Thursday, May 24, 2007

Say no to amensty "en espanol"

The helpful apologists for criminal aliens have set up an 800 number to contact Senator Smith/Wyden and support amnesty. They will coach you in Spanish on what to say. The great thing is that once they connect you to Smith/Wyden you can say whatever you want and the illegal alien lobby pays for the phone call.

Just listen through the spanish and press 1 for Wyden and 2 for Smith. You then press 1 to connect (because you don't need further instructions in Spanish) and you will be patche through to the senator's office.

Say NO amnesty. Tell these jokers that you oppose the current immigration bill and that Smith, who is up for re-election will not get any money, support or a vote from you if he votes yes on this bill.


Hat tip Lars for the phone number.


fishon said...

Hey, I got an idea! Let's PAY them to leave...

fishon said...

oops...let's try that again...,1518,484716,00.html


Daniel said...

You need to embed links with html. The whole a href thing. But I don't believe in paying criminals to stop breaking the law. I believe in punishing them until they find that breaking the law is unpleasant.

Anonymous said...


Want to join us in picketing the Mexican cultural booth at the rose festival next week?

Bobkatt said...

The English hotline is: 1-800-417-7666.

Frank Little said...

A question posed repeatedly over the past few days:
What are you people so afraid of?
Americans are wasteful, self-absorbed and seem to think the rest of the world (ie the "mud hut" dwelling world) owes them a living based on their indisputable goodness.
No. We stole this continent. Sorry brain-dead fucks, that is the reality. Up until Daniel's prez decided that America was going to REALLY flex its muscle, we had the good grace to keep quiet about our sense of entitlement.
Now it's common currency.
Hey, idiots. You say you read history. Read it again.
We're fucked. We're involved in an open-ended war - with a huge pricetag- that we're financing with Chinese money.
We're in deeper than Rome ever was.
The enemy's at the gates. Run for the bunkers, little "conservative", overly-anxious morons. You're watching history happen.
Question: Is the Excursion big enough to sleep in?

Anonymous said...

called 'em and said vote "Yes", "yes", "yes" on cir. Thank ya for da numba!!!