Friday, May 04, 2007

Great video

Illegal aliens being 10% of inmates in Deschutes county jail video.

The "Latino association" comes out and says Latino = illegal. It's insulting.

Watch THE VIDEO (won't let me link directly, the video link is on the left hand side of the story)


no illegal aliens said...


By Anita Kissee and KATU Web Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. - A driver struck and killed a bicyclist along Southeast Foster Road Friday afternoon and then took off without stopping.

The crash happened just before 4 p.m. in the 11500 block of Southeast Foster Road. Police say the bicyclist was headed eastbound in the bike lane when a car pulling out of the Franz Outlet Bakery parking lot struck the person.

Police immediately shut down both directions of Foster Road between Southeast 112th and 122nd Avenue. There is no estimated time on when the road will reopen.

Description of Vehicle

* Small import vehicle
* Possibly maroon color
* Front-end damage

Description of Driver

* Larger, heavyset Hispanic woman

Anonymous said...

Late news is they have the passanger from the killer van and they are NOT cooperating.

Are we surprised?

Not to worry the Accident Reconstruction Team is there and they will pull some excellent over-time documenting every square inch of the one block area.

What the hell for? Drive more people out of their cars and into mass transit.


Anonymous said...

The lying bastards claim it was a readers tip that lead them to the story.

Ya sure!

Anonymous said...


I'll meet you at Stinko de Mayo tomorrow night. Find me at the Knife Sharpening Concession right after the baby raping movie is over.

BEAR said...

The lefties have taught the anarchist illegals the race card, and the world of welfare opens up like a hot clam. Just curious...who will they blame when the golden goose is dead? The palestinians are a good example of the only way left (pun intended): Cannibalism (political, economic, and social). Welcome to the abyss, amigos (that's spanish for lemmings.)

holy shit, the idiocy of bear! said...

Bear - do you realize that the things you write have absolutely no basis in reality? Do you care? Please humor me by unpacking your laughable statement. Explaining how the Palestinians (the whole country?) represent American liberals would be an entertaining start.

Calhoun said...

From the KTVZ article :

"A conviction for a number of crimes committed by a legal resident alien will result in deportation proceedings," DA Mike Dugan explained. "Even naturalized citizens can be deported if they commit the appropriate crime (almost all sex offenses and drug offenses)."

Naturalized citizens can be deported? Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Oregonian has a short article on their website about the hit and run on Foster Road. They do not even mention the fact that the driver was a hispanic woman, but they do mention the make/model of car. No wonder no one buys that paper anymore.

All of the other news sources mention this. When I first heard this story the first thing I thought of was that it had "illegal alien" all over it.

Max said...

BROWNSVILLE - A roll of film lands a woman in jail. A Wal-Mart photo lab employee called police when she noticed unusual pictures in the roll.

"There were some pictures of a woman naked with three children in there who were fully dressed," says Eddie Garcia of the Brownsville Police Department.

Police charged Bertha Ramos with indecent exposure. We've learned Ramos admitted to posing nude in pictures with her kids.

She told police she didn't know it was crime.

Garcia says, "She was not aware that this was illegal here in the US... It's legal in Mexico. And now that she's been made aware, she said she was gonna change her habits."

Calhoun said...

Wow. He's not making that up, folks.

Here's the story from

Well, since this thread is completely off-topic now, did anyone see this KATU online poll :

Do you support immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

77% said no.

And read the KATU comments page : Viewers sound off on immigration reform.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys; check out the "Whining Essays" of Forest Grove ... next door to you-know-where. And don't forget to check out the posts that follow; including our 'fiends' from the "Freedom Socialist Party" of Portland -- happy sicko

no illegal aliens said...

Here's the followup on that Foster Road hit-and-run:

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Two women have been accused in the hit-and-run death of a bicyclist in southeast Portland Friday.

The pair, Sara Ann Lance and Cynthia M. Amaya, both 28, were booked into the Multnomah County jail Friday night on charges of hit and run, hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence.

Police said the bicyclist was killed about 4 p.m. when a car pulled out of the Franz Outlet Bakery parking lot in the 11500 block of Southeast Foster Road and struck him.

Police said the bicyclist was pedaling the wrong way in a bike lane and was not wearing a helmet.

The cyclist has not yet been identified.

After the collision, police said one woman drove away in a maroon 1991 Honda Accord while another stayed in the area. The car was later found abandoned in Hillsboro.

Yep, she tried to hide the culprit vehicle in Oregon's Mexico. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

From the desk of... ... ...
U.S. Representative Steve King
5th Congressional District of Iowa

The lives of 12 U.S. citizens would be saved who otherwise die a Violent Death at the hands of murderous illegal aliens each day.

Another 13 Americans would survive who are otherwise killed each day by uninsured drunk driving illegals.

* * *

More US Citizens die as a direct result of Illegal Aliens every day than die in Iraq and our Elected Officials don't seem to care.
On average 25 every day!

Where is the uproar?

wallace said...

Bear has the dubious distinction of being a dimmer bulb than Daniel Miglavs, and that's no small feat.

Undocumented workers are NOT, by any stretch, in any world, “anarchists.” I suspect if you could accurately identify their politics, you’d find that they’re by and large apolitical.

What the hell do you know about anarchism, Bear? Can you identify even one writer or other figure who was crucial in this movement? Have you ever read a single word written by Emma Goldman? Are you aware that within the tradition of anarchism, there are serious disagreements between various factions -- differences every bit as fierce as the one that divides many Republicans over immigration or abortion rights?

Also, the term “leftist” is so extraordinarily broad that it is virtually meaningless. And anyway, why would any leftist regard a genuine anarchist as an attractive prospect for political instruction?

Pull your head out of your ass.

BEAR said...

Hey, wallace. My Webster's defines anarchy as: "The absence of law and order; a general state of disorder and confusion; from the Greek - absence of government." It also defines an anarchist as: "a terrorist." Anarchism is defined as: "The political theory that all government and law is evil; Capitalism and private property should not exist, and should be replaced by Socialism." Which tome does your definition come from? And how does a plethora of groups (la raza, picun, causa, aztlan), pledged to the destruction of this country, call itself (with your help, of course) "apolitical?" You mention "serious differences" between anarchists....DUH! They're anarchists! They can't even hold a gathering that isn't, by definition, chaotic. When lefties (which means anti-American, anti-God, anti-Capitalist, and certainly anti-Republican), teach law breaking, che gueverra loving, anti-American, illegal aliens how to access our welfare systems, how to evade their taxes, how to defraud our Social Security system, and demand rights they don't legally or morally deserve, your claims of no political similarity or connection between lefties, anarchists and illegals is silly. They march together, they vote together, they seek the destruction of our laws, our heritage, and our way of life, together. Because nobody on the left will condemn che, the presence of anarchists in their midst, signs reading, "death to America," and the burning-in-effigy of our troops and flag, any claim of ignorance on your part is ludicrous. "Tradition" of anarchy?.......L.O.L.

wallace said...


I’ll start with your final comment, to the extent that “L.O.L” is a comment, and proceed from there.

1) My Webster’s defines “tradition” as: “A mode of thought or behavior followed by a people continuously from generation to generation” and “a set of customs viewed as a coherent body of precedents influencing the present.”

You don’t need to be an anarchist or support anything they believe to know that there is a tradition of anarchism in the Western political thought dating back to at least the mid-19th century. It certainly is not a mainstream tradition, but it has a history, its own theorists, and practitioners. To settle for a few sentences from a dictionary for any political tendency doesn’t cut it, any more than Webster’s definition of Christianity -- “The Christian religion, founded on the life and teachings of Jesus” -- is the final word, or even the beginning word, on that tradition. Who was Jesus? What did he teach? How is a Catholic different from an evangelical? What must one do in order to be a Christian? I assume these are questions and distinctions that you feel have some legitimacy.

I suggest that you read Emma Goldman’s essay “Anarchism: What It Really Stands For.” Again, it’s hardly the final word on the subject, it’s not a “tome,” it’s an essay, but it is at least an introduction written by one of the most prominent anarchists who ever lived. If you’re going to refer to anarchism, why would you not want to have at least a cursory understanding of it?

Interesting, however, the definition that you found, given that one of its central perspectives -- “The political theory that all government … is evil” might easily be attributed to a Republican.

2) You cite La raza, pcun, causa, aztlan. I never said that those groups were apolitical. I was referring to undocumented workers in general. Are some members of those groups? Surely yes. Are most of them? I seriously doubt it. A discussion of those groups’ politics would take up more time than I care to spend on this, but I’ll throw out one thing in response: Please direct me to any material on PCUN’s web site where they have “pledged to the destruction of this country.”

3) “Lefties.” Again, a meaningless term. Be specific. I have a “lefty” friend who shares your views, more or less, on immigration. I also have a Republican friend who doesn’t. The world is not that simple.

4) Leaving aside the issue of Che (a relatively inconsequential figure who has been reduced, with not a little assistance from corporate America, to little more than a pop culture figure) I’ll end with your comment: “Because nobody on the left will condemn … the presence of anarchists in their midst, signs reading, "death to America," and the burning-in-effigy of our troops and flag, any claim of ignorance on your part is ludicrous.”

This is a lie, revealing either dishonesty on your part, or a very short memory. If there’s any ignorance at work here, its yours. On several occasions following the latest anti-war march in Portland, when it became clear that Mr. Miglavs was hell-bent on smearing the entire anti-war movement with the actions of a few who burned an American soldier in effigy, I personally wrote statements ON THIS BOARD condemning it in the strongest possible terms. I wasn’t the only one, either. You know perfectly well that most people who marched in that parade probably felt similarly, and if there were some way to actually track down every single person who marched in it and ask them about it, the flag-burning, and genuine “America-haters” there would probably get a disapproval rating in the high 90 percentile range, if not within a point or two of 100 percent. As much as you love that straw man of yours, I suggest you give him a rest. He's as effective as a screen door on a submarine.

Anonymous said...

You are all idiots. She is not an illegal alien. Just because someone has a hispanic name does not mean that they are illegal. Yeah, I agree with the other gentleman. Get your head out of your ass.