. Posting such a limp-wristed response just makes you look weak.

I don't think all Mexicans are slobs, but the immigrants illegally coming over the border are not Mexico's best and brightest, that's for sure.

BTW, the MSM got around the illegal immigrant question by stating that 90% of American's are in favor of Immigration reform. Yeah, we are. We're in favor of keeping those criminals out of our country and deporting the ones here illegally.

Anonymous said...

Okay you cons, why don't you put your mouths where your mouths are.

Since most meat is processed using large numbers of undocumented workers, why don't you stop eating meat unless it's certified as 100% processed by workers who are legal to work in the U.S.?

Since most vegetables are grown and picked using large numbers of undocuments workers, why don't you stop eating vegetables, except those certified at 100% grown, picked, and processed using workers legal to work in the U.S.?

Since many restaurants employ undocumented workers in various capacities, not to mention the fact that they serve the aforementioned foods that come to market using undocumented workers, why don't you stop eating at restaurants, except those that can certify that they don't use undocumented workers, and use only food that's certified as not using undocumented workers?

Until you take these steps, you're just pissing in the wind.

Anon 10:37 said...

Chris: So you didn't get it. Not my problem.

Anonymous said...

To anon 2:56 pm

Yes, enforce the law.

Your comment is stupid or meant as humor because there is no certificate program or proposal even remotely like your suggestion.

Heck, we can't even get a country of origin label for food products.

But it does show you are out of ideas and argument to mumble that garbage.

Anon 2:56 said...

So, there's no certification problem. I thought that cons were hip to seeing opportunity in unmet needs.

If there's no certification program, then get one started. People you'd likely call hippies (though they weren't) saw a need for certification for organic food, so they started it themselves, without relying on the government.

I thought cons are all about self-reliance and incentives. Here's a perfect opportunity. Pull up your bootstraps and start an "Illegal-Free Certification Program".

Of course, this would imply that those companies that aren't certified are using undocumented workers, and it might hurt their business, and it's so much more fun for you guys to go after poor people than to go after the rich people who are exploiting them.

BEAR said...

As usual, the lefty, anti-Americans show their supreme ignorance of the word "illegal." If you don't believe in the rule of law, you are an anarchist. Period. If you side with the declared enemies of our country, you are an anti-American. Period.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you want to come down hard on the illegal employers?

I guess it's just easier to attack poor people trying to make a better life for themselves and their family, rather than attacking greedy, powerful people. As George W. Bush said, "some people call you the haves and the have mores. I call you my base."

when will democrats wakeup said...

Enforce the law.

Including employer verification.
Actually, that is the key to solving the immigration crisis.

Enforcement by attrition. Illegal aliens will go home if they have no employment.

Also, interesting to note why so many hard lefties are in overdrive here on this blog: Nowhere else to go, BlueOregon...no post on the marches; Loaded Orygun...no post on the marches.


Because both blogs know it is a loser issue. Blue collar worker's wages are lower because of illegal aliens.

Illegal immigration splits the Democratic base.

The leadership has thrown in with the open border crowd. A large portion of the base...workers in basic industries are against it.

Blue collar workers know that the Democratic leadership has thrown in with CORPORATE AMERICA...how do you like that.

But it's nothing new. The Democratic leadership has been tight with CORPORATE AMERICA for a lone time.

How do you like that hard lefties...Your party leadership is boot licking CORPORATE AMERICA.

Rule of Law said...


Funny you should mention the rule of law, as today's Wall Street Journal has an opinion piece by CONservative theorist Harvey C. Mansfield, arguing that there are times when the rule of law must be subordinate to a strong executive.

When liberals argue for ignoring certain laws, it's generally in order to help the less powerful. When cons argue for ignoring certain laws, it's generally in order to help the powerful.

I figure the powerful can (and do) help themselves--they don't need my help. There are people in this world who can use all the help they can get. I'd rather help them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that awful capitalism sure made the U.S. a third world country. Sheesh...what a moron.

a republican for open debate said...

Republicans on the other hand are having an open debate on the illegal alien issue. We, who believe in national borders, enforcement of the law, and fighting for working citizens, are fighting for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

Where is the Democratic Party when it comes to the working citizen?

Where is the open debate in the Democratic Party?

Nowhere to be found.

R. L. said...

So Bear... the American Revolutionaries were anarchists?

Hate to tell you Righties this, but civil disobediance has a long and proud tradition in this country. Going back before the Revolutionary War.

Anonymous said...

To rule of law:

You seem to forget the poor working American CITIZEN. Where is you concern for THEIR wages, THEIR taxes, and THEIR safety.

Your hypocricy makes me sick. You have more concern for foreign nationals than AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Sing the Internaltional...as you meet with the socialists...talk about how good Castro is and how flourishing the Cuban economy is.

Talk about human rights in Cuba...what a joke.

Go back to your drooling socialism.

fish_on said...

Tired Of Being A Racist Homophobe Warmongering Bigot?

This one will take a little while, but watch the first five minutes or so of the bottom video, then watch the top one....it's an education.


Anonymous said...

To fish_on:

Being concerned with American citizens is not being a bigot.

Who are American citizens:
Hispanics, African-Americans, Whites, Asians, Native Americans, people who came from all over the world.

The racist tag is bogus.

Calling racist is the last refuge of people who have no argument, but only want to shut down debate after realizing their other arguments aren't winning.

By the way, I see no response to the last few comments.

Anonymous said...

It is possible to oppose high rates of immigration without being racist. Most on the right fail to do this.

For one thing, nearly all of the vitriole is directed toward immigrants from one country, when immigrants come from many different countries.

You're so concerned that they're coming here illegally, so why don't we just make it legal for more of them to come here?

Of course, keeping them illegal fits the cons goal of keeping their wages down. If they actually could be here legally, then employers couldn't use the threat of deportation as a weapon to keep them from complaining about bad working conditions and wages.

Anonymous said...

The irony of Bear's pathetic "anti-American" tirade, presented on this board courtesy of what appears to be an automatic looping system, is that it's the Republican Party, not mine, that has done more to enact genuinely anti-American policies and practices in the last seven years than any liberal could in his worst nightmare. And, piling irony upon ironies, he's too FUCKING STUPID to realize it.

repsac3 said...

My take (not that anyone asked):

There most certainly be racists here.

Illegal immigration is wrong. The laws ought to be enforced. People who're here illegally, no matter how long they've been here illegally, should sueffer the consequences of their illegal act. (No, no human being is illegal. But some human beings do illegal things.)

Deportation is good.

Penalizing those American persons & companies who hire illegal aliens is good.

Increasing the slots for legal immigration & making the process less cumbersome might help. (I hear tell there are jobs Americans won't do... though that's not what I'm seeing on "Dirty Jobs." It probablty has more to do with cheap labor conservatives not wanting the market to dictate saleries like it dictates everything else... At least, that's my take.)

Creating some kinda "100% American made by American citizens" seal of approval is also good. (That's one I hadn't thought of.)

And (betraying my liberal roots a little more) helping other countries improve their economies, so that the desire to stay home & improve one's own country outweighs the desire come here & take over ours is good, as well.

There are many reasons other countries have shitty economies & shitty living conditions. It ain't all that "Mexicans" (or whoever) are dirty criminals."

Of course, there are two other solutions:

1) We could outsource all the jobs to Mexico, so that most of 'em could stay home & still work those jobs we Americans won't do. (Colbert to Lou Dobbs, who's face was priceless, when Colbert said it.)

2) We could make Mexico the 51st United State. That'd show 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rick Hickey,

I see that you have no response to having it pointed out that your "poll" results are bogus.

Why should anyone believe anything you write?

Rick Hickey said...

Anon, If you can't get to the Poll on thier website what the hell am I supposed to do for you?
I saw it on their evening News program as well as people sent me their website= www.katu.com www.kgw.com, www.abc.com, I am sure it is gone now but their must be a way to look at previous polls.
Also the Zoby poll showing only 31% agree with Amnesty or a Guest worker program should be easily googled up.

And I would lie because?

bear's anit said...

“I am sure it is gone now but their must be a way to look at previous polls.”

How convenient.

Also, there, not their.

“Anon, If you can't get to the Poll on thier website what the hell am I supposed to do for you?”

Hell, Rick, you didn’t even spell the damn word right that time. It also seems as if you need to review who the burden of proof lies with (as so immaculately explained almost 150 years ago by JS Mill in “The Subjection of Women”).

“Also the Zoby poll showing only 31% agree with Amnesty or a Guest worker program should be easily googled up.”

No wonder this (what I’m beginning to assume is fictional) poll is impossible to find. You didn’t even spell Zogby right.

I did find the “results” of such a poll, but by a less than creditable source.


You would think that this is a victory for the likes of Hickey.

Hardly so.

CIS is headed by John Tanton (look him up on Wikipedia) who is a former member of Pro English (again, Wikipedia). Does this look like a credible source? Hickey, using his obviously superior intellect (which he has so finely displayed for us!), will likely say yes.

One more thing, Hickey. Consider getting your GED, especially if you want people to take OFIR seriously.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when educated people accepted as a matter of course that they would study and learn more than one language. Today, the American nativist far right pushes a perspective of the value of understanding and speaking only ONE language -- theirs.

This is not progress.